Samsung Galaxy S3 International Giveaway!

by: Darcy LaCouveeApril 23, 2012

Our love for Android is unquenchable. Our loyalty to you, our readers, unfathomable. Are you excited for the next Galaxy phone?

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to give you, yes you, a chance to win what is likely to one of the best Android phones of 2012. We are anticipating the new Galaxy phone to be released to the public sometime near the end of May, and will ship the lucky winner the Samsung Galaxy S3 as quick as we can!

The Wait is Over was live at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 event held in London. Find out our first impressions with the Galaxy S3 as we were one of the first to try this new Android phone out. The release date for the Galaxy s3 is just around the corner with a target release date of May 28th in the UK.

The demand for the Galaxy S3 is off the charts. And that’s why we’re giving it away! All you have to do (yes, you), is give us a bit of social following! Check out the directions below. The more social love, the more entry tickets go into the draw for you!

What you have to do

We don’t want to make this difficult for you guys (and gals). All you have to do is follow the simple directions below, and you will be in the running for a brand spanking new Galaxy S3! Likely to carry a $700 USD price tag, we will ship what many consider to be the best Android phone of 2012 to you – no matter where you are in this world!

Each task earns you a certain amount of entries in the draw, complete all tasks and receive 9 entries into the draw. It’s that easy, Good luck Everyone & to the lucky winner, please send us a picture showing off your new phone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We are all Android – all the time. We will leave no Android device untouched, no ROM untested, no app not reviewed. And, as we have an international audience, we wanted to make sure that you get the chance to participate!

Check out our Samsung Galaxy S3 page for the most comprehensive coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S3!

Remember, if you have a spare second let us know how we’re doing, and what you’d like to see from us! Good luck everyone!

Winner Announced

May 24 2012 – Darcy & Derek have announced the winner of the Samusng Galaxy S3 hop on over to our post announcing the winner.

  • GoodLuck everyone with winning ;)! Certainly hope I win :P

  • Viktorrealt

    I want to win)))

  • Hope I win

  • Devin Spence

    My jaw just dropped ha ha ha! Winning this phone is gonna make someones face crack from over smiling. Good luck to all.

    • NN

      If I win I will die from happiness!

    • mirza

      i know nobody interesting my story with phones but really i dont have a phone for 2 months and my last phone was a samsung with 3 inch display i really need one phone like this, it can be a s2 s advance ,anything

  • Mark

    Signed up to twitter just to get extra entries :D

  • Benjamin Lee

    NICE Galaxy S 3 is gonna be so awesom!

  • Ashutos1997

    i entered , sir.

  • Awesome giveaway!

  • NICE Galaxy S

  • FreeBrainTrauma

    Please keep the line! Is my turn to win =))

  • Helenoftroy

    This Sammy S3 hype is driving me crazy! But I love it! Apple who? iphone 5?? No way! I have a Droid X, my first non flip phone and I love my DROID! I am sticking with Droid! No iphone for me! Good luck to everyone! God I hope I win! 10 days? It seems like an eternity!

  • Peterbilliris

    i’ve go this in the bag lol

  • awwww yeaa dudes! :D

  • Bradley Larcher

    Love what you guys are doing. Not only do you keep us up to date with the latest news, but you’re giving away what is in my opinion will be the hottest Android device this year. Would love to win it.

  • You guys are awesome, I love how you always hold International giveaways unlike other sites [even popular ones] that only do it for US.

  • Relax6281

    I want to win)))

  • Elina Hernández-Batista

    I am the current proud owner of a HTC HD7, please, i need this! I miss android!

  • Ericka Josue

    really cool phone I want this phone so badly :'( really hope I win :) *cross fingers*

  • Prabhu

    Sweet, Sexy and Savvy…..

  • Trần Danh Nhân

    Good luck to all

  • elyoy

    Best Phone, Best Give away, best Android Site.

  • In this moment I wish I had a genetical mutation and have like 100 fingers all over my body , keeping all of them crossed for all this days to come. :]

  • ben

    me me me .. huhuhu

  • Jake D.

    OhmyGod! My jaw just broke..haha..kidding…you guys’re giving away something that has to be released yet. how cool is that?!!!!

  • Steeve Francillon

    me me me pick me!

  • for me….yes!

  • cant wait!

  • Armando Martinez

    I’d love to have you, my precious.

  • Bader Alrowaiei

    This will be mine.

  • p k

    This is too awesome….these international giveaways just makes me more addicted to the website…

  • wonshikee

    This one’s going to have a lot of entries

  • Just got a Note and it is way too slow with all my contacts, I NEED a quad core phone, the S3 seems to be the one.

  • Good luck to everyone ;)

  • i want it man…reallyyy……..

  • xorob0

    thanks for the give away

  • Kmacback1

    Darn i wish i could get this phone. it would be perfect to write my app

  • Wltrscott7

    Galaxy s3 is simply the best.take that iphone!

  • Scdoumas

    This is so cool !!! Good luck everyone!!!!

  • Bruno Coelho

    All you @androidauthority are the top of the topswhen it comes to Android, but i would personally thank you darcy, as the “father” founder of this awsome website, and because you helped so much the entire community of android users like me to better understand and love this beautifful mobile platform, and the brands that use it to power their smartphones…
    For that and all so much more… THANK YOU!

  • Werner Franco

    The most reliable news about Android in the web.

  • Aziz Farhi

    I really want to win this :| , wish me luck :D

  • Chi Lok Chan

    S3 FTW!!!

  • Rachdoanky

    I want to win!

  • Fırat Ulutaş

    I will win:)

  • Saif Ansari

    Galaxy S3!!!!!!!

  • Sean

    This is an awesome giveaway. Hope to get my hands on this baby.. :)

  • AndroidBrian

    Man I wnan this phone!!!!!!

  • i excited to win!

  • Justin Philip Pania

    My friends face would surely switch from Apple to Samsung when seeing this phone.

  • jexuiq_05

    I want one so badly I think I’ll start praying every night to win this thing -___- Though thanks and good job to Android Authority for this opportunity. The offer makes the android lovers happy…and the ifanboys abandon ship haha.

  • I must be the winner..

  • Gilron Erez A.K.A mr2hands

    ok, so i did what u guys asked me to do.
    send the phone to frishman 41/2 tel-aviv, Israel.
    thank you. love you guys :)

  • Want to win this awesome SGSIII.

  • thanks , seems incredible .

  • so, another giveaway lets try our luck for this magnificent device- The Galaxy S3

  • Juzer Ali

    Thanks for this giveaway…Surely this is one of the best Android sites!

  • Nandingmanuel

    hope and pray i win this time…more power android authority!

  • Mariusz Witkowski

    I want to win. My Spica life is coming out, and new phone is very nice choise ;)

  • Holly Stewart

    Faithfully, I read your post on everyday for gaining new information about latest technical..Again I read new thing about samsung galaxy s3..Thanks

    cloud computing companies :-

  • Khaled Abdel Malek

    Done ok

  • tomn1ce

    Hopefully I find this device in my mail box soon enough….. :o)

  • I am in. Completed all the entries. Thanks for the giveaway Darcy. Please let me know if there are problems in my entry……

  • Tamarabethackerman

    Followed all the directions, now with a little prayer and a lot of luck it will be mine!

  • Spider7267

    Awesome, thanks guys! Here’s hoping I have a shiny new S3 to use at San Diego Comic Con in July!

  • Didrik

    I think I am in need of a new mobile! :/ This would be a life saver! :)

  • Geremy Mcgee

    I did most of it. Hope I win

  • I really love Samsung… I want to have a S2 but now S3 is coming. I hope to win. Good luck everyone!!

  • i want this phone bad

  • Jordyson Pagaduan

    just joined the promo it really cool i gonna share this to all my friend!!

  • Completed all tasks.

  • Abdurrehman4it

    I’ll win Inshallah

  • Mahesh Makvana

    It’s a great contest you’ve organized over here. I am a regular reader of AndroidAuthority and I like the How To articles you post here. S3 is going to be a wonderful phone of the year 2012.

    Hope to win !

  • CB

    If i followed your instructions and finally after comments in here, how do you know i correctly followed your advices? In my FB account i use “contact” as private.

  • I wish that I am the winner. Saving my birthday wish for this one

  • AmirMagdy

    very nice

  • Hello, I want to win this phone and i have bored to using Nokia. There are not good apps so I want to use this first Android OS is very nice my all friends have this android but I don’t have :(
    So Give me this phone……pls pls

  • Carlos

    Hope I can win this time :(

  • Cole Dowden

    Pack it up and send it out TO ME!!!!!

  • Lokesh s

    really nice to give away a brand new phone..

  • blindzja

    wanna win, must win, gotta win. if I win this I’d b a God amongst my friends

  • Jcprov82

    Im going to wear an adult diaper until the countdown is over, just in case I win.

  • Me wantttt!

  • Valarie

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    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN ITS TRUE

    You have to spread the message!!!!!
    The world has to know about this!!!!!

  • Mohdamr1

    I want the S3

  • Mohdamr1

    Win the Galaxy S3 the best smartphone in the world. I want.

  • I want it toooooooooooooooo !
    Its my dream phone

  • Jackskellington

    I’m gonna win!

  • A J Gholizadeh

    i really stuck between this one and xperia s so it should be hear ASAP
    so far i have never seen something like sll

  • I really deserve to win even for being bron in Brazil, where everything is unaffordable!

  • Snyvol1997

    Android Authority rocks

  • Love this mobile phone.. <3 ;)

  • Ram

    for the wiiiiiiiiiiiin!! – Ram

  • nhoj

    I will win:)

  • I hope i’ll win :) ! it’s the first time that i’m participating to this kind of giveaway :o ! I’m so excited, my phone is so crappy :/ ! Anyway sankyuu ~~♥

  • LanceMiller

    I guess Samsung isn’t going to honor their commitment to not release the GS3 until all of the GS2 phones had been updated to ICS / 4.0.. Why aren’t I surprised.

  • kikz

    nice giveaway. a great product indeed

  • Still curious how it’s really going to look like………

  • Mohdamr1

    I want the S3 !

  • Raj

    awesome.. count me in….

  • Cywrob

    great comp…well done, sure whoever gets phone will be blown away!

  • Mohdamr1

    The countdown is on!

  • OMG. This is one serious giveaway. I really hope I win but I think my friend won’t be so pleased as she just recently bought an S2. Oh well, maybe we can share when I win the S3. :D

  • I can’t find where the +1 button is.

  • Andriousroypi92

    i hope i could win this.i’ve just lost my phone.

  • my phone fell into my coffee cup….if i win i’ll name my next dog S3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiril

    your site left me sleepless…that’s how interesting and relevant your articles are….great job!

  • LanceMiller

    Hey mo gafoor, the same exact thing almost happened to me today. I got lucky though, the phone hit the corner of the cup & knocked it over, spilling coffee all over an area rug. What a one in a million occurrence.

    BTW, great site & a great contest.

  • Arrsrk90

    Wow, this is a wonderful opportunity to students to afford a galaxy. Keep up te good work.

  • JesseH

    Oh yeah!

  • Steen86

    Guys, check my little project about Galaxy S3: – can’t wait :)
    It’s a little bit buggy on IE but Chrome, Firefox, Safari works OK.

  • Abdulahiabdi 95

    i want this phone

  • This is one of the biggest giveaway. Count me in. Hope to win.

  • Good luck guys!!

  • bau

    Hey, please check your counter… it appears that the deadline is set to 18.00 hour, London time…

  • 3 days to got!! Whoooohooo!!

  • Elina Hernández-Batista

    there is 1779 people entered to win here… good luck to all..

  • Mohdamr1

    I want this !

  • Emmanuel Herrera

    Whoa. Nice. Very nice.

  • Resty_farres

    what r the criteria for winning this phone?

  • Catch22

    I Gotta win…the contest started on my birthday for christ sake. Can i get a birthday win please?

  • Kharisma Natalia

    i just lost my cellphone. i wish i can have this ahah Amin.

  • Hptan93

    hope i can join the smartphone era and have my very first Android…all the best guys :D

  • Finger crossed…Let’s hope for the best.Just have known more about Samsung Galaxy S III on

  • This time, i am going to win!

  • hackpert

    Android Authority is truly amazing! Just splendiferous.. the best android blog out there.

    • Thanks for the kind words Hackpert, you have’t seen nothing yet, we’re working hard behind the scenes!

    • Thanks for the kind words hackpert. We are doing our best and have some exciting features in store! Good luck buddy!

  • Daniel Yeun

    Where is the luck

  • ek

    This is epic!!! IF and that is probably a if…I win It be the best moment of my life! I am still using my 2 year old LG GT540 which was within my budget at the time but now its so slow I have ot w8 a few mins to make a simple phone call or what’s app sm1! so really hopeing here

  • sammy richard


  • I brought in more traffic to your site through GSMarena and Stuff/T3 who have used the mockup image from this site and already labelled it as the leak for the S3. How I proved them wrong and told the the ORIGINAL SOURCE for the image was from Android Authority, dated 23rd of April and told GSMarena myself through the comments section or the gullible few would have fallen for lies through the mainstream Apple press, eg: those very blogs I mentioned. Also I couldn’t resist highlighting how generous your site was being the only one to offer a giveaway of the S3, reckon in the next few days you should have a few more folks flocking to this site and to make them wake up!!

    • Thanks William for the groundwork! Much appreciated.

  • Helenoftroy

    Can you enter more than once? Probably not!! ;-(

  • Eurisko Pebenito

    :]]]]]]] this is so exciting i might explode! good luck everybody!

  • win win win !! :P

  • jawahar

    Iam in:) Hope to win :)

  • Tushardoultani

    gs3 :D

  • need it :P!!!!

  • ecybabo

    Weaouw… Great!!! I’d like to win this :) Bismillah!

  • Omar

    20 hours to go!

  • Faheem Mohd

    I’m From India … Hope I can do it bcoz itz International! .. Hope to Win it,, LOL ! Insha Allah! Good Luck Amigos!

  • Galaxiess
  • Anoop M K

    Is it finished?? I am not able to enter. Nothing shows up when I try to open it

  • Praagnan2


  • Dexter Lanning

    I want the s3 so bad!

  • Allen Mendez Sr

    I am all the way from Belize. Maybe some me you have heard me it. Anyway, he I who this phone nobody would be happier. I am posting right now from a Samsung europa which is the most expensive phone I could before at the moment. I am a part time student and a full time dad and husband with a job as well. I love Samsung products. I also own a Samsung series 5 LCD

  • Allen Mendez Sr

    I am from Belize. I am a full time dad and husband. I also go to school and I love technology. I have a Samsung series 5 tv and a Samsung europa. If I this Samsung galaxy s3, I would be making history as the first Belizean to win any international contest. Android authority would also be making history as the first site ever to have a Belizean winner. Think of the possibilities and marketing opportunities. Please make me the winner. I really need this phone and would not be able to get it otherwise.

  • Done. Hope I win :)

  • Done. Hope I win :)

  • Omar

    So when are the winners announced , 28th May?

  • janjan

    i wish im the lucky one who will get this Samsung Galaxy SIII, To God Be The Glory

  • janjan

    how will you know if you are the winner?

    • We will contact the winner via email and will announce it on this post and on our site.

  • Nabdabba

    Love it!!! Great reporting guys. Good luck to all!

  • Srikanthdiddy

    Nice contest

  • Thanks to AndroidAuthority! You guys are awesome… keep us updated with the new Samsung Galaxy SIII. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Minh!

    • We are covering the S3 like no other. It’s on our radar hard. The specs suggest that it could be the phone to end all phones (for the next 9 months, that is), and once the devs get their hands on it, it’s performance and potential will truly be unleashed! Stay tuned and good luck!

  • I liked this blog post! Hope can win one for myself. ;DD

  • :)

  • Munzirhussein

    <3 GALAXY SIII <3

  • BluBird

    I wish I could have this as my first smartphone

  • Yazad Dhunjisha

    Galaxy S III <3 :') Good luck to all.

  • I just hope I win this phone! It will make a whole lot of sense!

  • Joanne Koh

    Dream phone! Hope to win it!!

  • thanks for doing this awesome giiveaway

    hope i win=)

  • sad sadded

    hope i win !!!! i’d go crazy !!! a change of my S2 !

  • Bill Chua

    I love Android, better than Iphone

  • Опять суперконкурс, ну теперь то я точно выиграю)))

  • Dave W

    Nice :)

  • Respect Android Authority. Awesome give away :) I hope I’ll win this. :D

    • Appreciate it Dzani. We never forget you guys Have to give back the love, and show our appreciation for honoring us with your eyeballs and time. Thanks for the support and good luck!

  • Bam Salinas

    Hope to win! Love android phones :D !

  • Lacres1959

    Can’t wait for this phone!

  • Tufail_yousaf

    I wish to have this Mobile, at the movement me have Galaxy Y, that is not bad, but this is something else.

  • Great Giveaway.. I hope I will win this :) Best luck for the success of this giveaway

  • ManuG

    My Samsung Galaxy S2 got stolen :(, No phone at present, was waiting for S3 to lauch…it would certainly make my day if I can win this …fingers crossed :)

  • shareef

    I hope I win!

  • Ibrahimnoordin4

    i hope i win the giveaway contest … fingers crossed!

  • This giveaway came just when I need a new phone. My phone freezes everytime and I need a new one. Thank you for this giveaway. Believing I win the phone.

  • I WANT to be the 1st person to OWN this COOL and STYLISH Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone ~ With Android Authority I CAN:)

  • Tipul

    What an awsome phone!! love it a lot!!

  • Xpir3

    Sounds so awesome, getting a chance to win s3…

  • rainai

    :/ can’t circle you guys on G+… your profile seems to be broken or something…

  • Give me that Samsung….

  • mani would really love to win never won anything like this before would be just amazing!

  • would be sick if i won this phone, the phones ive had in the past have been like $50 phones that are crap :’)

  • A fabulous giveaway. Kindly count me in too. Fingers crossed :)

  • 13 days to go! Wew! Can’t wait…

  • Jei Arc

    well hopefully i cna replace my 5 year old phone :) good luck to all, and hope i win :D

  • Completed all the steps… Excellent phone.

  • Ben Malcorps

    I hope I win!!!!

  • I wish I would win because it would be very expensive to buy the phone here in our country. ;(

  • I Want To Win This!! I’m Trying To Win This!! WHY??????? Because,,
    I’m an university student.. and also an AIESEC member. so I’m having many contacts on various aiesec projects with my friends in world wide! so I want to explore more and more thing in the world with this greatest mobile phone.. :) :)
    hope that I may be able to win this dream smart phone..

  • pls… i really wants to win… my dream phone… T^T i had nvr used android smartphone before… so this might be a chance..

  • If

  • If I won this phone i will mark it as the GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilingmusic

    Awesome smartphone which i wish and die for it.

  • piggy

    i wish i could be the lucky one!! =) hehe

  • Shavkat

    If I win I will FLY TO THE SKY

  • Saj

    Why couldn’t Samsung just design like the picture above. Perfect form factor and screen size, I think the Galaxy nexus has the best front design to date.

  • King Q

    Like very much of S3

  • Aracely

    Searching for reviews on the new Samasung Galaxy S III, I came across android authority and really glad I did. Such a wealth of information. Everything android is at the touch of our fingers! Thanks guys!!!

  • Amathew632

    If i win, Thank GOD !! if nopp… Will still Thanks him :)

  • just saw this post and entered right away !!, The person who wins this would be the luckiest man alive !!!!, the guy organizing this giveaway will certainly goto heaven :D :)

  • Neville Nagesh

    seen the s, used the s2, hears hoping to owning the S3 !!:)

  • you never know…hopefullt I won’t have to wait 4 months for it to get to my country

  • dharsto

    either way im still getting a galaxy s3 no matter the price, its worth it!!

  • So, how is this gonna work with carriers in the U.S?

  • Jared

    I cannot wait to use this beautiful piece of hardware! Thank you for the opportunity! =D

  • Usman M

    phew! man if i won i’ll go crazy plus would be saving big bucks

  • RR

    I must win this or I’ll kill Lee Kun-hee.

  • [email protected]


  • Great to be holding a spanking Galaxy SIII

  • era

    i’m hoping to own the SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 !!!!

  • Wish i get this one :)

  • May the odds be in my favor :)

  • i wish i can

  • Goodluck to everyone!!! If I win this phone, it would be the best late mother’s gift for me :)

  • Jason Naff

    I’ve been using the GS2 Skyrocket for some time now, would love to give the S3 a run.

  • Whew, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and pray everyday to win this amazing, simply the best, android phone of 2012~! :)

  • Sanket Patel

    for first time trying my luck in GIVEAWAY! WISH ME LUCK!!

  • Vlaho Cerjan

    Wish you all some good luck :D

  • Einpeb

    Dear darcy, I hate your mobile version of the site, mostly because when I try to turn it off, it turns itself back on, please do something about this. Also make it more like the full site because I browse the site daily and it’s beginning to be frustrating that the home page of the full site Is different then the mobile site. Thank you, and keep up the awesomeness.

  • Majdy Shaltaf

    really hope to use this awesome phone

  • Oac

    hope i win!

  • Jamalmhmd

    holding the phablet “NOTE’ and hope to win this new kid in Galaxy family….

  • utkarsh

    Jesus , I know am gonna get this . That beast is mine! Mine and only mine,

  • Emmy madhem

    thanx for this giveaway I’d like to win this high quality device from samsung

  • Emmy madhem

    Is it really the best android tablet for 2012 ? never knew that , it’s worth buying but unfortunately I can’t afford the price even it’s a reasonable price for the best tablet of 2012!

  • There is no way I will win this…. but for the sake of it !!! I WANT A GALAXY S3 PHONE! :)

  • CYv Torefiel

    I would like to win this stuff as my first android phone

  • Good luck to all participants. May the lucky one win!

  • Sonicx98

    I am Praying To Win
    2lahoma wafkni
    اللهم وفقنى

  • 3 days more left to… i really want to win this amazing smart phone and explore more things in the world with this one :)
    expecting to win…

  • Lekshmi Nair

    Waiting for the results… If I win, I wanna gift this to my hubby on his birthday :-)

  • Thanks AndroidAuthority for all the informations and now SGS 3 Giveaway…. You’re very fantastic…

  • Thanks Darcy and AndroidAuthority… You open many people eyes about the best OS (Android) and now, SGS 3 giveaway… You’re so fantastic…

    • Thank you Hafiz. We do this for guys just like you. For honoring us with your time and attention, and for being a part of Android Authority! We have a lot of great giveaways coming up, so stay tuned. And, for this one – good luck!

  • I can’t sleep….

  • waiting to know the winner for this amazing smart phone.. actually he/she will be a pretty lucky person.. :) keeping hopes to be the winner.. so I want to be the that person :) :)

  • Thanks Darcy And All The Android Authority Team For This Awesome Giveaway And For Being The Only Resource For All Android Lovers! (Especially Me) :)

  • M_uthman

    man if i won i’ll go crazy but its hardly likely never won anything so far in life

  • me want

  • Dave Isherwood

    Wow, someone will be smiling for months if they win this…

  • Adelie

    i wanna win it:)

  • Jaranjames

    Ive been a lucky dog with contests for the past couple of months. Hope to be the 1st in the US with this phone. I promise not to sell it on Ebay………

  • Edward Smith

    Awesome, can’t wait to see who wins. Good luck everyone!!! :)

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    I am always so stunned on how many things you guys give away, I’m super happy I follow you!

    • You haven’t seen anything yet, we have a ton of more giveaways planned, stay tuned!

      • Brandon James Starcevic

        Awesome dudes =D

  • Sky_Guy

    I’d love to get this phone! But if I were to win it I may have to change wireless carriers. That may be a blessing in itself!

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    I want it now!

  • 7 hours left..i’m so excited!!!!!who will be the winner?,I hope it’s me!!!

  • pra onde mando a foto?

  • Anush Surendran

    Lets hope for the best!

    Thanks for the opportunity Android Authority :)

  • Tekkiegrrl

    Hope to win!

  • AndroidBrian

    2 days! Hope I win!

  • Vinny Anugraha

    my phone is broken now so I need new phone! wish me luck!! :) hope I’ll win amin

  • Hope to win this.. Good luck and God bless to all who join..

  • Nice to see this Contest,hope I will win it and explore the power of android

  • Drsandeepsingh

    Have never won anything it wud b gr8 if I can win this

  • Tor_krist

    then when you die, i can have the phone? right ? :D

  • I hope I win, I’ve been researching a good Android that will run ICS. It would be a shame if a scalper won the phone though.

  • gagahput3ra

    God. Dear God.

  • mister11

    let’s hope there will be 44 444 entries when clock comes to 00:00

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Your Facebook status was so enticing, I had the movie guy’s voice going in my head,” One man, one gun, one chance, AGAINST THE WORLD!” hahaha

  • Ratul

    This is awesome !!

  • G-alaxy

    I ran over my galaxy s 2.
    got an iphone 4s.
    regret it after 2 days. really want the galaxy s3.
    if i win i will flush my iphone down the toilet and get it on tape
    and then i will post the tape on this page ;)
    help me out of this app store, IOS nightmare…… :(
    plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…… :(

  • Cliff

    I just got the galaxy s2 but this would be nice when LTE launches in south Florida!

  • want this badly!

  • nory826

    Can’t wait to see how this goes! Good luck everyone!

  • Andy Owen

    winning would be awesome…..cant afford to upgrade current phone….fingers crossed

  • Vishal Khedkar

    If I win, it will be a good use of such an amazing thing!!! :)
    It is for me, jus like Energon is for the Decepticons!!!

  • Vishal Khedkar

    And I am feeling like never closing this page from my browser….!!! :P

  • Dlangill

    Sounds like an awesome contest!

  • Android Authority is truly doing remarkable efforts to make the world a better place to live in! I am sure that it has already made a dent in the universe, and will continue to make android proud of itself.

    The most powerful platform gets the most powerful BLOG, all for itself.

    It is splendiferous indeed!

    • donttrollmepeople

      indeed. i find myself coming to this site more and more.

  • Snehakathe25

    i never owned smartphone so i would like to win this

  • Phillip Labossiere

    I soo need a new phone…I’m 30 and have had the G2X for 6 months..I’m ashamed to be a Nerd…UPGRADE ME PLEASE.

  • Ella

    I would like to will be my first smartphone… and my first time when I’ll win something that I really want…


    is there any way to know whether I have got total entries(9 entries) on this giveaway…? as I know and I believe, I have done them completely when I entered to give-away.. :)
    but I saw the latest wall posts on ‘FB and Google plus’ mentioned that ‘What woud you say if I told you that you have a 1 in 4576 chance of winning a Samsung Galaxy S3 within the next 24 hours?’..
    so can I know, there’s a way to know whether I’m also in those 4576..?? ;)
    (I’m sure that I had done all entries completely.but just would like to get confirmed it more..)

    and thank a lot for making this worth give-away for us! :)

  • Allen Mendez Sr

    Good morning everyone. Like I said before in my previous post, I am a dedicated father and husband from beautiful Belize. I really need this phone as I just love the android platform. I have a galaxy europa and so I am in need of an upgrade. If I win, android author would be talking history as I would be the first Belizean to win anything over the internet. Just think of the marketing possibilities. Please for this phone. I really need it and would not be able to get it otherwise.

  • Omkar kathe

    this is perhaps the most anticipated phone, trully iphone killer , i need this badly , hope i will win

  • Really a great giveaway and a great site too, the ‘android authority’. Hope I win the giveaway! :)

  • alohawon1


  • rcmarti2


  • this is all about luck & fortune.. :)

    few hours left to… waiting to know who winner is………
    I wish and hope that I will be lucky enough to win this amazing smart phone.. finally best of luck for every other friends in this giving-away and thanks a lot ‘Android authority & Darcy Lacouvee’ for making this worth giving-away for us.

  • Omar

    Can’t wait! I really hope to win, i only had a semi-smartphone once and it got dead.
    Inshallah i do win

  • Larabear

    Love my S2 so the S3 will be a welcome addition ;)

  • I could sell this & use the funds to buy a Nexus. I can’t trust that Samsung will treat us any differently when the next update is rolled out.

  • piggy

    1 more hour!!! pls be mine s3…hehehe

  • Nico Palomo

    Hope this time the lucky is with me! :)

  • Rbaumgartenv

    I want it!!!!! I dream of having a galaxy s3

  • the time has come =p~

  • Rbaumgartenv

    Did I won? I dream of Galaxy SIII

  • JJeff

    who win so??

  • Aditya Kale

    Who won??

  • Alexander Sitte

    who won? Who Won? WHO WOOON?

  • Neville Nagesh

    aaannnd the winner issss……..

  • Sky_Guy

    welll, they definitely wont post the winner here…they said the winner gets an email from them.

  • George Ivan

    I would absolutely love this quad-core beast, it might just make me ditch my laptop for good and head into a new era of mobile computing.

  • Jordawn57

    i really need this phone ! its awesome .and i love the multi-tasking capability of this phone it really suits my needs ..

  • Omar

    So i guess i didn’t win :S
    Who won then?

  • hi… waiting to know about lucky winner.. :)

    • Aman

      Who won ?

      • still waiting to know it friend.. winner hasn’t been announced yet.

  • give it to me..pls..i beg you…

  • When is he draw???.. waiting anxiously :P

  • Chicomani26

    who won?

  • Nico Palomo

    1/6194 almost impossible :(

  • Ashutos jain

    sir who won?

  • ricardo faria

    and the winner isssss? tadaaa, we dont know.

  • SC77

    Is this a hoax……. Proof me wrong

  • Who is the winner???

  • Dmitwix

    Hahaha, we all got owned…

  • AAWW

    lol.. trolled until further notice

  • Congrats Brian C! actually you are really lucky one to win such a phone. :)

  • James Levi

    Sad… Very Sad… ;(

  • Dmitwix

    Weird thing is that most participants were from countries that Brian as a name is used 0 times. Someone from western EU or US wining this is bs. I bet one of his friends got it.

  • Ravi

    This phone is going to kill apple..

  • N Nithin

    i m sure this is crap :D just to get visitors to thier site .. but i visit daily not for this BS but to know news about android :D

  • Want to win the new Samsung Galaxy S3

  • I hope I win this.. :)

  • Anvarius


  • S3bastian.Arbok

    Just make my day by giving me A UNIQUE PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY:Samsung Galaxy S3. This S3 is PURE ART. I GOT TO HAVE THIS Samsung Galaxy S3. Look at it. It is simply gorgeous. I got to have it. I can’t live without it. It’s like the air that i breathe…no Samsung Galaxy S3…that means no air. I need a Samy Galaxy S3…Please Help me.

  • mirza

    pls :( i want a phone like this pls it can be a s2 s advance anything that have more than 4 inch plss :( i dont have a phone for 2 months pls

  • I love the s3 , can’t wait to get the s4. Thanks for all the info you provide!

  • Dylan Rose

    One of the best androids ever made!

  • haylee

    Can I please have one I have been trying to get one it would mean so much if you picked me

  • haylee

    Please my heart would explode I just got on the basketball team I deserve it just kidding but I really would like one please