Nowadays, it seems that there are two standard news we can expect from tech sites, over any given day. One, a new Android 4.0 running tablet is rumored/announced/launched/shipped, and two, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is “leaked”.

Although we received official confirmation from a Samsung official in China about the Galaxy S3 being released as soon as April (or in May, in the worst case), the Koreans have been very secretive about the actual specifications of their future flagship phone. This has given rise to endless rumors and “leaked photos” of phones and designs claimed to be the vaunted S3.

If you aren’t tired of the whole craziness yet or if you love playing detective with tech rumors, here’s another juicy one for you.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Phone Arena claims to have received leaked photos of the supposed Samsung GT-i9300 and is claiming that the device is the “real deal”. Of course, these are most likely real images of an upcoming phone from the Galaxy line-up (unlike the renders we’ve seen before). But it’s still not clear if the GT-i9300 is the codename  of  the Galaxy S3 or of another device.

There are a few key points to note from the images (if they are real), which suggest that what we are seeing is an unreleased phone.

  • The OS shown on the screen is definitely Android 4.0 with TouchWiz applied
  • The device features the ICS recommended three capacitive button strip and no physical buttons. (All other non-ICS Android phones released so far had, in most cases, at least one physical button)
  • The screen certainly seems large enough to fit the rumored  4.7-inch size of the Galaxy S3
  • The Samsung logo has been moved below the screen. So far, only the US models have featured this, with the carrier logo going on top.
  • The phone seems to feature a prominent bezel, which contradicts the general consensus so far

Not being an expert at Photoshop or a photographer, my amateur eye says that these images are real. This is most likely an upcoming Android 4.0 model from Samsung, maybe the mid-range counterpart to the Galaxy S3 (similar to the three-pronged HTC One series), but is probably NOT the Galaxy S3. Other rumors (yes, more of them, I know) suggest that this might be the Galaxy S2 Advance. This could also be a Samsung developer phone used for testing purposes.

The Galaxy S3 is a phone I’ve been looking forward to since the rumors first started circulating and is the only thing making me hesitate from buying the HTC One X as soon as it is released. A part of me would be very disappointed if this actually IS the Galaxy S3. So here’s to hoping that this latest addition to the rampant rumors swirling around Samsung’s next flagship phone is not the “real deal”.

One more thing. Will the REAL Galaxy S3 please stand up?

What are your thoughts? Is this what you’ve been looking for? Are we any closer or moving further away from the truth? Are we going to have to beg Samsung to up and make an official spec sheet announcement already?

Ankit Banerjee
My primary profession lies in the Network Design Engineering field. I have always been passionate about the latest trends in mobile communication advances around the world.
  • Kabvuto76

    Am not conviced that this is the S3. The picture shown here to me is far much less attractive than the S2 on which am writing this comment on. Am not satisfied with this picture…really!

    • AppleFUD

      Again. . . ?!?!?!

      You can see the entire phone? I must not be able to get certain images?!?!?!?

  • this is a really ugly phone! the other leaked images look so much better. this phone belongs in the 2003 category! i hope this is not the S3. its small and looks cheaply made. i really hope the other white version if the really one.

    • AppleFUD

      dude. . . you can only see the front and there isn’t much too it–98% screen.

  • Realspecs

    Isn’t that the Galaxy S2 Plus?

  • Brianepatt85

    yeah the other photos looked better. All android fans are really rooting for a perfect sg3 so we can have a device that finally beats a recently released iPhone. Come on Samsung don’t let us down, and release the specs for goodnes sake!

  • Brianepatt85

    U think you’ll be able to see the dedicated camera button sticking out if this was the gs3. Yeah I’m thinking its a GS2 variant as well

  • Nessquick

    The percentage on the top right for the battery is only available with custom roms.

    • Xpanhox

      Youre wrong! the percentage battery is available on the new touch wiz ics

  • miki69

    That’s Samsung Galaxy S Advance, not S3.

  • Is the real Samsung GSIII smartphone ?

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  • Ljr_777

    Will the Samsung Galaxy S 3 come out for Sprint!!!! I would love to stay with Sprint and not have to move to another company for the SGS3!!! Someone help me out!!

  • Helenoftroy

    Yes! Come on Samsung! Release the Specs for SG3! The sooner the better! I think we all DROID Aholics want to know. We are all anxious! And besides there is a huge competition and WAR with the SG3 and the new iphone 5! I have never had an iphone, and the Droid X is my first Droid phone! I love it! But I will have to peak at the iphone specs, well if it ever comes out! Apple will wait till the 11th hour to do that! Just give us the specs so we can leave you alone! We the DROID Aholics want to know to please tell us ASAP! Otherwise we are ALL going to go crazy! I will for sure! And I am sure everyone else feels the same way!
    Hopefully my final decision will be the S3 and that I will not go over to Apple and get the iphone! I love bells and whistles and I think the SG3 will give me all that and more! Right? Right!!! Love MY DROID X. Helen

  • Teja Peela

    this is an old post… it’s a phtoshopped LG g2x and it’s a really bad job

  • Reuter Oscar

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