Samsung Galaxy S3 International Giveaway #2 – Get another shot at winning the S3!

by: Derek ScottJune 1, 2012

You asked for it and we listened. We decided to pony up the $800+ and give everyone another chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3. Last month’s Galaxy S3 international giveaway was a massive success, and the lucky winner, Brian Codder from the US, won himself a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3. Congrats, Brian!

At Android Authority, we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on the new Galaxy S3 and we’ve posted some videos on our YouTube channel that you might enjoy. Check’em out!

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4s

Galaxy S3 vs LG Optimus 4X HD

Samsung Galaxy S3 Drop Test vs iPhone 4S

Contest Details

Entering our new international giveaway is as easy a few clicks. All we ask is that you give us some social love and spread the good word! You can earn up to 10 entry tickets into the giveaway, by completing the different tasks listed below. Please guys and gals, no funny business – one entry per person, we will verify entries and only ship to the name entered in the contest.

Here are the ways you can get entry tickets to the new Samsung Galaxy S3 international giveaway! Good luck, everyone!

  • Subscribe to our Youtube channel (2 entry tickets)
  • Circle us on Google+ (2 entry tickets)
  • Like us on Facebook (2 entry tickets)
  • Follow us on Twitter (1 entry ticket)
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Winner Announced

  • Jose Hadathy

    can’t wait for this phone!

  • I love this phone!!!

  • rainai

    What about those who already subscribed to your YT channel, have you in their G+ circles, liked your FB page, follow you on Twitter even before this contest started? Does that mean we won’t get the points for those?

    • If you already are subscribed to us on all the social channels than you can not earn any tickets for completing those tasks. You still have a shot in the giveaway and can earn up to 3 entry tickets into the draw by sharing the post with your friends.

      • rainai

        Thanks for clarifying. I guess I’ll just have to enter and hope for the best.

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    I hope I win this time. I really need a new smartphone.

  • I can’t wait to win this phone…thanks for offering up the raffle ;)

  • this is a beast of a phone and there ain’t no comparison to it!!!!i would love to get this amazing creation by samsung!!!! :D

  • Pradeep Bhandari

    I am curious to have my hands on S3 :D

  • Alexander_ekin

    I want sgs3

  • Hope this time to be a lil diffferent :P ..

  • Gonzamh


  • oo man cant wait

  • Thank you so much for this grand giveaway of Samsung Galaxy S3, completed all the steps and all the best to all other participates.

    Thank you and have a good day.

  • Daniel Yeun

    YAY!!! I wanna win this time!!!

  • i’m feeling lucky today. lol

  • AndroidBrian

    O snap

  • Al Chandler

    Looks so nice.

  • Nandingmanuel

    hope and pray this time….i will win….thanks android authority!….more power!

  • Fingers crossed! I really need a new phone!

  • back off everyone, it is MINE :D

  • Thanks guys for another chance to win.

  • Amazing…… i must need this phone. Samsung GS3 is rocking all over the world.

  • Anthony

    Need this phone.

  • Thanks for another chance to win… I have been pretty faithful to Androids ;)

  • this is really happy to see and hear again.. :) hope to win this time. and thanks a lot Android Authority for making a giveaway once again for a Samsung Galaxy S3! ;)

  • Great prize! Thank you for a chance!

  • Fuzail hussain

    Hope i win this time..

  • TommyNYC

    Missed the first round, thanks for the second chance.
    Can’t wait to hold this baby!

  • Dev

    You sly fellows, now my hopes are all high again!

  • This time AndroidAuthority looks towards its fans from Pakistan… yes International…

    • We love all our visitors, no matter what part of the globe you are from.

  • jorge o perez

    Hope i have some luck and win this baby!

  • Can’t wait! I also missed it the first time. Good luck people.

  • Concep19

    Please please please. :)

  • Fingers Crossed ,hope to win this time! :)

  • msmithblue

    I’m in!

  • Awesome

  • tomn1ce

    This would be a nice device to win….Good luck everyone

  • Rbaumgartenv

    I´d love to win!!!

  • sh4d0w.phantom


  • come to me SIII !!!

  • siddharth bachkaniwala

    i would really love to get my hands on this beauty.. best phone ever.. guys select me as the winner..

  • siddharth bachkaniwala

    i love its curves.. the camera, the white handset looks awesome… plus the new added stuff like s-beam, voice control, nfc.. they all make this an excellent baby.. guys pls select me as the winner…

  • Thanks android authority

  • Wow, than you android authority for these giveaways, you are the best page when i search information about Android! Good Luck everyone, and i hope i win :P

    • Thanks for the kind words Luis, best of luck.

  • MMA

    i hope i win

  • Vlaho

    After those reviews i only want it even more. Nice of you to put another giveaway. Hope to win, but good luck to everyone! :)

  • Mohammad –

    I have won it!!!

  • Saif Ansari

    GALAXY S3!!!!!!

  • Looking foward to my Galaxy S3!

  • Jei Arc

    good luck to everyone including me :)

  • Jasonziter

    Thanks guys. Great give away !!!!

  • winner

    must win

  • Jpuli28

    Ill take mine in white thanks :)

  • Kennymallen18

    I really wish i could win this phone i really do, androidauthority FTW!!!!

  • I’ll take a white one, 32GB if you can!

  • Pravas Kumar

    Thank you So Much…:D

  • Jcalderkyo

    Thank you, Androidauthority! Good luck people!

  • Goldenchildmuzic

    Hope I win this badly!

  • Yazeed P

    Usually All Giveaways are won by people residing in the us and uk ..hope this time we indians get a chance…

    • Android Authority loves India. Whether you Indians have the luck, we’ll find out by the end of the month!

  • The Samsung Galaxy S III is simply beautiful. I love it’s design and how it was inspired by nature. It is such a remarkable device that has so much packed into it. I would love the honor of owning such a splendid device. I have always loved Samsung phones and this phone just boosts my desire to own this amazing phone. :)

  • Believe, i can do it for the first time:)

  • Great…


  • I’m done….fingers crossed again..

  • cnaw

    im using nokia now :( let me have samsung s3 for new experience

  • Neha Ramesh97

    God i really need a good phone… :D

  • A phone was brought out by Samsung,
    That made me think I must have one,
    But it costs quite a fee,
    So give one to me,
    For I ain’t no Richard Branson

    • Hunter

      clever girl, sir.

  • niteshperiwal

    I want to clarify certain things:

    1. Which colour looks great Pebble Blue or the White one.
    2. Out of HTC One X & S3 which ones widgets are more user friendly / easy to use.

  • Homeryap

    hello s3! i’ve been waiting for you for the longest time!!!

  • ravager444

    s3 actualy ha a 4.8 and one x has a 4.7

  • God help me.

  • Ruffryder187mph

    Just a little friendly message..
    (Remember this is not confirmed!) at least not a 100% …
    (Only rumored!) Keep your fingers crossed everyone!..

    June 20th is the rumored release of the Samsung galaxy s3 (USA Version) <3
    Ooowie I can't wait!
    Again all us T-mobile user's will be back on top of the smartphone universe!
    Aside from the HTC one x
    Our phone should still be a'lil better as far as tech spec's go..
    Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)
    This tech goo-ruu is drooling with techno-lust! :p ;) lol !
    ….GO TEAM SAMSUNG combined with team T-MOBILE! GALAXY S line rules!
    Request me on facebook [email protected] my name is Joseph
    all are welcome even if you don't have t-mobileor Samsung but if your tech guru like me!.. :) you're definitely more than welcome!
    Ttyl peace! B)

  • Fire_ice13

    This is the smartphone I have been waiting for….it’s got everything I want and need, I want to be the first of all my friends and family to have it. This will be one sweeeeeeeeet phone. All the Iphone users I know will be soooooo jealous!!! Mwahahaha

  • Fire_ice13

    Oh…and the single most important thing I forgot to mention is Android Authority has got one hot website. Everything you need to know all in one place…..good job guys!!! You rock!!

  • Ericcook1986

    The phone is a beast.

  • I want this one! Samsung galaxy s3! :)

  • Omar

    Lost the first time , hope i win this time inshallah.

  • Shaggy_roxxstar92

    I hope I win atleast this giveaway that is S3 as I never have ever had move beyond the typical when I move on I want the best in the class

  • Aleks

    I win! Yeah!

  • Great contest! Good luck to us all!

  • Good luck

  • Justnow67

    Samsung all the way

  • This is an awesome looking phone from the reviews I’ve read. Would be an excellent upgrade from my nokia e63

  • Shondra89

    I really hope I win!!! I’ve NEVER won anything dealing with giveaways lol fingers crossed!!!

    • MasterMuffin

      There aren’t many people that have………

    • I too never won any Giveaway. But it all depends on luck. We just need a hope to win. That’s it dude. Anyway good luck for you.

  • Hope I win ^^

  • Sir Rikb

    best of luck to all .Alhamdulila.

  • Son

    let me win man

  • i will give you 2000 visitors give me samsung galaxy note !!!! cant wait too long

  • very long duration of the contest…….this phone will be common then…..!!!!! shorten the duration plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Nishan Fuyal

    hope to win.

  • MohdZakhri

    Hope i’ll win this time :)

  • Nathanael Bond

    Thank for this contest!

  • hope i win

  • Jackalope40

    Thank you guys!!!

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 best

  • karthik m

    want one

  • Satish Kumar B

    Lets see..

  • Anton


  • Hope so that this time I will be the luck one…………
    God plszzzzzzzzz..

  • Mahesh Makvana

    Great contest you are running here, I wish if I could win this contest :)

  • Cassilias

    AndroidAuthority, you shuldn’t give phones to north americans. I don’t have nothing with them but they all can afford smartphones (most of them). Give it to east europeans, asians, africans, south americans, to someone who couldn’t buy one even if he saves money for two years. I live in Romania and for my parents to buy me this phone they have to use all their 1.5 months salary. Even if he won fair and square (have nothing with you Brian and good for you) it is not right, but at the end what do you care, you are not living in a poor country with nothing to eat tomorrow. Most of us still have 6 year old nokia, but still why should you care. (I didn’t say this to win the phone but only to make a point)

    • a friend

      Why would you then need such a phone? LTE in Romania? I don’t think so. Just keep your 6 year old Nokia. Battery is a lot better! And you actually don’t need more.

      And yes, I also live in Europe…

      • Cassilias

        Maybe we do not have LTE but we have 3G, and from what I know the version that is being sold in most of Europe and the world is on 3G not LTE (if i’m wrong correct me) and even if all have LTE they still work on 3G. And for your questions, I don’t think most of the people are buying this phone only for LTE, and I am one of those, and if my 6 year old Nokia could do the things that S3 can I wouldn’t need the S3, now would I? Only USA and some small number of countries have it so, I don’t think Samsung is planning to sell only there. I would like to have the S3 for its quality and features not for LTE, I couldn’t care less about LTE right now, maybe in the future. Your reply has a lot of nonsense in it, and let me guess you still us a Nokia 3310, no i don’t think so. Sorry my “friend”.

        • Abbasanaqvi

          Wait so how are you replying to these messages then?

          • Pat

            Have you ever heard of a computer…? You should check it out some day, you can visit websites and reply to people’s comments and everything…great isn’t it?

            p.s. I think you live in a cave.

        • Sky_Guy

          If you wouldn’t be able to afford a 3g or 4g smartphone then I’m going to guess that the wireless plan for it might just be too high also :/

      • Lau

        I live in Romania and I want this phone so bad

    • dahuang1

      Why would you ask your parents to spend 1.5 months of salary (all of it) just to buy you a phone like this? My parents would have asked me ‘what, are your legs broken?’ Sorry, I don’t understand the mentality.

      • The phone is approx 20% of my monthly salary, but I have to get the ATT version…

      • If $599+tax is 1.5 months salary you shouldn’t be able to even afford cellular service.

        • DGr

          Now that’s not nice, these are HK dollars and things are pretty cheap there.

    • So would you be selling the phone to feed your family if you won then?

    • kyuuten

      seriously dumbass?!? you dare to cry hear about the fact that you are not able to pay for something extra? no wonder that we as Romanians (yes, I’m Romanian!!) are considered to be hobos in other countries. get your ass back to work and deserve this phone, you pathetic wanker!

      • kyuuten


  • Shieryar1

    I just want the s3 that’s it.

  • Ashish Bhojwani

    once again we get a chance to win this awesome smartphone..THANKS

  • Roamluv

    This article was very good on functions for the Samsung Galaxy S3.Along with video,enjoyed it. Samsung is once again on top of the game when it comes to the mobile world. From the GS2, Nexus, Samsung note and now the beast of a phone SG3.Great job Samsung! .

  • Kennieljones32208

    I hope I win this because the galaxy s2 was the best ever, now this OMG Please Please Please!!!

  • Guest ^^

    10 chance in the tens of thousands of entries… so difficult to win… :P

  • DrCarpy

    Must win this phone…good luck to all…especially me! ;)

  • Thanks for this giveaway, crossing all my fingers!!!! XD

  • Djsoder04

    Great job Android Authority ! It’s nice to see a great comparison side by side of the latest… Thanks.

  • Husain Soni

    I really want to win this giveaway this time. I just saw an s3 in my nearest local store and oh my god it is soooo smooth and fluid as if you are swiping your hands on water and not on a screen. Thw feel of the phone in your hands is just wonderful and so refrwshing from the squarish looks we see these days. I have a budget android phone as i cant afford a high end one. I am a big fan of android but my budget phone cant handle all heavy apps and customisation. I will never be able to afford this one on my own. So guys just wish me luck and best of luck to you all too. May the deserving candidate win.

    • [email protected]

      Hi! I agree! Im out of work….Ugh! So I can barely afford the phone let alone the wonderful acessories! I can’t wait to get my hands on the S3 in one of the VW stores! Lucky you! You finally got a chance to look and touch it! I cant wait!
      So I know how you feel! I got on my computer this morning and was shocked to
      see that they had another GIVEaway! Yippie! Good luck to ALL of US!

      • DGr

        See above.

    • DGr

      The chances of winning anything with 40,000+ entries is even less than slim.

  • Awesome thank you!

  • Broke ass gadget freak here :) hope I win

  • Mysoulll79

    Dont care about winning, im juz a user that not satisfy with htc one x. send a comment to htc web page, hope they will spot it. I miss my samsung galaxy s 2!!! Much better from one x.

  • Superkiler12

    Im 99% sure ima win

  • If i dont win this phone , i will never be able to buy it
    Claps for Cassilias

  • You guys are the best my Galaxy S i put a lot of work into just got stolen :/

  • Samdsox

    i so want this phone

  • Kyle75614

    good to have a chance to win the phone, thx!

  • João Pedro Santos

    i’m in :D

  • Dann

    Only one winner? :P

  • Aditya Tumuluri

    Just went to the samsung smart phone cafe near our place. Tested the s3 out. It was an amaaaazing phone..:(


    Waiting for the results…the galaxy s3 is a game…best smartphone. .

  • Jihunnadi65


  • Michael Foo

    Even if u dun win this, just buy it! Worth every penny of your dough. It will be a great phone for me to start learning development on. Thanks AA!

  • Ricothronic


  • when is the resullt of the raffle and where to see it ??

    • We will draw the winner at the end of the month, we will announce it on all our social media hubs and on AA.

  • Tael Hosseini

    I’ll win, you’ll see :P

  • Junechristen

    Can someone tell me if i entered right? i didnt type anything and just pressed the green button. it said done but… not sure… did anyone else do just this?

  • it’s fantastic!

  • Amazing Giveaway.

  • I wonder if it is real? I just hope I will win this coz I was never been a fan of online raffles though.. but I love reading this site.

  • Saarthak Sachdeva

    Android Authority is solemnly the Land of Milk and Honey for all droids
    The most astounding posts, with unimaginable content for others, make it ‘the blog worth reading’. There are a lot of android blogs lurking around on the web, but I am doubtless, that Android Authority is the best of them all.
    Thank you android Authority and continue the efforts to make the world a better place to live in!

    • Close the contest, Saarthak gets the SGS3 :) JK. Honestly thanks for your kind words, the team works hard every day to try and enrich people lives in what small way we can. We have got lots of cool stuff on the way, we’ve only just begun!

  • Rayeesa

    i wants to win samsung galaxy s3 hope i win it would have been a dream of mine

  • Bernard F.

    Please let me win. I’m wanting to do some modding and tweaking on it. From Malaysia here!

    • Bernard F.

      No other website has made better Android articles other than you AndroidAuthority, hope you’ll pick me as a winner

  • Nellys_08

    Gracias por la oportunidad

  • Nikolay Hristev

    Really want to win this phone. My parents can’t afford to get it, i think Cassilias is right, i’m living in Bulgaria and here is impossible for me or my parents to get me such thing. Most of Europe everyone can afford a phone like this, in the USA i think the situation is so much better, so maybe you should make some contests for smaller countries tough. Whatever, good luck to all ! Great website !

  • Nikolay Hristev

    Can’t afford it, i hope i will win it. Good luck to everyone !

  • Nikolay Hristev

    My parents can’t afford it so and that’s the main reason for me. I don’t think i can win something so great from the internet tough, but still hoping. Good luck to all !

  • Natale Giuliano Mainieri

    Hope, hope, hope! :)

  • Although I think it’d be cool to win (I never do but meh I don’t care really) I think it is awesome that you host these kinds of giveaways!

    Also been getting a kick out of your “What would happen if we drop this phone” vids on YouTube!

  • Ingrida

    -What I’ve just entered is it a samsung s3 giveaway ?
    -Yeah, girl

  • Prompter1

    I almost cried watching Nirvana dropping the S3!
    Nice videos.

  • great phone

  • What Powerful Galaxy S3 !
    It’s really great specification and design

  • i love you :)

  • Kevin

    This is really true!!!! all Asians can read minds!!!! SPREAD THE WORD

    they can hear, and see what your visually thinking
    this is the absolute complete truth

    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces, segregate from everybody else-only associate with Asians and don’t associate with non Asians that much, and are very unfriendly in general is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can read minds. If all over a billion Asians where to show facial expressions all the time just as much as non Asians, integrate and associate with non Asians much more, and be much more friendly and talkative, then a lot of them might accidentally reveal that they can read minds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc because those people might see that and and really wonder what that was that just happened there and see the connection, and they might accidentally say something similar to what the person was just thinking and going to say. If they all associated with non Asians a lot more then there would be a lot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those people think things they don’t like etc, so they segregate and only associate with Asians so there won’t be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place.

    Try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something absolutely crazy as you possibly can when you are around Asians, and try looking for Asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, that is them giving people looks when they hear and visually see someone thinking something they don’t like, find astonishing, or funny etc.

    I know this may sound crazy, impossible and unbelievable, BUT IT ISN’T CRAZY WHEN ITS TRUE

    You have to spread the message!!!!!
    The world has to know about this!!!!!”

  • Cooljeba

    Entered the contest.. fingers crossed :) s3 :wub:

  • Feel like a miracle-Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Thinking about having an Android phone. And if I go through with it, I want to start with the best.

  • i want that !!!!

  • Shafir75

    I S R A E L !

  • Lou

    I´d love to win!!!

  • Thanks for the chance you’re giving me people.I’d love to have a SGS3 once and for all ;)

  • I want this phone so much, you dont believe how much i want this phone…


  • derekross

    I won some MIUI swag this week…. would much prefer a phone :) Thanks guys.

  • MasterMuffin

    I can’t believe how stupid comments people post (just saying, I don’t want any idiots to answer to this)………

  • [email protected]

    Wow! Another chance to win the Sammie S3! WHoaa! I sure hope to win! I’m not so sure I can afford the phone and all the accessories! Im out of work and searching hard! And if I cant then I might have to get the DROID MAXX! I consider that as settling because it’s a great phone! But I really want the S3!! Wow! That’s awesome! Good Luck everyone! All the S3 wanna bees! Lol. That’s a good thing! Right!? Helen Z.

  • Pedo-man

    I have cum in my pants watching her and those phones. I’d drop her right on my massive cock the dirty bitch.

  • Kaloyan

    I can buy it, but if i can win it, why not to try!!!!

  • Nikolay Hristev

    24 days ? Come on…

  • Lilbj53

    Hope i get lucky

  • Lilbj53

    Ps. I love adroids best phones out there to be honest only type of phones i will ever get ,im a big electronic guy and love getting new phones the most

  • Amit kathe

    will you ship it to india if i won??

  • Done it all! My b-day is coming up on 10th of June… hope I win this amazing handset… have had the S2 for the past year and want something new as I am very active on XDA… need to help people! :D

  • Doneee! Hope I Win! :-)


    Most difficult contest ever to win…:)

  • Guest

    Do a test by dropping idiot bloggers and their dead girl friends from a 3 story height. See if they survive and if their still work after the fall.
    Came to this site two times (through google) and both posts were typical of mentally challenged people. Android Authority you say? Seems to me it’s more Look at my Bullshit we are on the Net….

  • Dwayne Thompson

    Good Luck to Everyone

  • Bernard

    Keeping my fingers really crossed on this. Never in my life I’ve won in a giveaway wheter its local or international. Hoping to break this so called ‘record’. Hope you guys pick me. I’ll be so happy XD.

  • I would LOVE to get my hands on a REAL Galaxy S3!!!!!!

  • Dethbii

    Dying for one ;p. Please pick me, Please pick me. XD

  • Chris

    Wish i have luck :)

  • pleasse need this bad mannnn!!!!!!

  • Rayeesa

    i want to win this dream phone of mine

  • blindzja

    I really hope to win this, first Jamaican with a S3 would make me king among men

    • Boss, I really hope you win! :)

      • blindzja

        Thanks man, me too

  • Mhmaun

    I can’t wait to get this phone!!

  • Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway, lets hope an Indian wins this time.

  • elvje

    i hope to be the lucky one

  • Helder Martinho

    What a great giveaway! THX

  • android authority is emerging as a boon to android lovers !! never seen such detailed reviews of devices which AA is providing !!!! writing all this just for winning S3 :-)

  • I can’t wait, I hope I’m chosen in this contest, i’ve never owned a smartphone yet due to the fact that i’m saving up for my career in the future, but i’m a certified smartphone lover, and i think about the specs+features of any smartphone all day. it’s what consumes me. XDD.

  • “jis tarah gabbar ko thakur k hath chahiye the utni hi buri tarah muje galaxy s3 chahiye”

  • u guyz started with AA but very soon u r AAAA…….

    AA -Android Authority !!
    AAAA -Android Authority Ahead Alwayz !!



  • Roman Savchuk


  • lucky be with me XD

  • All I can say is goodluck to all!!! and to me :) and who ever wins this time, enjoy it.

  • Guest

    Is there a way to block all these pointless “contents” on this site????
    Millions of people just bought a new Android phone in the past few days… and certainly don’t need another one.

  • Zaeem S.

    Ah, I’ve never won anything before. Here’s to hoping! :)

  • Harry Yip

    Pick me, pick me!!!

  • fix your website! no new blogs are showing up on front page

  • Eric Townsend

    Here’s to hoping!

  • is this real ..i am getting one …

  • guest

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  • Dethbii

    Please pick me, I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I need it

  • Anush Surendran

    Thanks for another shot! I wish i win this one!

  • i dont trust these kind of giveaways !!!!
    u guyz put your own members name in the winners list…. just to get traffic this kind of activities u r doing… my trust first then let others win this s3 !!! gud luck

    • Yammbdog

      Ummm. Sure you got it dude

  • Applied ;)

  • Jackmurison

    i’m only 12 and my mum has done so much for me like making sure i get feed not getting bullied at school. and her birthdays coming up soon and i really wanna give her somthing nice but there are like 21,000 entries so i’m just have a slim chance of winning

    * * TO ALL

  • Frankimiri

    thanks .hope i get it here in africa

  • Still available to get it!

  • when is the contest ending?

  • *crosses fingers*

  • mogop

    Yes! Come to papa :)

  • AndroidBrian

    I deleted all my social network pages awhile ago. MHad to make a twitter, G+ & facebook because of these contest. Hope I can win one, one of these days.

  • Hi, I’ve liked, tweeted and shared on Google +

  • after we earn entries, how do we complete those entries?

  • I want it..
    Allahu Akbar

  • Samsung Galaxy S3… It’s a dream for me.. I love this phone alot! but if I won’t win this…. then everyday this phone is a dream for me :(
    I don’t have an android phone or any smart phone. but I just got a help from a friend of mine who has an android smart I have been keeping a lot of hopes to win this.. so just make me the winner.. ;)

  • I hope I’ll win it this time…

  • Ronit Sonawane

    This phone is a powerful beast I’m very eager to get this thank you very much for this giveaway I will do whatever to get SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII in this giveaway!!

  • Hopefully I win!
    I was due for an upgrade this month just in time for my Bday and S3 release date. But I accidentally dropped my Gf’s new Galaxy note…the other day…I felt so bad that I went to AT&T, upgraded to a white Galaxy note and gave it to her. While I took the scratched up black galaxy note and kept it.
    Now I feel good about doing it but at the same time…its a sinking feeling in my chest. I have waited for the S3 for so long and its just around the corner and my stupid self had to accidentally drop a one week old note on hard concrete.

    Crossing fingers….

  • ajs1850

    Well the iPhone is 60% glass, so obviously it’s going to break alot faster to a drop like that…

  • Manjot

    Thanks for this opportunity guys, it means a lot…!! :D

  • Del102

    OMG the S3 screen fell off!!! Hells naw!

  • Monica

    where have you been all my life?

  • This phone is sweet. I can’t wait to own it.

  • blindzja

    *whisper* s3 s3 s3 s3 s3 *shouts* S3!!!!!! damn I really want to win this, but if I don’t win, and the winner of this has a galaxy s2 international version they want to get rid of, let me know, I’ll gladly accept it :D, but …… S3!!!!!

  • Is a samsung galaxy s3 an awsome pize? Of cource and i am gonna win it

    •’s a great phone ever.. :)

  • I just love this phone

    • Dukjinlee

      Galaxy S3 is the best of best phone in the world…wow..

  • Entered and will see who the lucky winner(s) could be!!
    Would like to win one though!!!

  • Ronjam

    Where can you pre-order the S3 LTE in the USA?

  • woodsonmh


  • woodsonmh


  • Taheer Lamino

    my samsung galaxy s(captivate) got stolen without any contigency plan.tried plan b and and andriod lost,but non where able to help me track my phone.i would be happiest person on earth if i where to win this.cuz i really cant afford this

  • Dmilbauer

    and if you are selling would you be doing that on Ebay? May I suggest an opening bid of $1US

  • Everyday watching the same video of the reviews of samsung galaxy s3 !!!! Hope it does get in my hands from the screen !!!

  • Hope i get lucky

  • Joey


  • is it still running this give a way ???

    • yes, it is running the entire month of June.

  • hi i hope i win this international giveaway :p galaxys3 come to papa :)

  • i will love to have this phone

  • Can’t wait to win this phone! I am in love. Coming from Zimbabwe, this is really going to impress everyone! Luckily, while LTE isn’t available I do have unlimited WiFi and 3G, so it will be a good time!

  • Subin Sunny

    Is this real?

  • awundrin

    What an awesome phone and contest. Good luck to one and all.

  • Chilok29

    woohoo! S3 FTW! :)

  • duplissi

    do want

  • My precious! >:D<

  • Hoping …

  • Thanks for the chance to win an S3 :)

  • Jamesy

    There are quite a few options to get entries, but some of them have entry boxes without instructions–like the “subscribe to us on youtube” one…i completed the job to get an extra entry or two, but rafflecopter isn’t telling me what to put in the box.


  • Junechristen

    really wanna win!

  • Amit kathe

    need it badly …hope i win

  • Man, i am really and adly in need of an s3.

    Cheerio!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am the winner..

  • Jomary722

    Please let me win this! =)

  • Nice post. Comparing S3 with many competitors….

  • Lacelady

    What a great giveaway….I would love to win a Galaxy S3, it looks like an amazing phone.

  • Hope I win!

  • I hope I win! Never won a giveaway before and thanks for allowing us all to have a chance to win such a beautiful device! Samsung Galaxy S3 FTW!

  • Deveal2014

    The phone looks amazing!!!

  • Mody Lejend

    thanks for this nice giveaway i hope to win and good luck to the others

  • Nice!

  • The best android news site ever and the best giveaway by android authority ever ..

  • will love to switch from htc to this great phone but can afford it with 3 kids and only me working

  • Kitu13

    I would love to win my dream phone Samsung Galaxy S3. Hope I win.

  • Amazing technology! How i wish to have this sooner

  • DONE :)

  • Roberto Medos

    Dear God Got me Lucky, Dame Suerte Dios.

  • Roberto Medos

    Good Luck Everyone!!! God got me luck on this.

  • I’m in. :)

  • I know the chances are slim but I would definitely want that S3!

  • John

    Determined to win this little gem.

  • Francis Scardino

    Ahh, some Galaxy 3 glory. I can only count the days till I sell my kidney and buy outright. Unless I win of course then I’ll sell the kidney and take me a vacay. Im in.

  • ty

  • Nitinkhosa

    i want it plzz help me… it’s my life.

  • r.rahul

    I dont have an android phone and i have been developing apps on PC. this would give me a hands on experience.

  • 15 days!

  • Marcos Berrutti

    Awesome phone, thanks for giving away android authority thats really cool.. all of us want it but only one will.. and i will be the one. hahaha just kidding.
    greetings everybody.

  • Roberto Medos

    15 days left yeah!!!!!

  • Ernad Kurtovic

    i wouldnt go buy it that i know i would win this one i hope i will.

  • kohshelan
  • Jupiter

    its funny how often i see an advertisement for the iphone 4s on androidauthority…..

  • Guillermo Alcover-Chalerman

    i’m sooo lost says only one entry ticket per person but u can get up to 10 ? so we can do all 10 then and no more or just one lol

  • i dont want the broken one:D

  • Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it’s usually something unusual.

    Thank you in advance for the nice phone!

  • Mody Lejend

    thanks again … I’m badly want this phone

  • i hope I’m the lucky one ;)

  • Jweselake96

    I really want this phone

  • Krijam singh

    S3 is tha best!!

  • amazing giveaway

  • Msingh48

    s3 is a real human tech.based phone


    Hey Android Authority, I love the work you guys do and have been an avid fan of yours for quite some time now. I got to say that although the video was good I was a little disappointed at the showing of some features on the device. I noticed that you didn’t know what the tilt zoom was and tilted the device to the left and right when if it’s like the GALAXY NOTE then in landscape mode you would put your 2 thumbs on the screen and tilt the device back and forth towards you and then away from you to zoom out. It seems like you guys maybe don’t have the time to do proper testing for reviews of phones being busy with the rest of the website. Well if I win I’d love to do a full review of the GALAXY S3 for you guys myself. Heck if you guys ever need someone to really test any Android device send it to me and give me a couple days with the device as I do not work as I’m kinda crippled from injury and I’ll test that thing and figure out every single feature it could possibly have and get back to you with the results in writing or a video. I spend 90% of my day (when I’m awake obviously lol) with an Android device in my hand as that’s the only thing I can pretty much do. Well I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope my name gets picked to get this amazing new device and if it’s not me I hope it goes to someone else who truly loves Android and really appreciates the device. – KID ANDROID.

  • Yeah it is still the best, but will it be the best after the launch of the iPhone 5?

  • Proman378

    Very nice hope to win

  • Chirag Kumar

    Tough Competitor to Iphone 4S.Keep Going Samsung

  • Anamol_dhakal

    hope to win really need android phone to test my application design

  • android authority FTW!

  • Sukrut Daga

    I hope to win this super cool superphone.

  • ok i dont want to be pesimist but i really think i dont stand a chance to buy it this year, maybe someone hwo has 2 is welling to give one to has none? not likely! i hope that this phone will be wone by the one hwo needs it the most and love it the most! good luck! sory for my bad english!!!

  • Cezar_milton

    nice chances

  • Thats one awesome phone.I will be lucky if I ever get my hands on that beauty. ;)

  • Ajithan

    It would be so great if i win

  • Abemontalvo

    i want it!!!!!!

  • Michael Meador

    Amazing phone, I want one!

  • you guyz have really extended this contest for so long !!
    there is no craze left now !!

  • i dont know about this giveaway but if anybody wants to win galaxy s3 in real in just $10.

    only 100 enteries will be there and there are 10 samsung galaxy s3 to win !!

  • Sahil

    Awesome #AndroidAuth….

  • Thank You android authority for conducting this giveaway and giving a chance to win a S3 !1!1 :D

  • Thanks for the another giveaway!! Count me in..Hope this time I will win.

  • Very nice giveaway. Hope i would win

  • go samsung..i salute u for developing good phone ever..

  • hope 2 win

  • S III rocks.

  • Make me feel lucky this time!!! Oh god!!! =D

  • amazing samsung s3 giveaway

  • best phone of the year

  • reallynice

  • My co-worker accidentally dropped my beloved phone…
    And in jst a sec., my no-scratch-phone turned to a = broken-screened-phone. :(

    I need a new one! o/ Oh pls.. hope I win this one. xDDD
    [since I couldn’t really upgrade my phone til March 2013. = sucks]

  • 59howlnwolf

    Nothing to lose,and much to gain…AndroidAuthority,Thank you,for the chance!!!

  • Please give me this phone I seriously beg you please

  • You know guys Androidauthority is the only one who have done the drop test of the Galaxy S3 properly and demonstrated nicely!

  • give it a try !!
    a lottery type giveaway of 10 samsung galaxy s3.entry ticket just for $10.
    see the link for more info

  • love htc

  • awesomeness

    i really dont care if i win it or not, i just want to prove that you can win something on the internet

  • Nice, I want one!

  • This is SO COOL! I entered too! :-) This phone looks amazing!

  • mojo706

    This is a great Giveaway let the nay sayers say but I would love this phone that is if I win it. thank you for the opportunity!

  • lets win this :P

  • Now this is one sweeeeeet phone!!!!!

  • I certainly hope to win. Anyways good luck everyone =D

  • True story from a Novel Netware SysOp:
    caller: “Hello, Is this tech support ? ”
    Tech: “Yes, It is. How may I help you ?”
    caller: “The cup holder on my PC is broken and I am withing my
    warranty period. How do I go about getting that fixed ?”
    Tech: “Did you say a Cup holder ? ”
    caller: “Yes ! it is attached to the front of my computer”
    Tech: “Please excuse me If I seem a bit stumped, It’s because
    I am. Did you received this as part of a promotional,
    at a trade show ?”
    caller: “It came with my computer, I don’t know anything about a
    promotional, It just has 4X on it.”
    At this point the tech rep had to mute the caller because he couldn’t stand it He was laughing too high. The caller had been Using the load drawer of CD-ROM drive as a cup holder and snapped it off the drive.

  • 1 ) Tech Support : “I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop.”
    Customer : “Ok.”
    Tech Support : “Did you get a pop-up menu?”
    Customer : “No.”
    Tech Support : “Ok. Right click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?”
    Customer : “No.”
    Tech Support : “Ok, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point?”
    Customer : “Sure, you told me to write ‘click’ and I wrote ‘click’.”

  • Got to win. Have to win.

  • I hope I win, so I can pass my less-than-a-year-old Samsung S2 to my brother and replace his old symbian phone.

  • lemon5969

    i hope i won this :) this phone i try at shop is superb :D

  • Let’s go! i wanna win.

  • Thanks android authority hope to win that

  • Beauty

    liked post, +1, and liked on fb. hope to win!!

  • Who won the 2nd S3?

  • salman

    my question is about how to add extra number to the contact in galaxy s3 and how to set a ringtone to a special contact ?

  • Andreas Stevan

    I really need a fast phone which can keep up with my medical degree programme. I currently owns a blackberry 9380 and it hasnt been helping and lags alot. Maybe SGS 3 will serve me better.

  • intrimazz

    This is the phone that I’d like to replace my LG Ally with that has served me well for over 2 yrs. Best of Luck to all the entrants!

  • udw666

    A good beginning

  • AndroidGeek

    Awesome!! Hope I get this!!:)

  • hope to win that amazing
    Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Nies

    the giveaway will be

  • Lucky kid101

    I hope I win!

  • And the winner gets the phone from the last video (drop test).

  • adenkaye

    Been using a LG KC910 for 4 years now without asking for anything now that my phone broke I asked it to get fixed but being the good person I am for being humble and patient my parents offered it (SG S3) to me as a gift and I accepted it gratefully, so to all of you haters, who deserves will get his share. Got mine last June 11 at an official samsung store.

  • abu_gaby

    adore samsung devices hope i win it since i can’t afford it

  • Would love to win this phone!

  • Guest

    when will the contest close? or when will the winner b announced?

    • The countdown is located in the raffle copter widget. The contest closes on the end of June, we will draw the winner on July 1st.

  • Aman DSJ

    Once again a great giveaway..

  • David

    I saw that someone already won this contest but it says that the contest hasn’t ended yet. Is it another previous contest or what?

    • Yes David we had a previous giveaway in May, this is a separate one. The previous winner was an American.

  • Serbia all the way..Give us something.We are poor and desirve it.

  • Alex Eun

    Why are people so mean on such a nice post like this? i dont get it.

  • it would be cool if i won

  • Bashar Ayyash

    Thanx Android Authority for such a big big Giveaway

  • Basically, If I win this S3.. I would also love to join the wrecking rampage of Android Authority! ;D

    • So does that mean you’ll do another drop test for us?

  • Anand

    I’ll be on diet for 8 hours to get this phone!

  • Justin Pelletier

    thanks you guys are great hope i could win this amazing phone its awesome ur awesome let me be awesome :)

  • thank you for the chance!

  • …… The results will be displayed here or privately sent as email ??

    • We will do a live youtube broadcast of us picking the winner and will announce the winner on all our social channels.

  • David

    Thanks Android Authority!

  • abhinav95

    THANK U authority for this wonderful giveaway… i have been longing for this phone since it was released…

  • sneha kathe

    i need this device badly ,please god help me to win this

  • Neil Lund

    Just finished all the entries. I want the SGS3 NAO!

  • Chidi Ibe

    wow!! cool promo..! hope i win :)

  • im in

  • Allegra Chen

    I had the Galaxy s2 and i loved it but it broke a few months ago! Now s3 is out i want it!!

  • Larry Marranzino

    Here is HOPING and WISHING…

  • 4 days left im very excited who will be the winner..

  • George

    The website is really ausome :D

  • joined!

  • Totally awsome giveaway …. I didn’t the facebook stuff because I don’t have a facebook’s account… But Thank you

  • samsunggalaxys3

    hope i winxd

  • sid

    hey reaallly gonna win this one

  • Good Luck To ALL :)

  • Ciprian

    Who wouldn’t want this phone? Seriously? Its amazing :) I hope I win this :D

  • Thanks for the opportunity AA!
    Hopefully i will win this phone ;)

  • @samylove53

    I jus hope i can win!!..atlist someone from africa zambia should!!..:)

  • this be an awsome phone to own,love the android

  • Shamith Puthran

    Thanks. Hope to win this one. :)

  • sweet, if i win this would be my first of the higher end phones

  • imamura

    hope can win this giveaway!!!

  • amagawa

    hope can won this wonderful phone

  • NeXuS

    Hoping and Wishing to be pick.

  • Thanks for the opportunity guys, let’s hope the luck will blow in the right direction this time :)

  • Efe Türen

    This giveaway is so much cool! :)

  • Dave

    Why do my messages keep getting deleted?

  • Sarosh C.

    This phone is the best thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. .. (yet!) xD .. .. Damn i wish i could have it! It’s always gonna be a dream to own this… . .hopefully this could make my dream come true!! lol!

  • Abdullah Naji

    Hope I win! S3!!
    I did all activities for all entry tickets.. fingers crossed.
    Will Android Authority make my dreams come true? :)

  • blindzja

    4 more days then the drawing of the winner. *prays to techno gods that I may win*


  • 3 days remain !!!…. AndroidAuthority at it’s best!!


    I have had my htc hero for 3 years because I knew the future was coming so I will only pay $200 for my phone. NO PHONE IS WORTH $400 UNLESS IT WILL COOK ME BREAKFAST AND BECOME MY DESIGNATED DRIVER WHEN NEEDED.

  • I would love to win =)

  • Buklau

    Lmao 1.5 months of salary it’s only $799 without a 2 year contract

  • Alif Fernando


  • Akshat

    i want this phone ………… really more than my life…….. wish i win…. :)

  • Please let me believe in this kind of giveaways! :(

  • That phone is my…lol

  • koekkoek

    i never wins somethimg so maybe now

  • our chances are about 1/45000 :) Still better than the lottery haha ;)

    • technically wouldnt it be 10 in 45000? or 1 in 4500 assuming everybody entered has the max 10 entries possible?

  • Why not?

  • How will the winner be notified? I hope to win!

  • Sarosh C

    I’m getting soo impatient!! xD i’ve been checking this page EVERY DAY since it was 6 days 11 hours remaining for the contest to get over..!! xP I’m sooo excited about this phone..!!!!!! i wish i get this!!!!!!!!! can’t wait!!

  • Bashar Ayyash

    I have a good thinking about Android Authority that they will make my dream come true to have S3!!!!! Thank you Android Authority team for your kindness


    i thing i have to get this s3. i am using s2 and it is great and i know the s3 will be wow. hope i will win foe Ghana

  • Really want to win!

  • Levin

    i hope i win

  • 2 days remain!!, Best of luck to all :)

  • Sarosh C

    Two more dayyysss!!!! I’m getting soo excited day by day!! LOL!!! xD I keep checking this page EVERYDAY!!! xD … and then spend most of my time just watching this phone in action on YouTube, seeing unboxings, reviews, and all other news about this amazingly awesome super-smart-phone !!!!!!! i’m so excited about this phone !! xD gosh i hope i get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fingers crossed*

  • Nurul A’qilah Haji Muzani

    wow! that is something to giveaway! best of luck everybodyyyy :D

  • AndroidAuthority is always doing great things….!

  • Armin Rt.

    Thanks Android Authority! and good luck everyone! :)

    p.s: It was a bit unclear that what should i put in the youtube subscribing field and i just subscribed your channel and clicked enter. Hope that it’s okay..

    • Anonymous

      yea i know it was a sort of unclear what to put in the fields expect they told us exactly for twitter.. hopefully all still counts!

  • Marko Prifti

    I have a 3 year term with an Optimus 2x and can’t afford to drop it and buy an expensive new phone. I *REALLY DO* hope I win this contest.

  • Neeraj Datta

    man, i need this phone!!!!!!!!

  • I want to win this phone because by the time my contract is up and I can afford to upgrade may be too late. At the rate Crapple is going anything and everything Android will be banned in the US soon. Its sad that a company this scared of competition goes to these length’s stop their competition instead of fixing their own problems. Gross Overpricing being one of them.

  • Nikolay Hristev

    really wanna win this galaxy :/

  • Gary Nixon

    I want one please….

  • drake

    I live in Lebanon the phone costs 660$ it would be a great upgrade from my nokia 3600 slide.

  • I almost finished reading most of the articles here and it was fun plus informative. This give away is a very good bonus to begin with ;D

  • Laurențiu Selei

    waiting for jellybean for s3

  • peter steffek

    such a great phone

  • Artur Mendes

    I wish i was that lucky!

  • I dunno who’s gonna win the S3 but, to the winner: congrats! and, great luck.
    And to Android Authority: You guys rule!
    Got in the contest and still waiting who of us cookies is gonna get picked :)
    Greetz from Mexico! :D

  • 1 day remains!!, Good luck Everybody!

  • jAdo0

    I want this phone as I dont have any atm……:/

  • Waiting eagerly for the end of the countdown. I badly need to win this Samsung Galaxy S3 giveaway.

  • I’m from Indonesia and I’m a huge fan of Samsung phone. I like Samsung android phone since a year ago, I use Samsung Galaxy Ace and i really like it. But when Samsung launched its Galaxy S3, i fell in love to this phone right away. This phone is awesome. From its review, we can we can find everything we need from smart phone from this Galaxy S3, from browsing to working, from picture to sound quality, everything is amazing!

  • 17 hours remaining!!……….. would really be a shocker if someone like me from Pakistan wins this!…( proving this giveaway to be a solid treat!)

  • 14 hours remaining………….

  • GaryC

    Excellent phone top features hope my luck is in.

  • Jim J Pathadan

    Design wise S III looks is not interesting, But I still like it when i think from the hardware and software point of view. I think galaxy nexus is best alternative if you could compromise on the dual core

  • i would really love to win the new Samsung galaxy s III. i have never had the money to buy a phone like this and it would be awesome to win it and feel pretty flash for once :P

  • Hope I win the giveaway.I want this beauty so bad :-(

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  • Marko

    You don’t know how much I want the Galaxy S3, I’m stuck with an Optimus 2x, which is not even getting ICS, for 3 years! I can’t afford to break the contract, so this would be my only chance of actually getting a good phone. But again there’s people who need it more than me, so good luck to everybody!

    • murvai.attila

      so really..just an Optimus 2x ? tell me how bad that is…I have a samsung corby :) tell me how bad you need this S3

      • Marko

        Yeah, I my phone isn’t that bad other than its software being slightly outdated. Well, I I do hope someone that needs it wins it then.

    • seriously? hah tell me when youre a Nokia 3310 user for like.. 5 years now. =.=

  • erikiksaz

    Me = in

  • I can’t sleep…

  • Let’s hope it works out because I tried hard: I had to reopen my facebook account, subscribe to twitter and to google plus :)
    Still, I need to change my Nokia 3220, so it was well worth it.
    by the way, I couldn’t plus 1 this post, nor in FF, in Chrome or ie.

  • Freddy Schultz

    I need a new Phone My Dell Streak is about to die

  • hari

    wish to get a s3 …. im broke to afford a galaxy s ….hope it gives a chance ..

  • Alright, did everything but the twitter stuff. Thank you android authority for the great giveaway! I’m still using the original moto Droid that I got the day it came out.

  • 1 Hour remaining !!!!…….Good luck to all!

  • Hunter

    There’s no point wishing good luck, its all random. Just let what happens happen.

  • yasmeen ray

    i really hope to win this samsung galaxy s3..i had samsung corby already but i would really love to try samsung galaxy s3 as its to expensive to buy..

  • Teddy

    My first phone is an lg fresh my first phone how cool is that ?

  • Pls God, gift me something at least this time. None ever gifted me something.

    Love SAMSUNG 4 such a fantastic gadget and You Guys 4providing all of us an opportunity to win something.

  • i love it i have no phone im stuck with my ipod touch 4 8g i will appreciate from the android authority ………………… anyway the choise is yours android authority

  • Tahmid Ali

    hope i win

  • Thelazy

    hope i win

  • More 9 hours. I am so exited for the announcement of the winner. I would be so grateful if I get the Giveaway.

  • meherzad maniac

    nobody needs the phone… we all want it.. it is a means of luxury…. true entertainment…. :)

  • Marko I still have the Samsung galaxy s fascinate i wish it got ICS. why are we left out on the curb without ICS

  • ive never won a contest but i wont let that stop me.

  • Ben

    I cant wait to find out the results. Android Authority you rock!!

  • i never had a smartphone

  • Patrick Mitchell

    You’re all aware that its a random selection right? They don’t choose winners from the comment list.

  • Please please please !! I really need a “next generation ” samsung galaxy ultrasmarthphone like the S3!! I´ve been a Samsung mobile user since the 90´s. If I won one of this I´ll swear I would spread the word here in Chile(Wine country in South America) about its awesome and cool technology) Will contact the media to advertise it for free !!! =) Samsung Rules !!

  • Hunter

    is the contest over? the rafflecopter thing wont show up

    • ashutosh kukreti


      • Hunter

        ???apparently not either of us ;)

        • Marko

          If anyone won, it’s not me :P

          • CD won.

          • @ladymyx it is truly a surprise that I won. I’ll keep you all posted when I get the device… maybe an informal review of my own.

          • Rajesh Verma

            how much entries do u got at that time…………….. plz tel me how do u win……………

          • DGr

            Isn’t that something you put into one of those music player thingies?

  • Ayrton

    this phone is great i have watched all the comparing vids on this page and overall it is a great phone

  • Armisha Wood

    This Galaxy S3 sounds like something I would like to get my hands on so I can turn it inside out with the help of Android Authority…been pouring over the threads for quite a while now ;-]

  • Guys seriously???? Don’t you all know the winner will be chosen Randomly?? :)

  • patel dhaval

    So who won?? Fingers crossed*

  • when are they going to give the results ????

  • I am so curious about the Giveaway winner.

  • when r they going to display the winner ????

  • So, whos the winner?

  • ashutosh kukreti

    whp won..>???

  • so who wins

  • Nabil

    The results!!! Who won?

  • Ok, the contest’s over. But who’s the winner?
    The results are posted after a day or after a week?
    I wish everyone best of luck!

    • Anand

      Thanks, wish you the same :)

      • Anand

        The probability of winning this is like 0.0020%!!

        • Hunter

          confirmed, I did the math

  • PLEASE reply !! when will the winner be announced !!!

  • Who WON ????????????

  • Adrian

    Lets all hope this poor soul stuck with a frequently turning off/revived from the dead Nokia E72 the 2nd, gets a good phone that can last!

  • Patrick

    Who won?

  • did I win?

  • amonlb

    This rafflecopter “thing” should show the winner right after its over.
    I hope this one will be mine :D

  • i need it please !! i m stuck with samsung chat and its touch so useless!!! please give me galaxy s3

  • Who has won the giveaway !??? Is the result out yet ????

  • Lindsay

    who won ?

  • when is it announced

  • Nikolay Hristev

    i have the strange feeling that i will watch this phone on the internet for the rest of my life :D
    Whatever, hoping that the results will come out soon ;]

  • A J

    Waitin’ for result.

  • Good Luck To All

    (And congrats to whoever wins this (you’re a lucky dude!))
    (Maybe it could be me)(But I don’t think so, tough I’m still hoping!!!)

  • a girl could win to

  • pls pick me random god!

  • I just cant wait i want to know.

  • Hao Zhang

    Who won?! The suspense is killing me even though I’m 99.9999% sure I didn’t win! D:<

  • waiting is a part of life

  • sad face i didnt win this is the link to the winner

  • I didn’t win. Someone from India. Congrats btw.

  • you should have pressed on +ADD WINNER, lol

    Thanks for the opportunity anyway!

  • Mody

    fuck Indians .they fingers are every where

  • It has really been a surprise to win this giveaway event out of the many contestants that participated and am now waiting feverishly to get the device in my hands, rooting and CM will be next…will keep you all updated…

  • Khalid Mian

    Damn! Too late to enter :(

  • bharat2011

    wants galaxy noteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Denziel Tillman

    I want the galaxy s3 so bad I don’t know what to do

  • prajwal

    i want to win this phone as i had waited for so long for this.! plz god.!
    help me win this contest. my parents wont get me a brand new S3..

  • i hope that i can win it…………

  • sumit gogawat

    Its fake, do not believe on this giveaway.

  • best fone in the world till now..the next gen mobile.

  • Two Pauls

    S3 is amazing. Very nice crispy and smooth functions. I wouldn’t compare iPhone 4S to the S3 because come on, phones are phones. We use them either way.

  • hoangtung

    hello am tung

  • RKD

    Lost the Galaxy S II …living in pain…so I deserve this one.