Samsung teases the German press, invites them to an event next week

by: ŠtefanOctober 3, 2012

Samsung is going to hold an event in Germany next Thursday (October 11th). This isn’t news, last week we reported that the South Korean handset maker was sending out invitations via email to members of the German press. Now Samsung is being a little bit more playful though. All About Samsung, a German website that’s obviously focused on one particular company, received a physical invitation in the form of a giant sheet of paper that’s been folded up several times. Once unfolded, it says: “Small is now a big hit!”

We assumed that Samsung was going to announce just one phone at this upcoming event, the Galaxy Music, but now we think there’s more to this story. The invitation that All About Samsung received has a giant letter “S” in the middle. They think it means Samsung is going to announce a mini version of the Galaxy S III. In fact, they even imply that they know the specifications of this as yet to be announced device: 4 inch 800 x 480 pixel screen, dual core processor (unknown clock speed), and it runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

So what do we think about the possibility of a smaller Galaxy S III? Well, if it’s going to have a screen that only pushes 800 x 480 pixels, then what’s the point? Is it to make a phone that looks like the more expensive model, but is actually cheaper, and can thus be sold to more people? If so, that’s kind of gimmicky.

Looking towards the future, one source who spoke to us earlier this year said that in 2013, when Samsung announces the Galaxy S IV, there’s going to be a smaller variant called that’ll be labeled as the “mini” version. We’d like to point out that this source hasn’t always been right, but we can count the number of times he’s been wrong on one hand.

  • Bone

    2-core? 800×480? Major disappointment. Many would buy a top-notch Samsung around 4″, but right now waiting for the new Nexus makes more sense than buying a redesgned S2 (of course they were to release the S2 Plus, well, this is it).

  • Swapnil

    makes perfect sense…I am from India, here we do not have contract phones so any flagship device costs a bomb and is affordable to only the affluent class. Hence people here are always trying to get the best specs from well known brands in as less price as possible. No wonder the ACE and Wave (though not android) were a huge hit here. I am sure if priced right the S3 Mini will also be a huge hit.

  • Bone

    Something that is called “S3 Mini” won’t be cheap. The Galaxy Nexus is getting cheaper by the day however, much better choice.

  • vikings football

    even if its a dual core, that wont matter, as mainly the tech/geeks will be looking for specs…i know friends and co workers that have low end smartphones that they tout them as awesome.

    by the way, i just recently bought a dual core laptop and a quad core tower