Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally available in Canada, carriers still having problems with supply and demand

by: AdrianJune 27, 2012

After many months of feverish waiting and a couple of launch delays, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is now (sort of) available for sale in Canada. Yes, unfortunately, that “sort of” is completely called for, as most Canadian carriers are still facing major supply problems due to the already announced “unprecedented global demand” of the S3.

In theory, Canadian tech users have a bundle of choices of where to pick up the Galaxy S3 starting today and they could easily go for the Pebble Blue and Marble White versions with either 16 or 32 GB of on-board storage. However, in reality, things are far more complicated and you’ll have a tough job in even glancing at a dummy S3 unit in physical stores today.

Telus, Bell, Rogers, Virgin, SaskTel, WIND, Mobilicity and Videotron should all be prepared to start selling you Samsung’s latest flagship this morning, but, with only a couple of exceptions, you’ll most likely be requested to wait for a few more days.

In fact, neither of these carriers is listing the S3 as “available” or “shipping now” on their websites, with pretty much all of them still having it up for pre-order or listed as “coming soon”. Over at Mobilicity at Wind, things are even worse, with both carriers wiping off the S3 dedicated pages on their websites for some reason.

As far as physical stores go, you might have better luck in finding a couple of Galaxy S3s available, but your chances are still slim to get the phone right now. People across the country are saying that various Bell and Telus stores have already sold out their initial stocks of the new flagship phone and we’re guessing that things are equally as frustrating at other carriers’ stores.

Still, you shouldn’t get desperate just yet, because things might change soon enough. In fact, we’re willing to bet that, if you keep an eye on Telus, Bell, Rogers, Virgin, SaskTel, Videotron, Mobilicity and Wind’s official websites over the next 24 hours, you’ll get the chance to see the S3 listed as “available”, even if for a few short hours.

As always, we’ll be extremely grateful for any updates from the “crime scene” you can bring us, so if you’re living in Canada and you’ve pre-ordered an S3, thinking of pre-ordering it, or you’re waiting in line at a physical store for stocks to be refreshed, please drop us a comment below and tell us how things are going for you and when you think you’ll be able to prance around with probably the best Android smartphone to date.

  • Beev

    I pre-ordered mine about 2 weeks before the june 20th launch from telus. I received a tracking number from them this morning with that says my S3 has arrived in my city at 2am, so I am expecting it today

  • Alex

    Received email from Wind mobile:
    Hi there!
    Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you, but unfortunately due to Samsung’s overhelming global demand the Samsung Galaxy S III wouldn’t be available for upgrades at this time.

    We appologize for the inconvenience, but believe us when we say that we’d love for you to get this phone in your hands, so we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available. We promise to make this up to you with EXCLUSIVE customer offer as soon as upgrades are available.
    Thanks for your patience and stay tuned – we would be in touch as soon as we have more info on the next delivery

  • Madeen

    Picked up mine from Telus today, just strolled in and got one. Super awesome phone, love it so far. Upgraded from my old HTC Desire, suck a leap forward.

    • Madeen

      … replace “suck” with such… *sigh*

  • Walked into a bell store when they opened, never received their stock. “The phone booth”, “Wireless wave” and “The Source” wouldn’t sell me a phone outright. So… Still waiting.

  • Ginger

    Pre-ordered mine on the 3rd through Telus. Looks like it’s finally being delivered today! I was still dissapointed to see people in the U.S. get their phones before us considering their release date was later on most carriers…

  • Jag

    Still waiting for Mobilicity to get mine ready. I was asked to wait until Tuesday for the phone to arrive, since it has to be ordered from Mississauga, which makes no sense as to why it will take 4 business days to arrive. It’s about 25 KM from here. I also called customer service and the store multiple times and will continue to do so every day until I receive my phone, just to keep the pressure on.

  • Just V

    I preordered mine with Mobilicity on Father’s Day and so excited to hopefully get it sometime today!

  • Jason

    Pre-ordered with Telus, phone arrived today about two hours ago

  • baconator23

    I pre-ordered my Virgin S3 from the Best Buy across from Metrotown in Burnaby on the first day the pre-order started. I got a call this morning that my phone is sitting at the store waiting for me to pick it up tonight.

  • Jim

    Picked up mine in Winnipeg main store at opening. They said they have quite a few at their main store but they dont think the other smaller stores got a lot. One hell of a phone!

    • Jim

      Forgot to mention it was Telus.

  • Jag

    Just heard from my local store a few minutes ago – apparently Mobilicity head office told them that all customers in the GTA will have to pick up their device from the corporate store in Square One on Friday the 29th. Some other people have already picked up their phones from their local dealers, such as the one on Queen Street in Brampton. I called Square One but they don’t seem to know anything about this recent development.

    • Jag

      Apparently this is for existing customers – new activations can be picked up at local dealers..

  • alexrobot

    Went to the Videotron store downtown in Montreal this morning, they told me to come back in the afternoon, after calling they told me to come back at 5, then calling at 5 they told me ‘it’s coming in at 9’. (they close at 9)

    I guess I’d better just go tomorrow… lame.

  • dwayne

    Tried all day in Sherbrooke Quebec at the many Bell Mobility stores but no stock available.I’m expecting 2 more days, frustrating.

  • purchased today at a Bell dealer in GFW, NL with only the usual long wait at the kiosk :/ it appears though that I purchased one of perhaps 4 white, 16 MB units at that dealer. Lucky me :)

  • I pre-ordered through my employer’s corporate Telus rep. on June 23rd. He emailed me today and said there is a delay in processing the new activation’s and my phone should be shipped tomorrow.

    • Courier just dropped off my 16 GB pebble blue Galaxy S3

  • JDrake

    Showed up at a Rogers plus store in Belleville Ontario and luckily got one around 11 this morning. Been playing with it, it’s phenomenal.

  • JRock

    I went to my local bell store in New Brunswick and was told they only received 4 phones today which were all in pebble blue. I was given no ETA when they would expect more to arrive. Just a “go home, don’t call us, we’ll call you”.

    • JRock

      ….I had pre-ordered the phone on June 15th

  • ned

    i pre-ordered mine three weeks ago, i received it this mornings but it was the wrong color… i went to my local videotron store and they told me they will receive the white one in a month…

  • slade

    Got mine today! Preordered n picked her up today no problem!! Luv it!!!

  • Lynn

    I was told on Wednesday that Sasktel apparently only received 200 for the entire province and then the bad storms of the last 2 days delayed shipping to the stores so hopefully Thursday at most urban dealers although very few per store.

  • Scott

    In the Niagara area.
    Went to Rogers at Pen Centre over lunch (27th) in the off chance they would have one. They had exactly one Blue 32 GB in stock, so I lucked out. They didn’t have a huge number of phones arrive, but they didn’t get scooped up with lines at the door.
    Moved from a Galaxy S2 to a 3 mainly because my Fido contract was up.
    Almost fully moved over to the new phone now. Lots to like!!!

  • singh

    Go to wireless wave. I got mine from there yesterday with ease.

  • JD

    Preordered my phone from Bell in Barrie, Ont . They told me that they received 2 pebble blue phones on monday, when I asked them yesterday what they had they only received 2 more pebble blue 16 gig phones. Still waiting :(

  • DJ

    apparently someone in my town is getting the last one in canada until they receive the next batch.

  • Scott

    Was at the Rogers Plus in Orillia today paying a bill and saw someone buying two. Asked a sales rep about the phone and he told me they had about 6 of each colour in stock and will be getting more by Monday

  • Ashley Floyd

    I got mine on the 27th first person in BC to get it

  • Mine showed up yesterday in gatineau quebec from videotron it was supposed to arrive on the 27th but I assume because of saint jean baptiste it was delayed. Videotrons website for the last 2 days has the phones as available and they offer a pretty good unlimited plan

  • KBern

    Still waiting for my 32GB S III. I called several Virgin Mobile stores in my area to see if they might be getting the 32GB model soon, I was told by most of them that it didn’t exist. It shows how much they know their jobs. Had to explain to them to check the V.M. website before giving me 2/5 of a f**k and that other Cnd carriers are having it too. Couldn’t pre-order too; I was already a member waiting for an upgrade.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Next time contact Samsung Canada to see if they actually have plans to supply Canada with any models beside the 16gb.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Next time you write an article with “release date” how about actually putting a date in there. Way to journalize.