Are you ready for another dose of Samsung Galaxy S3-related news?

We know you are, especially since this latest leaked image is a possible picture of Samsung’s actual flagship device. We’ve seen before several images of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S3, but they showed test devices, wearing fake shells designed to conceal the phone’s actual appearance. This isn’t the case with this image right here, which might bring us the closest to knowing how the Galaxy S3 looks like before the big unveiling next Thursday.

The alleged picture of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was sent by a tipster to PhoneArena, which then generously shared it with the rest of the world. As always, we’re not going to say it’s the absolute real deal until Samsung says so, but the image does bear a strong resemblance to yesterday’s device sketch of the Samsung GT-i9300, the presumed model number for the Galaxy S3.

How does the sketch match up with the latest leaked picture? Sam Mobile has done some mock-ups of the Galaxy S3 based on yesterday’s diagram. The result, as you can see for yourself, does look a lot like the leaked image.

We have to say that everything seems to fit the description of what’s expected of the Samsung Galaxy S3, from the thin metal bezel to the rectangular home button. On the other hand, it’s really nothing that a few minutes in Photoshop can’t produce.

Also, we superimposed Sam Mobile’s image on the teaser image found on Samsung’s Denmark Facebook page, and the two silhouettes seem to fit perfectly:

galaxy s3 superimposed

We’ll leave it to you to decide if this latest image really is the Samsung Galaxy S3 that the whole world is craving. What’s it going to be: a good tipster or a wily trickster? Share your thoughts below.
Bams Sadewo
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  • Yogesh Patel

    The top looks like the Samsung GT Valencia (Image 1)

  • Mohdamr1

    The button on the Phone Arena’s photo is less wide than the button on the GT-i9300 sketch image, so this means than the final “real” S III or S3 might be a little different, but maybe the the Phone Arena’s picture is the real one. Okay all of them are nice, but I can’t wait for may 3 to arrive.


    Loving that thin bezel! That’s the way to be Sammy! It looks like a combo of all the best phones out there, which is super bad ass. With the new screen, quad core, AMOLED, and hopefully a 2000mAh+ battery, this thing is going to ROCK!!!!

    • Jaranjames

      I hate to disappoint you but there is only going to be a dual core processor in the us

      • Cole Raney

        That was never confirmed. I doubt there will be. And if there is, it would be based off the A15 instead of the A9 that the quad core is based off of. Which would still make it an amazing phone. Possibly even better since the A15 is much better than the A9.

        • Jaranjames

          You can pretty much bank on there wont be a quad core buddy sorry to disappoint you.

  • Petrt

    Looks like samsung galaxy nexus

  • Soren

    If this is indeed the new Galaxy, I am very disappointed. Have had the S2 since they released it, and I’ve been looking forward to the s3 a great deal. Nothing innovative in the design – looks like a brick. I hope this is fake, otherwise they might as well close the doors and surrender to Apple (in regards to the smartphone-war).

  • Kabvuto76

    S2 still looks better than all the pictures above. OK, then, let’s begin the Samsung Galaxy S IV (4) talk – too much of the rumors on S III…

  • mesername

    I’m not saying this isn’t it, but the picture is suspicious to me b/c the reflection of the person taking the picture also “reflects” off the carpet under the phone. I suppose there could be a glass case or something b/w the phone and the camera, but it creates some doubt as to whether the photo has been doctored.

    • that can be easily explained… it is because the phone is under a glass… moreover, why the person did not pick it up? because the phone is under a glass… hehe… but i also dont like the design T T…. i hope this is just a decoy….

  • Amine Elouakil

    the design is inspired by the Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X, and slam on that SGSII color schems and aspects, that’s how it looks to me

  • gosh so tired of leaks and rumors just show the darn phone already lol , why do apple and samsung play this game it just really annoys people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joppei

    I hope this isn’t the final design Samsung! IL buy it anyways, but this is really not a smart design if your going to compete against apple. I think you should have learned from your TV department, those guys know design. ;)

  • Guest

    Hi guys, check my little project about Galaxy SIII – can’t wait :)
    It needs HTML5 browser and still buggy on IE9.

    • Blooper

      Nice website hehe :) hope for your sake some one in samsung sees it

      • Steen86

        I am glad you like it :)

  • Agdkhg_hj

    i hope this is not it becouse it looks like the galaxy nexus

  • Kieran M

    I also hope not because Jesus Christ overly round phones look hideous

    I have a feeling it is, though

  • Yordillo

    Looks like a metalic surround… not the ceramic composite as promised

    • lilmoe2002

      rumors =/= promises

  • Gadida

    Notice the menu button? That’s def not an ICS ready phone.

    • It can still have ICS on it. It just wont utilize the on-screen buttons.

      • norsiiii

        not a chance…

    • Kieran M

      Why do people keep saying this? Have you seen the HTX One series?

      People also keep saying because Samsung didn’t include buttons on the Nexus that it stands to reason their future phones won’t either. This is also a complete fallacy, because the Nexus series are supposed to be base, reference models meant to show off the latest Android has to offer – they do NOT keep in line with the design/features/style of whoever manufactures them.

  • Fallacy

    If this is the new Samsung Galaxy S3 then Apple will be launching a law suit against Samsung again as the design is almost the same as the older 3G/3GS IPhones which have a thin metal strip around the screen, a home button, silver volume controls on the left hand side just like the photo. I really hope this isn’t the next galaxy.

    • Wazup113

      OK well how different can you go…first of all that might be the international version and if you look at old iPhone…they are strait rectangles with rounded sides versus the design Samsung has gone with is curves at the top and bottom…apple would have no right Samsung has always had the volume rocker on the left, no one every said you can’t have a home button, and so what they want a little contrast on the phone…apple weren’t the first people to come up with a bezel and this might not even be real…

  • mlc5276

    Just wait on 3rd of May, 2012.

  • Karan L

    Persoanlly i love the design as i love the Galaxy Nexus design. I think its better they went with GNex design as Apple can not really sue Samsung for its phone looking like the iPhone as they did with the original s and s2. Also its refreshing seeing a phone that is not your typical rectangular design. If this is the design i think that the capacitative buttons will be ics based as this is looking gingerbread based.

  • Prossernick

    Looking good, edge to edge screen means a bigger screen than the one X

  • Fckyll23

    this cant be the phone. didnt they say that the phone will have a UI like the galaxy note? the notes screen is wide, this screen is long and thin. i hope this is a fake and it looks more like the concept arts people have been doing. and im getting the global version not the stupid dual core US version.

  • Aaron

    Cmon guys!

    You know how great Samsung has been in the past with designs (galaxy s2, note, nexus) with all those great designs you can’t expect them to release a phone like that. That is a phone that belongs in the mid range family. if they made many nice phones in the past then their going to continue it in the future.

  • Schiffer
  • Emil

    The concept looks great! (For me it is.) All i know is that it’s gonna be a huge leap from my current T-Mobile G2. I want the best this time around.

  • Dsbfi_hsuihef


  • Anudyuti Kar

    I want this to be fake… all galaxy phones are almost identical to each other except size and backcover.. i liked it previously, now after seeing the one s design and lumia 900, its plain boring.. and why dont the conpanies listen to google?! They told they will be discontinuing the menu button..! So why put it in a future proof, ( to be) the sexiest phone of this year? I dont get it.. it may win specs wise but not design wise..

    • Dak666

      It’s been dubunked as fake! it’s a Galaxy Nexus with a photoshopped home button

      I have the One X, it does look good. The worst part about it though is the fact the camera sticks out. Mine is scratched, and I’ve had it almost 2 weeks now!

  • Ytrtjghy9i

    How much is it?????

  • nobody

    Why the frick do these always have to premier in Europe for Pete’s sake!

  • iwamitsuNaeve KLaus

    I am pretty sure samsung is just showing us these fake pictures to make us excited for the actual announcement….. i don’t think samsung will be stupid enough to make the phone look like the galaxy nexus, i mean galaxy s3 is suppose to be something new, not old. i would never buy it if it looks like the galaxy nexus (not saying that galaxy nexus looks bad, but i still want something new which stands out)