After taxes and death, you can bank on carriers to delay the latest Android roll out, in this case Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Canada. The software update was hinted to come to Rogers customers this month, but then got pushed back to early December. Can we hold to their words that it’ll be arriving before the holiday?

If Samsung Canada’s tweet is anything to go by, it looks like your Galaxy S3 will be rocking Android 4.1 by next week. More specifically, the Jelly Bean update will be pushed out on Monday, December 3.

Naturally, the rollout will be done gradually, so it’s best not to get your hopes up that it’ll arrive on your handset on Monday. What’s more, Samsung has left out a few details from the announcement, such as which carriers will be pushing it out first. We won’t be surprised to see Rogers and Telus leading the way.

Jelly time is almost here, folks. Aren’t you excited? We’ll update you when we hear more of the impending software bump up.

Bams Sadewo
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  • Alabaster Malone

    My Penis Came out of its shell when i seen this on Mobile syrup Only the best site in the world i love eating my waffles and pancakes when i read there and it being very cold in my igloo its a suprise it came out of the shell at all :S

  • can you update if your phone is rooted whit the fail proof and noob proof way?
    or will it mess the root up?

    • Robbers

      I would like to know this as well, for now I’m assuming that you can.

    • Alabaster

      you can take a chance that it will still be rooted after the update its a 50/50 chance …. or buy the superSU pro if thats the one you have when you rooted your phone it has a option to give you a better chance of keeping root … i think its like 2 bucks on the play store … i my self am just going to hope for the best …

      • i have super SU pro, what do i check to “help”
        or ca i do the root thing again after ther update?

        • Alabaster

          of course you can root after if you loose your root in the update for sure and there is nothing to check if you have pro superSU you just have a better chance to hold on to root at least thats whats said in a post i was reading ….

  • sanj

    i got my update early on sunday…

    rogers S3!!!

    • Jason Monkman

      What province?

  • dcaggiu

    I got the Jelly Bean update Sunday evening…Way to go Telus…

  • i got mine today… Sunday