Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available in India from June 10

by: Ankit BanerjeeMay 4, 2012

samsung galaxy s3 front

The eagerly-awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 was finally revealed last night, at the Samsung Unpacked event in London. We have all fawned, analysed, compared, and maybe criticized the Korean company’s latest flagship device. If you’ve missed it, you can take a look at the complete specification list, and the hands-on experience with this amazing device.

So while we can all breathe easy again, the next question that comes up is “When? When can I get my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3?”

Unfortunately for the millions of fans in India, the wait is just a little longer. The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be officially available in India from June 10 and will likely be priced between Rs 38,000(~$760) – Rs 41,000(~$820). Luckily, Indian network carriers don’t follow a contract-based system ala the US, UK, etc., and, as such, anyone can buy the device from any Samsung store or other authorized re-sellers, or even online.

We have all waited for a long time for this device to be released, and with the impressive specifications of the device, I know that many of you in India cannot wait to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ve waited a long time, another wait won’t hurt us. Wait, will it?

What are your thoughts? Disappointed of the “delayed” release or ecstatic that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be available in India in just a little over a month? What do you think of Samsung’s latest offering? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Patience Is More Than a Virtue. I think we should wait. But a bad news from Samsung that Nexus is not available in India….

  • Prsh_koli

    it wil be worst seller at that price point.

  • Zu

    Ecstatic! Price point is not a factor when such a masterpiece is released. Its gonna sell like hot cakes, though a niche category

  • Ash.D

    is the price for Samsung galaxy s2 going down ?
    i mean after the release of GS3.

    • omkar ubale

      yep .sure it is.

  • Sugato

    I think the hype is good. But the delay would also let the customer feedback and draw-back stories to emerge on the net. A little wait is worth doing.

  • Ok, I am waiting also think become 1st customer if Samsung Galaxy S3 in India…

  • Rahul Joshi

    If only the “cheap” plastic was of good quality. I’ll have to see it in retail to know if it is really as hideous as it looks in photos. Hopefully it can be replaced with some new alternatives in future (protector or new back body altogether).

    Will buy for 35K. Else, HTC One X all the way!

    • Osmankhan1994

      HTC one x also uses the same polycarbonate casing as the sgs3 and doesnt offer any extendable storage. The SGS 3 can go up to 128 gb max while the one x is stuck at 16 gb. The exynos 4 is currently the best best mobile processor in the world and consumes lesser power than the one x’s tegra 3 (due its better 32 nm fabrication tech compared to Nvidia’s 45 nm tech). The one x offers an 1800 mhz battery while the sgs 3 a 2100 MHz one, longer battery life. The Mali 400 GPU on exynos, by ARM is the best on any android phone. The geforce by nvidia on the tegra 3 is a sorry excuse for a gpu, its the worst compared to all others (ARM Mali 400 > Power VGA SGX 450 > Qualcomm Adreno 225 > Nvidia UL GeForce). The sgs 3 uses wifimax coupled with nfc to transfer data at 300 mbps, way faster than bluetooth, nno other phone has that feature yet. The only thing better about the one X is the RGB matrix display, but it uses an LCD screen creating washed out colours compared to the vivid super amoled HD display on the s3 which offers truer blacks and lower power consumption. Do you know the HTC One S is better than the one x? The one x only has a bigger screen. The SGS 3 also offers accessories like wireless charging and DLNA via all share and also mirroring with TV’s wirelessly. If I were you, I’d go for the more powerful and less battery consuming s3. Hope this helps.

      • Vigo_tago

        htc z a brand which z known for a quality n status. what z samsung, a 1000rs$22 brand in india.phuddu

        • maliha-parveen

          An obvious troll.

          Samsung offers mobiles from lowest price to the highest and that does not make the brand bad – quality or status.

          Sad to know that you show the backward and ignorant part of India . To want to buy ‘good looking’ mobiles thinking that makes the quality and status.

          • Zahir Khan

            I own an HTC Desire HD and definitely love it and not for the reasons that are being discussed here but truly for its openness towards its owners….
            Planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 now, coz its a masterpiece… so basically it doesn’t matter whether it is Samsung or HTC, what matters is you are paying your hard earned money so u shd get stuff worth it :)

        • HTC = Cheap sh1t made in china (or Taiwan a.k.a Chinese Slavery) product. WASTE OF YOUR M$NEY

        • omkar ubale

          htc is not even konwn in india as much as samsung. anyways s3 is gonna bust htc’s ticket to fame n quality. cuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sIII rocks!!!!

      • swain

        polycarbonate on SGS3 !!! are you sure ???
        samsung is still stucked with cheap plastic body.

    • omkar ubale

      in mumbai the prices for the sIII are 33,500 INR

  • dirockstar

    Hey Darcy, i was wondering if you’ve got any new on when will be the S III released in the Middle East (especially Dubai).. and at what price..

    • Kapilb83

      Got my S3 Prebooked…. Cant wait to get my Hands on this Masterpice

  • Vikas gogia

    htc one x z better n perfect option.

    • htc is a cheap crap that is not even dependable compared to samsung. So keep that fantasy to yourself.

  • Hemantpat249

    i m waiting for s3 in india i like to be first customer of s3 in india…..

  • maxx

    htc one x big disappointment only 26 GB user-available memory & S3 16/32/64 + 64 gb m.card