Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with NFC will be available by the end of January

by: Shea HarrisJanuary 21, 2013

Galaxy S3 Mini front

Samsung has announced an updated version of the Galaxy S3 Mini that will include NFC capability. The diminutive device will hit the market in the UK by the end of this month. The addition of NFC will allow Samsung to include S Beam and faster data transfers with WiFi Direct.

The NFC-equipped Galaxy S3 Mini will also have the capability to use mobile wallet services, although Samsung has yet to clearly indicate if or which providers would take advantage of it. Samsung also hasn’t announced a price, but it will likely be about the same as the original, which is $429 unlocked and off-contract – perhaps the most appealing thing about the device.

While the features that the addition of NFC will provide are nice, the rest of the device’s specs remain as disappointing as before, including a WVGA Super AMOLED 4-inch display and a dual-core processor. Are any of you guys excited about the slightly updated Galaxy S3 Mini?

  • David Loman

    Well, I am not excited about it but, it is a good device for those new to Android who don’t want to pay much for a device. For instance, my brother has long been a BlackBerry user. He’s not a tech geek and he’s not much into technology. It was time for him to renew his contract with a new device and asked me for advice. Being a Samsung user since the S2, I of course advised him to get the S3. He didn’t want to because of the price, so naturally I told him to get an S3 mini. I He did and he’s loving it. If he ever becomes an Android lover and geek as myself I’m sure he would go with an S3 or something of the sort. But for a newbie I think it just works.

  • Jaseem

    Will this upgrade is to be available on earlier launched s3 mini(s).
    Also why Samsung doesn’t provided the s3 mini with USB OTG feature.
    Samsung release some updates for the both whichever possible.
    Thanks in advance and I’m impressed on the performance given by my S3 mini.