Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery kit to start selling on January 5th

by: David GonzalesDecember 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery kit

Are you the type of person that tends to use a phone too much? That is, to the point of saying, “Man, I wish I had some bigger batteries on this thing.”? If you are, well, then join the club.

The fact that battery technology hasn’t been able to progress as fast as the other types of tech present in today’s smartphones and mobile computing devices is a truly bitter pill to swallow. But thankfully, someone invented the extended battery. And one such kit that has been made especially for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is on its way to stores this coming January 5th.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery kit comes with a standard capacity of 3000mAh and can be purchased in two different colors: white and blue. It’s a wee bit hefty when compared with the original battery kit, but then again, it does bring additional battery life to the table. That’s probably more important to most users than a few extra inches of free space inside the bag or the pants pocket.

If you’ve been holding your breath for one of these, get ready to start breathing again as it is good to go for release early next year for just 40 Euros or about $53.

  • David Wintle

    They sell an identical box to this in Edinburgh. Everything was right other than the spelling of ….. Samnsung , needless to say I avoided.

  • John Cosentini

    Yup, that’s why I got myself a Galaxy Note II

  • davd

    its already in belgium lol

  • On a Clear Day

    One of the reasons I like Samsung – as opposed to another company who will remain unmentioned but whose name begins with an A – is that they use their heads (most of the time) and actually listen to and realize that caring and capitalism (making a bit extra money while you are addressing a logical need) is not evil but results in a Win/Win for all.

    From what I’ve read the S3 already comes with a very good battery that should accommodate most peoples’ needs handily; but unlike those who decide that their one size must fit all and who espouse a “we know what’s best for you – so get used to it and suck it up” approach, they take into account as many variables as they can.

    I am waiting for the S4 to come out before I get a new phone; the S3 is obviously a fine choice, but April is only a few months away and who knows what other untold and enticing niceties the next iteration of the Galaxy lineage will contained?