Will the Samsung Galaxy S3 be launched as early as this weekend?

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 26, 2012

In a move that could be considered the coup of the decade, which is a very long time in mobile phone years, are we looking at an imminent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3?

UK-based retailer Phones 4 U has completely changed the appearance of its Oxford Street branch, covering  the store’s windows with the Samsung logo and the almost ominous announcement ”Coming 30.03.2012.” As you may remember, Phones 4 U was also the exclusive UK retailer for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and may have picked up its second big Samsung product in less than a year.

As has been the case for the past month or so, no one has any idea what Samsung is actually up to. There has been no announcement from Samsung about what the product is, and even Phones 4 U is being incredibly secretive about the launch. This has led to conspiracy theorists buzzing about the possibility of this being the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch, which is currently expected to happen only later in April or May.

But this time, there might be some logic behind the endless speculations. There are a few Samsung products in line that could warrant such a marketing strategy, such as the Galaxy Beam, Galaxy Note 10.1, and the Galaxy Pocket, but there have been no tentative release dates announced for any of them. It could also be another variant of the Galaxy Tab series, with the expected arrival of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 or even the Galaxy Tab 11.6. No mid-range product would demand such large scale promotion.

With the tech world slowly getting very excited about the HTC One Series, it would be devious of Samsung to release the Galaxy S3 a full week before the worldwide release of HTC’s flagship lineup. But also incredibly smart. With the  HTC One X expected to be the closest rival to the Galaxy S3, it would definitely be a huge marketing and financial coup for Samsung to release the S3 before the One X. And we already know that the Galaxy S3 is to be released this quarter. Why not sooner rather than later?

Of course, considering the logistics of pulling off such a “sneak attack”, this is most likely NOT the Galaxy S3, but, one can hope, nevertheless. All we know for certain is that Samsung loves to toy with the minds of its fans. Here’s to wishing that this strategy doesn’t end up working against them.

What do you think? Are we finally going to see the Samsung Galaxy S3? Is this another marketing gimmick to launch “just another” Galaxy Tablet? Samsung: enough, already?!

  • hawkeye2188

    While I hope it is the GS3, I think its a marketing play for a different product.

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  • Shesheero

    s3 PLEASEe!!!

  • Windy_city_wolf

    It is probably the Galaxy Advanced and/or the Ace which is listed on their site as Coming Soon. I believe the S3 release would be a much bigger event. Not to mention, where are all the ‘invites’ that should have reached all the important people by now. This is not the S3 release in my opinion, but hopefully I am wrong :-)

  • Aldenjl

    It won’t be the S3. More likely it will be something the likes of Angry Birds… Deep Sea Edition!

    • LOL

      I laughed at this one

  • JK

    The Galaxy Beam is up for release in the UK. Hence the “cinema” themed banner. As much as I would love the S3 to come out next week I doubt Samsung is releasing the most desired phone of 2012 with less than 1 week notice.

  • bohannon67

    Would LOVE it to be the S3 but doubt very much it is. More waiting I’m afraid for the new android super phone.

  • Tugrul

    It might be, since last week the CEO of Samsung Turkey made an announcement that SGS III will be announced in a European city.

  • Rudey_boyz

    No it wont be the s3…. sigh….. all this waiting just annoys eager fans whos contracts are up by the way so if it doesnt come out soon may just go elsewhere….. come on samsung its not cool anymore, put us out our long lasting misery and pull your thumbs out.

  • Windy_city_wolf


    • trob6969

      LOL! good one!

  • welshblood

    This has been updated elsewhere on the internet. What this is about, is the introduction of a Samsung floor / level into this store, not a new product.

  • I think this is only rumor… Samsung will not present new cell phone before summer…

  • Rupert

    Client recently migrated from Blackberry to Samsung S2.
    They not very happy, due to the Samsung’s incapability to deal with constant mail stream and intermittent connection to Exchange server (Active Sync)
    According to client, “not a good business tool”

    Also, a huge problem is the mail-downloading operation, where the phone has to download a mail body completely, before attachment can be downloaded. On Blackberry messages are being downloaded as “simple text”, and attachment can be downloaded immediately.
    Having frustrated customers to say the least …

  • SpLiX

    Today it’s the 30th of March 2012. Can anyone update the info of this?