Biggest product placement ever? Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note star in the Olympic opening ceremony

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 28, 2012

olympic games samsung galaxy s3

Last night’s Olympic Games opening ceremony was nothing less than dazzling. I was only able to watch parts of it, but from what I’ve seen and from the few videos that surfaced the web today, I can say it was the most spectacular opening that I have ever witnessed.

Apparently, among the moments I missed there was a product placement artistic moment prominently featuring one of Samsung’s flagship devices, the Galaxy Note. According to a video released by Samsung this morning, 100 such devices were used during the opening ceremony.

The “behind the scenes” video shows Martin Green, Head of Ceremonies for the London Olympic Games using a Galaxy S3 and a Note to work. He says that the purpose of the Samsung choreography was to demonstrate “how quickly and easily the world can communicate”. He goes on to use the Note’s sketch app to… well, sketch something work-related, which seems a bit silly to me. Next, two of the dancers involved in the event explain how they use Sammy’s devices to find their way to London, and we also get a glimpse of the actual choreography, at the 1:30 mark.

Samsung is a major sponsor of the London games, and as you would expect, they wanted full exposure in return. The ceremony moment was just a small bit from Samsung’s promotional blitz for the Olympics. Other elements that we covered are the special edition Team GB Galaxy S3, the Olympic-themed accessories, the tie-in with Holiday Inn, the commercials starring David Beckham, and the one below, which features Carmelo Anthony using the S Beam on his Galaxy S3 to light up the Olympic Torch.

Did you catch the Samsung choreography from last night? Do you like it or you think it’s too much?

  • sh4d0w.phantom

    Well, they are one of the major sponsors….

  • MasterMuffin

    Mr bean had samsung galaxy ace in the opening ceremony :)


      A Galaxy Ace what is he broke ? Lol

      • MasterMuffin