Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update “coming soon” to the U.S., official update schedule released

by: Andrew GrushOctober 3, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung has now officially released its U.S. Android upgrade schedule for Jelly Bean. The update page isn’t exactly chock-full of information, instead it is nearly barren and very vague. The list mentions that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has received Jelly Bean already, and then simply tells us that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is getting the update soon. Not much else to see here.

I suppose “coming soon” is better than not coming at all. Unfortunately, the words can mean just about anything. Soon can mean ten minutes from now, two weeks or even several months. Considering Jelly Bean is already making its way over to the international version of the S3, we doubt you’ll have to wait too long. Manufacturers tend to be short on information when it comes to updates, so the lack of real info isn’t all that unexpected. Still, you’d think more than just the Nexus and Galaxy S3 would be mentioned.

Samsung Jelly Bean update

Samsung will likely add more devices to the schedule, so the update page is certainly something to watch for in the coming months. Why can’t Samsung come out and tell us more specifically when the updates are coming? Sometimes it is the handset manufacturer or hardware issues that hold updates back. A lot of it has to do with carriers dragging their feet, though.

No matter how long it does take, it will be worth the wait for Jelly Bean. There is a lot to like about Google’s most recent version of Android. The most obvious goodies in Jelly Bean are Project Butter speed improvements and Google Now, but that’s far from everything. Notifications, the camera application and even the calendar are all that much better in Android 4.1.

Are you impatiently awaiting Jelly Bean or perfectly fine with ICS for now?

  • Jewhead

    Christ can u just fucking release it already? Fuck

  • It’s funny how people have made 100% stable jelly bean based roms yet the company’s them self still take 6 months longer

    • Adam Koueider

      These custom ROMS are based on the Gnex vanilla Jelly Bean> Samsung have to make sure that touchwiz (the skin) works as well. Jelly Bean ROMs are easy you just flash straight from the GNex APK

      • Maybe Samsung should get rid of Touchwiz then.

        • Adam Koueider

          Well then we would lose alot of features. (Smarstay, Burst shoot) Plus then what could Samsung claim to be theirs if everyone is the same. If you are hellbent on recieving the newest OS then I would recommend a Gnex or wait for the new NEXUS phones

  • Randy Sylmar

    Schedule Released! …… “COMING SOON” Samsung has a way of taking away the excitement of getting a new OS release. Did the same with ICS wasn’t even excited when they released it. Now it’s like Jelly Bean the best update ever!! and I’m like WHO CARES WE WILL GET IT WHEN THE NEW OS IS ANNOUNCED!

    • Randy Sylmar

      UPDATE: Jelly Bean 4.2 is being released on November 13 without Jelly Bean 4.1 not even making it to the Galaxy S3 yet. Did I call it or what! Actually, I didn’t because it’s not even releasing when the new OS is announced. DAMN YOU SAMSUNG.

  • Mike

    Rookie question… I just spoke with a Samsung rep who told me if I root my device and flash a custom ROM, that I will not receive the OTA official jelly bean update.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    • Yes that is true… you should make a backup, flash whatever rom you want to use, then when Jelly is ready, you can restore from your backup, and upgrade to the Bean…

      • Mike

        How do you back this up?

  • Ckavvouras

    Lol seriously, I I have been running cm10 m1 for a few weeks now and I love it may be those yahoo’s at Samsung should hire the guys at cm lol

  • Ryan MORGAN

    The only reason everyone is so impatient is because of all the rumour-mongering in July and August. Samsung never even mentioned Jelly Bean until mid-September I think it was, which was when ROMs started leaking almost everyday. Samsung will release an excellent updgrade, so just wait!

  • IHateSamsung

    Come the FREAK on. For the last two months it has been “coming soon” This is freaking ridiculous. I hate Apple but at least they release their OS across the board.

  • jafo

    The translation for “Coming soon” in America by a carrier like…… Vz; means sometime before Christmas of 2013. Assuming it is ready by then you can bet it will be full of their bloatware crap!

  • Hell yeah! We know just as much now about it coming out as we did last month.

  • matt

    Talked to sprint and they told me it will be released to the s3 on october 16th.

  • Really wish they would just releace it already :(

  • sean parmenter

    Where’s a link to the page with this list? Or did you just post a completely fabricated photo so we could read your article?

    • Andrew_Grush

      Hey Sean, the source is Samsung (listed directly below the article). The table is there, directly from Sammy themselves. Sorry for not making that clearer before. Have a good one. :)

      • sean parmenter

        Ah! I see it now…it was hiding under the ad…Thanks!

  • carlos

    Fuck this shit….. soon??? What that means for you stupid samsung!!!! See? Thats why Apple its better imma get the iphone 5 and not be like stupid waiting for this samsung
    Stupid people and im sure the wait its gonna even worth it
    Bye samsmung
    My grandmom will work faster then yall!!!

  • I just bought a S3 today on AT&T to replace my miserable Sony Ion and I absolutely LOVE it :D Can’t wait for JB :D

  • JBK

    Please need a answer Why is samsung neglecting Canadian GS3 Owner of the GS3? Samsung refers to there GS3 phones as the international version snd the NS version North american. Where the hell do you think csnada is? North america. Idiots.. Then why now is it being refered in the chart as US and where is the chart for csnadian carriers? Or is it the Andrew Grush being so ignorant that he cant give information on canada.. NA Remember North american or do yoi even know canada is part of north americ? Please we need THE NORTH AMERICAN INFORMATION OR BUD WATCH HOWQuick your job will be gone. Only if you knew where i worked and how quick i can sink your little flot.. ass hole son of a bitch im going to get you mother fucker.

    • Jonathan Bunt

      Do me a favor, look at the title. What does it say?
      Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update “coming soon” to the U.S., official update schedule released

      Yeah, U.S. not North America, but United States of America. If you think you can get this guy in trouble for doing an amazing job for the american part of this website, then you obviously have no idea what a blog board is like. I can barely even imagine you talking to your “influential” boss.

      “Uh Sir, this guy did a great post for the US but not for Canada, please fire him immediately.” Yeah, but that’s not how it works. This is also, not considering the fact that neither you nor your boss have even the slightest trace of possible authority over this blogger, let alone Android Authority.

      If you wanted to find the Canadian update list, then this is a good place to start:

  • Ted Hugenmire

    Cool beans, can’t wait