gs3 vs note 2

Apple’s has just launched its sixth-generation smartphone, the iPhone 5. This is great news whether you’re an Apple fan or not. If you’re an Apple fanboy (or fangirl), then you can have yet another shiny iDevice to line up for come release date. But if you’re into all things Android, then the exciting news is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is likewise just around the block. Additionally, Apple launches usually lead to price reductions in competing product lines.

Fans may be hotly anticipating the Galaxy Note 2, especially with the special features it offers over and above a regular smartphone. The “phablet” not only trumps the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of performance benchmarks. It’s actually considered a bigger, better smartphone than the flagship S3. It even ships with Jelly Bean, whereas you still have to wait for the much-anticipated Galaxy S3 update.

But — and here’s a big but — not everyone might want to go for a Galaxy Note 2, notwithstanding the performance advantages. Here are a few reasons.

Availability and Price

The Samsung Galaxy S III is already shipping, and is available across different markets. If you need a smartphone right now, then you can satisfy your craving. $99.99 gets you an on-contract 16GB Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 from Amazon Wireless. $549.99 gets you the phone contract-free from the same network.

If you want the Galaxy Note 2, then you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to sink your hands into one. And you’ll have to spend $800-ish for a Note 2 when it ships. And that’s if you’re in the UK. American buyers might have to wait until year-end.

Form Factor

Let’s face it. Bigger does not always mean better. There’s a reason Apple designed its iPhone (up until the iPhone 4S) with 3.5 inch screens. The thumb can only go so far. And not everyone wants to go two-handed when using their smartphone. Sure, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a relatively large screen, too — at 4.8 inches — but it may be deemed more usable for folks who want better portability.

Think about it: bigger phones will require bigger pockets. If all phones were sized like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2, everyone would have to get cargo pants soon!

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Community Support and Custom ROMs

Here’s probably the clincher for hardcore Android fans. The Galaxy S3 has a wider user base than the Note will probably ever have, due to its status as a flagship device. As such, you’ll be assured of faster software updates, both official and unofficial. We already have a handful of third-party custom ROMs, which include updates to Jelly Bean.

This means that you won’t get bored with the multitude of custom ROM releases for the Galaxy S3. The Note 2, meanwhile, is likely to get a relatively smaller user-based, which means a smaller enthusiast community, too.

And so we pass on the question to you, dear readers. Would you go for the Samsung Galaxy S3 now, or would you wait for the Note 2 to be released? Or are you perhaps planning to get an iPhone 5 instead? (Shame on you for crossing over to the dark side!)

J. Angelo Racoma
J. Angelo Racoma has written extensively about mobile, social media, enterprise apps and startups. Angelo develops business case studies for Microsoft enterprise platforms, and is also co-founder at WorkSmartr, a small outsourcing team that offers digital content and marketing services.
  • jay

    Too easy…loving my s3, but will be making the jump to the note 2 as I loved the original and you get use to the size.

  • I bought the S3 a few weeks back and I like it a lot although the other phones mentioned have really good specs, i’m not a fan of a phablet neither an Iphone. Good article.

  • vievielZ

    still love my galaxy note so far…i w`ont mind getting another big phone such as note 2… i tried to use S3 n iphone… but i still love my note.. lol so note 2 still on my list

  • Still.. Im getting the Note 2 =D
    Its the best smartphone ever, its not too big btw, it fits in pockets.

  • The Method

    Considering I just got the Note in March, I’m waiting on the Note 3.

  • drew

    Have to admit, the Note 2 is tempting due to its specs. But it just goes beyond my personal size limit. My GS3 is the perfect size. But can’t go any bigger than that. Going to wait for the new Nexus or GS4.

  • I will definately be getting the S3 when I upgrade, I can’t wait!

  • Anirudh Singh

    My note 1, becomes note 2 as soon as it’s released.

  • Hulio

    Just bought a S3. Would prefer to have the NOte 2, but its simply too expensive in the UK on payg. Its always wise to wait a couple months for any faults to appear, the price to drop and for a range of accessories to be available for new tech. The S3 is at that stage now. By the time the Note 2 reaches that stage say after xmas, the S4 will soon be out and the Note2 will be out done.
    If youre on contract though Id definately go for the Note 2. Its an amazing device; I think the smartphone tag need replacing to do justice to this all round multi purpose device

  • carlisimo

    It isn’t really about pockets. Well okay, with phablets it might be, but
    those of us who don’t like 4.5”+ screens are more worried about our hands than
    our pockets. I want a one-handed
    phone. For my hand size, that means a
    widescreen 4.3” screen at most (2.5” wide is my absolute limit for a phone, and
    that means I have to use it without a case).
    My hands aren’t big for a guy, but guys are only half the market.

    At the moment, the best phones for me are the iPhone, One S,
    and RAZR M. Slim pickings.

    • bg5203

      I woule go with the one s

  • Yamsen

    I have an S3 and you’d never be able to pry it from my hands. (until something A LOT better comes out). Now if you’re an Apple fan and if you’re smarter than the average Apple fan, you wouldn’t buy the iPhone 5. Why? Simply because if you look at Apple’s product release, you’d realise that there’s a pattern to how they release their phones. (…3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, …) Do yourself a favor an skip the 5 and wait for the 5S or whatever they decide to call it. Unless you’ve got money pouring out your pockets obviously, but that’s not the general population’s case.

  • I really hate what that Tim Cook is doing, I used to be an apple lover in Steve Job’s days… (facebook dot com)/TimCookShouldLeaveAppleNow

    • I will go Note 2. An operation guy being CEO is hopeless, all he can do is following the strategies set by Steve.

  • If you do not have an S3 Now, get one.

  • AndroidVesti

    If you don’t like or need the Note 2, then go for the Galaxy S3…


  • Me

    Get both! Thats the only way to roll

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    i “am” waiting patiently for the note2 to show up in Canada for $25, will equal $200US by then! Why would anyone want to buy into the iPhone market ploy sans phone?

  • Loaddown

    Do your apps need fingers or a stylus? That is the question to differentiate the S3 and Note 2. Otherwise the S3 over the iPhone 5 is the direct comparison. The S3 and Note 2 will stand parallel and co-exist for your choice of use.


    I like note 2 I LIKE IT ALOT :3

  • EddieT

    i have the S2.. i played with the S3, the original Note, and the Note 1o.1 which is probably similar to the Note 2.. decided to wait for Note 2 US unlocked.. i really wish the international version and the US versions were identical with global bands compatibility across all US variants to use on either carrier unlocked and all the international built-in languages in the US version as well.. (America doesn’t just have Americans here) ..i really want to use that S Pen.. because capacitive stylus’ aren’t very good at all for signing contracts.. but by that time S4 will come out, so might as well wait to see what the S4 has to offer