The Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor bonanza is building up as we get closer to the unveiling event set to take place in London on May 3. However, the leaks and speculations seem to be gaining consistency and credibility, and now we might just have caught the future Sammy flagship on video.

The “next big thing” appears in a Vietnamese video brought to you exclusively by the guys at Tinhte, a website that has a very good record of getting mobile devices before anyone else. On the other hand, the video clip has to be treated with caution, as there’s no way to know for sure if it’s real and if that beast caught on camera is really the Galaxy S3.

Also, you shouldn’t judge this smartphone’s design very harsh, as it seems that the gadget has been nicely tucked into a disguise outfit. There’s a fake outer shell on top of the device, so we can’t say how much will the phone measure, how thick it will be, and what kind of materials will be used on its chassis.

What we can say, though, is that, if this device proves to actually be the Galaxy S2 successor we are all waiting for, its technical specs are impressive, to say the least.

Packing a quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos processor, the Galaxy S3 (or whatever Sammy will end up calling it) might just be the snappiest smartphone of 2012. Aside from the chipset, which is on-par with most of the latest rumors that came our way, the beast should feature 1 GB of RAM, as well as an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera.

With 16 GB of on-board storage, the future Sammy super-phone will most likely also come with a microSD card slot (hooray!). The rest of the features exclusively “revealed” in the video include a 4.6-inch display with a 1184 x 720 pixels resolution and 320 PPI pixel density, NFC support, Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, and a 2,050 mAh battery (probably non-removable).

The Taiwanese clip shortly compares the Galaxy S3 with the Galaxy Nexus, putting the two side by side, but I personally wouldn’t rely on that comparison, as it is pretty obvious that the real S3 will look very different than the test device in the video.

No Samsung officials have commented on the veracity of the video clip just yet, the official response given earlier to Engadget being an unsurprising “we will be able to tell you more at the 2012 Samsung Mobile Unpacked”.

You can check out the video clip below, with English subtitles, but if I were you I would hurry up, because it’s very possible for it to be removed from YouTube, as it happened with the original clip earlier today. If that is to happen, though, the guys at Engadget already managed to pick up a copy of the video, which can be seen at this link at any time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the S3 would feature the tech specs shown in this video, as most of them were mentioned in previous rumors and speculations. A quad-core Exynos processor, the HD AMOLED display, 1 GB of RAM, an SD card slot, a pretty huge battery, and this could be the biggest hit in Android’s history so far.

Then again, some of you hoped to get 2 GB of RAM and an even snappier quad-core chipset, so you might be a bit disappointed. How about it, guys? Would you be happy with a Galaxy S3 packing the features shown in this video or do you feel that Sammy should push it a bit harder? Also, how real do you think this clip is? Hit us with a comment and let us know!

  • Terrence Greene

    As always the phone is never quit as good as the hype. but never the less it look like a great phone. Im excited for the quad core processor an how well that will effect battery life. Im excited to see this screen for it may be better then anything previous.

    But most importantly. Im excited cause there is no F-in buttons. OMG… no butttttooonnnsss.. If there was anything on the wish list that was a must it was this. I cant wait to see the other manufacturers reaction to this. samsung did it twice now.. When will the others conform.

    • Cole Raney

      I’m actually disappointed there are no physical buttons. I like the feedback that a button has over the feel of a touchscreen.

  • ThEGr33k

    Most of it seems ok… Got to say, from what we see of the GPU spec its VERY underwhelming. Why is it that companies continue to neglect pixel pushers in all computer equipment!? Sigh. Here is to hoping this isnt the finished spec because if it is I dont think ill be getting one.

  • If this is true, I think I’ll indeed pick the One X… Not only because of the specs, but the desing doesn’t seem to be that nice, and it seems to be the same old TW from here…

    • AndroidBrian

      the phones outter design will look way different. But yeah ur right touch wiz steel looks like touch wiz and the specs didn’t go above and beyond what is expected of a flagship device coming out from now on. Great phone but if any of the specs were any lower it will be a dissapointment. So in my opinion its still a great phone but not ground breaking like many were hoping for (no iPhone killer like I was hoping for).

      • Yeah, it’s really nice I admit, but I don’t like Samsung in general (I’m an HTC fan) and so far this just isn’t the phone that will convince me to switch brands.
        For the iPhone killer part, well, I think that high-end Android phones are on the same level as the new iPhones. (Generally speaking, cause now I guess the One X is better than the iPhone4s, but when iPhone5 will come, it’s going to be the better one. So release dates matter in that aspect.) But I love Android for its openness, but many people love the simplicity of iPhone.

        • AndroidBrian

          Yeah HTC X is pretty much tied with sg3 if this is the real phone so yeah it would go to preference. HTC design does look great I might prefer the HTC one myself depending on final product.

          Reference to the iphone killer, many were hoping (myself included) that it will match or be better than the iPhone. With the sg3 coming out several months before that will make the galaxy the clear victor. But if these specs are true iPhone (spec wise) will likely be better considering camera, better display in regards to ppi.

          • yogesh

            For all galaxy fans just keep waiting for s3 s4 s5 n s6. Htc one x is way better in terms of display, powerful cpu and brilliant sense 4.0. Some people just like to jump into arguments. But they know the truth.

          • Cole Raney

            No, Samsung usually has the better CPU. Hence why the galaxy s2 skyrocket hd and the galaxy nexus are the best performing phones on the market right now. Except for maybe the Htc one X, but that should change with the galaxy s 3.

          • AndroidBrian

            How is the HTC one better? Maybe you can call it, it’s equal. Can’t just say its better

          • Cole Raney

            What are you talking about? There will be no iPhone 5. iPhone 6 maybe, but not iPhone 5. The fifth iPhone is the iPhone 4S. It would make no sense to call the 6th iPhone the iPhone 5.

            No matter what, the iPhone will outsell the galaxy S3. I have no doubt about that. I think the galaxy S 3 will be the better phone.

            What’s with you guys thinking that more megapixels means better camera? And you won’t be able to notice the difference in ppi

          • AndroidBrian

            What are you talking about no iPhone 5? IPhone 3gs and there was a iPhone 4.

            Regards to ppi it refers to pixel per inch in terms of its display. IPhone 4s still has the best display in those regards

          • Cole Raney

            The iPhone 4 was also the fourth iPhone. Hence why it was called the iPhone 4. The next iPhone won’t be called iPhone 5.

            And yes, the iPhone will still have the best ppi, but it won’t be a noticeable difference.

          • AndroidBrian

            Name isnt really relevant. But for argument sake why not? IPhone 4s was the exact same phone just with siri. So of its considered a iPhone 4 variant which it is hence the title iPhone (4)s

            Another thing is if the iPhone 4s is the 5th iPhone why does it say its the iPhone 4 in its title? So if the 5th iPhone has 4 in its title why can’t the 6th iPhone be named 5 if the 5th was name 4s? So stop talking about the title.

            IPhone phone does have the best display. And it is noticeable. You can zoom in as close as possible on the web browser with no pixels visible. Just stop. I dislike iPhones too. Know thy enemy.

  • Mohdamr1

    I can not judge the exterior because it is a prototype for testing.

    What has improved :
    1) Screen (awesome)
    2) Cpu (although I expected it to be more than 1.4 ghz since the one x has 1.5ghz)
    3) Battery (awesome)
    4) ice cream sandwich os (expected)

    Stayed the same:
    1) Camera (expected better cameras front and rear)
    2) Ram (maybe 2 gb would be better or is it not needed?)
    3) Inside memory (I guess all manufacturers are lazy in this department)
    4) SD card slot still there (awesome)

    Don’t know for sure:
    1) Removable battery
    2) exterior (design we don’t know but for thickness it is probably as thin or thinner than the s2)

    My impression :
    If not for the CPU and battery improvements only this would be called : Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE which has a 4.65 inches 316 ppi screen, so it is in fact kind of a minor update and the cameras and ram should have been improved.
    Although, I think the S3 will be much thinner than the SII HD LTE which is 9.5mm thick.
    This S3 prototype is not a dull smartphone or a ground breaking device, I am still convinced of buying it and from the available specs I consider it better than the one x.

  • Rha43

    No bordless display, no ceramic materials, no 2 Gb Ram….. were’s the innovation? The quad core isn’t a good reason for spent 600 euros. The only good thing in this “possible” S3 is about the money: the S2 will be more cheap on the markets.

    • Amine Elouakil

      You are expecting too much! CES and especially WMC did set the trend those specification are on pare with everything 2012 has promised, expect the bump of specs for holidays season, you will see then 2Gb of ram and A15 SoCs and bigger batteries we will even see those specs, in tablet before smartphone before the end of summer!

      • Peow

        You are a moron, go tell your momma im coming

        • Amine Elouakil

          you mad brah?

  • Rha43

    We was so “rude” whit HTC and the One serie, but what opinion for ” this”S3? The HTC worked hard for the innovations, in materials, sense, and camera. What we can say after this video? Just the 320 dpi? The human eye can’t see the differences from 316 dpi. We are sure if this Ekynos is more better than Tegra3? The new touchwiz can be compared to the sense? If this deviced on the video will be the real S3…i’m sure will be a real Fail. the design is “the same samsung device”…..

  • AndroidBrian

    Impressive specs? More like expected.

    • Amine Elouakil

      they are quite different from what your were expecting, 2gb or ram and 1.8Ghz Quadcore cpu and 800p screen was it?

      • AndroidBrian

        no I wasn’t expecting all that. But hoping for something out of the ordinary. Still awaiting announcement

        • Amine Elouakil

          things might change till then. or different variants to answer One S One X HTC strategy but I’m not hoping for much.

          • AndroidBrian

            Yeah I’m leaning towards that too. I was hoping android will make a phone to blow iPhone out of the water but its looking like the flag ships devices are just solid phones and not superb like I was hoping. I have to many apple friends and I can’t face them if the iPhone comes out and kicks these phones butts.


    If someone notice, this shouldn’t be the S3 as the speculations point out to have a phisical button and this one doesn’t show it. So, any one still think is the real S3?

  • I have to admit that I am a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a better camera(more pixels as well) and more Ram. I`m O.K. with the other features. But just a bit dissapointed

  • I do have to admit though. What if this was a test unit many months ago that Samsung updated? A mean we know what happened with the Note 10.1 – it was postponed so it can be updated. Is this the reason Samsung decided to wait on releasing it in May instead of MWC ? May be this model was what they though they will sell but then decided to actually update it? HOPEFULLY! It seems a bit weird that someone will get their hands on with a real device of such a secretive project?

  • Dexter Lanning

    Was planning to ditch my HTC one x for the galaxy s3 but there’s no reason to do so now.

  • We do not need more speed. We need more thin battery. At least 3200-4000 mah, and the ability to expand the memory to 64-128GB. Let’s face it, the smart phone is an office today.

    • Silence

      I really agree with you, at least 32 internal (and possibly 64-128 micro sd) and stronger battery. Cpu is great, but the graphic core would be the same as the one of the S2(Mali 400-MP) :/. I really hope that its not the sgs3, maybe s2 plus/advance.

  • Gamblor77

    I highly doubt this is even close to the final product. Even the 8mp camera seems a bit weak considering they already had that in the s2. There is also only a 4 column layout, not 5 like it’s supposed to be. Also no physical home button, which I personally love on my s2 because I KNOW it’s pressed rather than hoping. I also have to agree that with such a secretive phone why would some random dude have time or access to video it? Guess we’ll have to see in 2 weeks but if these are the final specs I am a little disappointed.

  • Af Gabo

    good but i really think that samsung should design a better camera, at least 10 to 12 MP rear and 2 MP front, that can be a feature that the new iphone can have :/ anyway i’ll get one

  • Shahin M Yavari

    Not trying to troll, just giving my 2cents but if you see how the bottom two corners have black tape on them, it seems like he’s trying to hide physical buttons. Now, if he were to be showing some phone that was already out, it is possible that he found some mod to create the on screen buttons on the bottom. just saying, it could be a device that’s already out just modded….

    • Gamblor77

      Good call! I had to watch it again to see the tape. Also the Samsung logo is at the bottom and from my experience they always tend to put it just below the ear piece at the top. I am very skeptical that this is the real deal. Arm 7 processor too supposedly. I don’t know, something doesn’t add up on this one.

  • Vzx_41

    I will crush this rumor right now. This is NOT the S3 people. I am very close to someone VERY high up in the US operations of Samsung call it related. This is the Galaxy M a mid range device this is not the S3.

    • AndroidBrian

      I hope your right Vzx_41. So what do u think the specs will be? Im suprised samsung didnt go above and beyod the norm (well the norm for top tier phones)

    • eplaehn

      Just wanted to comment and say idc how high up your friend is he still probably wouldn’t tell you. You know nothing more than the average person regardless of what you claim.

      Anyways none of this ever gets me hyped up… I always wait until release date for the FINAL specs.

      Good day to you all. I wouldn’t get so excited about rumors there’s no point. Unless the company states on their website that so and so product will have so and so specs its nothing to get excited over.

  • I think the biggest issue is the Hardware VS Battery problem. IF the S3 does have better specs than what is shown here, they better step it up on the battery. There is no way this phone can beat the iPhones if the battery takes around 12 hours to drain.

  • Mohdamr1

    The Samsung official told Engadget we will tell you more at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked which means either those revealed specs from the prototype are correct but missing something such as S cloud or water resistance or wireless charging. Maybe even the mentioned specs in this report will be better in the final S3.

  • Vzx_41

    Fake and here is proof.
    @ 1:32 of the video it says processor ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l). This would not be seen by a regular person but to the trained eye this gives it away.

    Here is the PROOF it is a fake video..

    • Amine Elouakil

      and what’s the probleme with that?

      • Vzx_41

        What it means is this is a dual core processor used in the DROID X2. It is not a quad core processor. The video is fake.

        • Amine Elouakil

          No you are wrong rev0 is the core revision it can be rev0 = 0x0, rev1 = 0x1, rev2 – 0x2 etc.

          and for the fun

          • Vzx_41

            lmao nothing you posted is on point. you obviously never worked with processors. rev0 has nothing to do with it. It’s the (v7l) that is key here but good try. and your for fun is way of point that is an “M” processor. Simply put the processor I mentioned is only a dual core NOT a quad core but keep trolling please. you will not win this battle my friend. Anyone can look this processor up it is a dual core and in the DROID X2 it’s that simple. but believe what you want we will see on the 3rd. good day.

          • Vzx_41
          • Amine Elouakil

            what pawned? that Tegra 2 uses ARMv7 instruction aka (v7l) lol is that news to you or something? hahaha.

          • Amine Elouakil

            troll? I don’t know why you are being so agressive as my answer was simple to your reference, but since you are the so oh who know SoC could please tell us what the (v7l) referece to? but since you want to make a fool of your self let me answer it for you ! the v7l is just to resume that it is ARMv7

            Tegra 3 on transformer Prime info:

            ARMv7 Processor rev 9 (v7l)

            Qualcomm S4 One S:

            Clearly say ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l)

            Omap 4460 on the Galaxy Nexus:

            Clearly says : ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7l)

            Exynos 4210 on SGSII :

            clearly says : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)

            Idiot. (even if it is uncalled for, I feel like I have to return the favor of your disrespect) .

          • Vzx_41

            theres no arguing with you, your brain can’t comprehend that all those processors you are trying to throw out there are dual core and NON are quad core. Show me one quad core that says:
            ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l)
            ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
            Come on show me… You can’t cause there is non!!! i AM DONE WITH THIS ARTICLE AND THIS POST. You sir ARE THE IDIOT CAUSE YOU STILL HAVE NO PROOF IT IS A QUAD CORE AND I HAVE REFERENCED THE CPU IN MANY ARTICLES AS BEING ONLY A OLD 2011 DUAL CORE. But whatever we will see like I said I am done here.

          • Amine Elouakil

            are you blind or really that retarded that you cannot understand? rev 0 or 10000000 it just the core revision it can be ANY number it has nothing to do with CPU, and the (v7l) referes two Armv7, NOT only that YOU YOURSELF said that the rev doesn’t matter and it is the (v7l) that matters after I’ve proven you wrong on the rev part

            QUOTE :” rev0 has nothing to do with it. It’s the (v7l) that is key here ”

            I asked you to explane what each of those referes to, YOU COUDN’T, and I explaned it to you !

            I’ve listed all current highend SoC available RIGHT now to prove you wrong and ALL OF THEM have the (v7l) which as I quoted from your comment said it is what matter

            TEGRA 3 is a QuadCore (+ discrete companion core) are you that retarded? and the first device to use the S4 from Qualcomm is not an old SoC it just came out!

            Keep making a joke of yourself and entertain me some more.

          • Vzx_41

            Why do you keep referencing DUAL CORE PROCESSOR does that compute at all to you???

          • Amine Elouakil

            Tegra 3 is a Dualcore? idiot.

          • Whitey150

            All u guys are retarded this is a fake look
            how it has 5 columns on the bottom n four
            As you go up with non empty,this appearantly is a old test model I can bet my

          • Whitey150

            As a matter of fact there was a square international model of the galaxy nexus
            N that’s what this is I seen it before.

  • Mayberry

    Is it possible for the internal memory And external memory to both show the exact same number of MB used and available? The video showed them to be identical.

  • Bla Bla Bla

    People are dumb…its not all about the CPU…the leaked vid should be enough proof that GPU is equally or more important when it comes to performance….without a good GPU and with all that bloatware and skins (like sense or touchwiz) on top of stock OS, android will always have the “lag” and not be as smooth as iphone. In fact, more CPU cores actually mean more battery consumption without noticeable performance boost. This is why apple didn’t go with quad core CPU in ipad instead went with QUAD CORE GPU! Of course majority of the people won’t get it especially android fanboys who are living in their own bubble and deny that their phones are “slow and not as smooth as iphone or windows phone”….

    • AndroidBrian

      Click on any android phones app drawer and its smooth too (thats all the homescreens are for iphones) of course a simple 4×4 grid of your application icons will run smooth. When you have homescreens that have widgets and require data and memory wont be as smooth. But with the gs2 and all newer phones theres no lag at all anymore and we actually have interactive homescreens instead of just a list of our applications and a couple of folders.

    • I hate apple because of their closed propierty system which stifles innovation and means apples controls what goes on their phone. Screw apple and their iphone

  • GottaLoveIT

    @Vzx_41: Yeah, this is the Galaxy M. Like he says, a mid range phone. I work at the biggest electronics company in Norway, Elkjøp. When I search for I9300 in the systems, the title says: Samsung GSM I9300 Galaxy M!

    See for yourself, people!

    I know it’s in Norwegian, but look at the pictures. That’s pictures from the system we use!

  • Cristo

    Samsung confirmed that this is no where near the final product. It is the Galaxy S3 but both design and specifications will be changed. Not to worry people! Just two more weekshopefully it’s going to be legendary with some awesome features.

  • Bondx99

    Dont worry Sammy fans..This is a fake video..i can assure you that! :)

  • Joncka

    This is probably the Galaxy M.

    However, it’s not yet released, and it might be this phone that Samsung plans to unveil at their Unpacked event in two weeks.
    That would mean that once again someone cried wolf, and the S3 is “delayed”, so don’t get your hopes up too high. We are to “meet the new Galaxy”, not the S3 specified.

    Don’t mean to rain on everones parade, but this Unpacked may not be focused on the S3.

  • Jdjfjjfjfjf

    Any pictures that are said to be a s3 is the Samsung galaxy player witch has a 5″ screen

  • Vzx_41

    Count down begins for something
    This was trweated from samsung it means the next galaxy

  • skylanterns

    Vzx_41 you are spot on. Anyway guys we don’t have to wait long –

  • This is the Galaxy M :(
    Not the S3

  • Tony

    I have a hunch about the final design of the product. Look at the phone at the leak, then compare that to the Samsungs official photo in their facebook. (the one with SGSIII under the blue cloth) The phone hiding under the cloth is exactly same in shape as the leaked device – only without the plastic fake bezel around it! Image proof.