Less than a month after its official unveiling, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally launched today in 28 countries across the European continent and the Middle East. In Berlin, Germany, some eager customers queued up since yesterday night, in a bid to become the first to own the flagship phone. Meanwhile, those who have pre-ordered the phone in the UK will be getting it starting from 6PM today, though we can expect to see the Galaxy S3 being prominently displayed in retail stores by tomorrow.

As for the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in other regions, the company’s exec recently told Pocket-lint that those in other corners of the world will get their hands on the flagship device in a month’s time. According to Samsung senior VP TJ Kang, the phone “will be available more or less globally within a month of the European release.”

Kang’s statement coincides nicely with reports saying that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will touch down in the US in June. While there were rumors pinpointing June 20 as the release date, we’re sure Americans wouldn’t mind getting it a bit later as long as it’s still in the month of June.

Already the world’s biggest phone maker, Samsung is focusing on breaking its own records, by aiming to have the phone up for sale in 145 countries and at 296 carriers in July. This goal highlights how much Samsung wants the Galaxy S3 to outsell its predecessor, the Galaxy S2, which has rocketed by the 20 million units milestone at last count. Reports suggest that the pre-order numbers for the Galaxy S3 have reached more than 9 million units, so that goal shouldn’t be hard to reach.

The phone’s performance will also be helped by a strong showing in the UK. A Vodafone spokesman said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is “the most pre-ordered Android device” they’ve ever had in their offering.

Do you have any update about the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 in your country? Share it with the rest of our readers and let us know when you have the super phone in your hands!

Bams Sadewo
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  • Christoffer

    Pre ordered the phone here in Finland.
    Still there were so many pre orders so the phone run out. No one knows when it will be available again.

  • MSA

    Still waiting here in Malaysia. Prefer to purchase it unlocked. The release date is to be on 31st May 2012, tough carriers already take pre-orders for the phone starting a few days ago.

    Can’t wait for Thursday!

  • Stephen Smith

    Got this from Amazon UK this morning..

    We are contacting you regarding your Amazon.co.uk order XXXXXXXXXXX which included the following:


    Samsung Galaxy SIII Sim Free Smartphone – 16GB – Pebble Blue

    Samsung has informed us that we will not be receiving stock of this item in time for the original release date of May 30, 2012. Samsung are unable to confirm when this stock will be available in the UK, however, we’ll email you when we have further information.

    Please note that pre-orders will be fulfilled in order of purchase date and we won’t charge your payment card until just before your items are dispatched.

    We can certainly understand that this wasn’t what you expected when you placed your order and understand if you’d prefer to cancel it. If you want to cancel an item or an order, please visit Your Account at the following page:


    Then click “Cancel items or order”. After signing in with your e-mail address and password, you’ll be able to view your order history and cancel any item or order that hasn’t entered the dispatch process.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Warmest regards

    Customer Service Department

  • Folk

    Thailands coming June 7th