Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini spotted in retail listing

by: Andrew GrushOctober 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

When it comes to smartphone screen size, there seems to be a few different camps. Some of us belong to the “bigger is better” faction, others believe the sweetspot is somewhere between 4.1-inches and a 4.9-inches. Then there are those that want 4-inch and smaller designs.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has great hardware and a sexy design, but it might be a little too big for some users out there. The solution seems to be at hand with various rumors claiming that a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is on its way. Now a Nordic retailer has even revealed that it will be selling the alleged Mini smartphone for a little over $500.

The retailer doesn’t give us official pictures or any solid leads on the specs, but it does seem to suggest that the phone won’t feature NFC in the base version. We still don’t know much for sure, but rumors claim it will have a WVGA display, a 5MP camera, a dual-core processor and the power of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean aboard.

A smaller Samsung Galaxy S3 could certainly put Samsung in an even better position to compete with the Apple iPhone. Many iPhone users tend to take issue with the larger screen size found in many Android devices, so this device could be perfect for iPhone users that are considering making the switch.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

A lot is still left unanswered when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Hopefully we will know for sure by October 11th, when a German press event is expected unveil the new smartphone to the world.

  • red

    the ones with NFC is cheaper the those without?

    • Agree, also there is only 10 euros differences. Something is not ok here.

  • It’s not other name for the Galaxy S Duos? The Galaxy S Advance in Brazil is called Galaxy SII Lite.

    Same designe that the SIII but with 4″. The specs are very modest (single core 1GHz, 768MB, 4GB internal storage, 5MP rear Camera, VGA front and 1500mAh battery).But it takes 2 SIM cards! Here it came with ICS, but Samsung says it will upgrade to JB.

  • nyssa

    If this is a mini, then it should be less than 500.

  • Randy Tusoon

    Who has a problem with a bigger screen? Honestly, these defending of apple fan boys is getting annoying. The iPhone users wouldn’t cry at all if the iPhone’s screen size was at 4.5″+. Release a 4″ GS 3 Mini or whatever name they will give it and they will call Samsung copy cats for taking the 4″ screen.

    • Vboom

      To be honest mate I would complain if the iPhone had a 4.5 inch screen
      I am already unhappy with the 4 inch screen after having the same size phone for so many years you get used to it.
      I was thinking of jumping ship to this S3 mini with the smaller screen, because it isnt huge like the others. Let people just be entitled to their opinion.

    • spunker88

      I can’t stand any phone screens over 4.3″, but I love Android, rooting, etc. I’ve tried them and find them too large to pocket comfortably and they feel too big in my hand. A cell phone is supposed to be portable before anything else. If I want a big screen, I’d use a tablet. I’m sick of seeing smaller screen phones being introduced with outdated hardware. The Razr M is the only thing I’ve seen in a while with decent specs and a normal (IMO) sized screen.

    • carlisimo

      I prefer Android, but only if I can get a high-end phone small enough to use with one hand. If it’s wider than 2.5″ I can’t comfortably use it with one hand. That means either an iPhone (which is slim enough even in a case) or a small selection of Android phones that are not quite as good as the iPhone in terms of hardware, especially the screens. e.g. the HTC One S and the Motorola RAZR M, if they are used without a case.

      There’s whole pocket comfort thing too, but I could live with that more than I could live with having to use two hands to feel like I’m not going to drop an expensive phone.

      • Randy Tusoon

        How small are your hands? I’ve tried texting , surfing, and more on the iPhone 5 and I still find myself using two hands. If my girlfriend can use a galaxy s3 and she can use it fine with one hand use (making phone calls, simple texting, and playing games) then you must have tiny tiny hands. I’d think you’d enjoy the extra real estate and rather than having a smart phone that even at the latest model (iPhone 5), still having to pinch to zoom everything.

        • carlisimo

          It’s most noticeable when I’m lying down, holding up my Nexus S in front of me. Without a case it works. With a case, I can’t get a good grip and worry about dropping it.

          I left the iOS world not long ago because I was tired of being told what was good for me (got an old Nexus S just to see what Android was like, and I like it enough to get a newer phone soon). But I’m getting the same sort of feeling here.

  • George

    If these specs are true why not one get the S2?
    It’s price has dropped a lot and it’s still a strong player in the game…
    But if it has an S4 dual core,atleast a gig of ram,and 8mp camera,then it may be worth to put this on production…

  • swtrainer

    We are at the point that Samsung doesn’t need to offer a smaller phone like the iPhone. Apple will probably sue Samsung saying they invented the small screen…I heard their lawyers are debating whether they should sue Nestles because there candy bars are shaped like the iPhone…and they melt too!

  • needsmallerdroid

    this phone looks perfect except for one fatal flaw, why did they choose a 480×800 resolution screen which is ~233ppi and far below the S3 or Iphone

  • To bad this phone is grossly under powered!

  • Dsertlu

    jeez, when i heard of this i thought that this would def be the final push into killing apple and there users complaints of the s3s size being too big. But if these tech specs are true, then this is a huge waste of time.