After many weeks of wild rumors and numerous credible, but mostly not that credible leaks, the first official details about Samsung’s future flagship smartphone have been unveiled yesterday.

Even though we don’t know how it will be called and just about nothing about what it will feature under the hood, we know that the Galaxy S2’s successor will be unveiled on May 3 in London, UK. However, as many of you probably expected, yesterday’s announcement is just a drop in the flood of S3-related news that will come over the next weeks.

We now have more juicy details about Samsung’s new super-phone. Okay, these following tidbits are not official pieces of information confirmed by people at Samsung, but they supposedly come from “credible sources” and ring true pretty much anyway we look at them.

First and foremost, it seems that the London unveiling event set to take place in two weeks (and counting…) will not be singular. Sammy might hold simultaneous events in New York City, Seoul and Dubai as well, which makes us think that this smartphone will truly be something special.

Furthermore, the guys at BGR are confirming a piece of information that came our way a long time ago, referring to the Galaxy S3 and its connection with the 2012 Summer Olympics. Thus, it seems that the gadget will indeed be the official device of the London Olympics, which is the reason for holding the primary unveiling event in England’s capital.

Moving on from marketing details, let’s talk a bit about the phone’s design and looks, things that I know you are all interested in. On this front, we have no less than three fresh unconfirmed pieces of information from BGR. First of all, the Galaxy S3 should come in two color options, a blue-black combination and an all-white model.

Secondly, Sammy’s future flagship should feature a ceramic and brushed metal case, in what could be an attempt to set the device as far as possible from Apple’s iPhone designs. The information about the brushed metal is, however, the least credible from today’s bunch, as it is pretty much an assumption based on those London event invitations sent yesterday.

Thirdly, a “trusted source” told the guys at BGR that the Galaxy S3 will feature a physical home button below the display. Also, the on-screen navigation buttons introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich won’t be used by the S3, which is in line with previous reports out of Korea that suggest that the S3 interface will resemble the 5-column layout seen on the Galaxy Note.

Take these fresh rumors, add them to the suspected specs of the device and you get the picture of a true “beast” that could send shockwaves across the markets. At least that’s what I think, so feel free to either agree or disagree with me in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to check back to our website soon, because the flood of announcements surrounding the Galaxy S3 will probably not cool down in the near future!

  • AndyH

    please please please say this has an sd card slot…..

  • I still don’t really see how this could beat the HTC One X. Anyway, I’ll wait for the release and then decide which one to get…

    • AndroidBrian

      you don’t know how it could beat it? Say what!?!!! I could have 2gb ram, 800p over the X 720p, quad core 1.8ghz also could have a better battery and micro SD slot. That’s how it could he better.

      I said in the first post about this invite that the blue looks like the brushed aluminum that’s on there laptops. Seems like I was right.

      • The One X in Europe has a quad core processor, and we just have to see some real life performance tests between the two models. (I don’t no if there will be 2gb ram, altough that would be sweet.) The micro SD slot: what I see, manufacturers either give huge built-in stores or card slots. I can live without a slot, having a bigger built-in storage. The screen might be better, but the camera processor unit seems cool int the One X.

        Plus, I kinda don’t like TouchWiz, which will probably come with the GIII. So, even if the HW is really nice, there still is the software part.

        • AndroidBrian

          Yeah of course no one will know until we get the hand on experience.

          I know there both quad core phones galaxy may have 1.8ghz over the 1.5ghz. I was just listing reasons how it could be better.

          I have a at ng feeling touchwiz will be completely revamped because of the public’s out cry. So u can’t say u hate it cuz who knows what it will look like. Besides if TW fails again they’ll be no shortage of custom rooms available

          • Well, HTC listened with the Sense, so maybe it’ll be the same with TW. Other way, I don’t think I’ll get the Samsung, unless it’s something really extraordinary. For me it feels kinda weird to buy a phone just for the HW, knowing that the first night I’ll get rid of the Rom.

          • AndroidBrian

            I can understand that. Touvhwiz sucks for me too but not a deal breaker for me. But if Touch Wiz gets a serious make over this phone can seriously be perfect. I’m sure some specs will be dissapointing tho…. only time will tell

          • well, yeah. we’ll discuss it after May 3 ;)

        • vasja

          what’s wrong with you, people?! “Touchwiz sucks” heck, Sense sucks. these stupid large clocks all the same from the beginning, homescreen looks like the designers don’t have imagination and feel for aesthatics at all. While HTC phones themselves are nothing but soapboxes, their Sense skin accomplishes that image.

          • TouchWiz for me is just a colorful iphone ripoff, while sense changed a lot sometimes for the better sometimes not. I’ve seen TW on an SG2 with ICS, and I’m still not convinced. But this would be the endless and meaningless battle of tastes.

      • Louis B

        With the Samsung brand on it and the screaming of the fan boys, I think I’ll pass.

        • AndroidBrian

          What’s wrong w/ Samsung? Are u one if those people who dislike everything simply because it has a huge fan base?

        • Kurt

          How hypocritical, can’t be any worse than Apple Fanboys lining up for their iCrap.

        • Vzx_41

          must be an apple fanboy

        • Guest

          “Louis B
          With the Samsung brand on it and the screaming of the fan boys, I think I’ll pass.”

          – Sent from my Blackberry Bold

      • Amine Elouakil

        Fanboys specs are funny to read. The hell no one knows what the SGSIII has as specs and alot of the specs you mentioned doesn’t even make sens!

        • AndroidBrian

          What’s a fanboy? What’s wrong with my statement? Person said I don’t know how it could be better than HTC one x and I simply stated how it could be better? What doesn’t make sense about my specs?

          800p is refferig to the x800 over the x720 pixels in the HTC. Meaning the ppi could be better. Exynos quad core could supposedly be clocked at 1.8ghz. 2gb ram isn’t impossible, improbable maybe but not impossible. So how does it not make sense?

          I was simply stating how it could be better. I for one don’t believe it will have all of the above mentioned specs. I’m not a fanboy (not sure what a fanboy is) I won’t even be getting the GS3 so SYM. I’m just hoping this phone beats the iPhone so I’m hoping for great specs.

          But seriously how are the specs not realistic.

          • Amine Elouakil

            Like I ve said several times Exynos and Samsung SoC in general are not known for their high frequencies and overclocking abilities, the humminbird coule barely get over 1,3ghz and the 4210 becomes instable at around 1,5Ghz, the 32nm process on the 4412 would allow It to have a higher frequency but 1,8ghz is out of the question, at best It will be 1,5ghz-1,6ghz without compromising stability and life duration.

            As for screen size, unless Samsung is opting for no physical buttons there is no way that Samsung will use a différent aspect ration than the standard 720p, heck even the galaxy nexus have a 720p screen dispite the weird aspect ration It had due to It software buttons

            2gb is less than probable and like you said It s not impossible and this the only point I might agree with you but knowing how Samsung price It devices and how HTC is agressively pricing It One phones I dont ses that happening unless Samsung are not planning to release a new device in holidays season.

            As the the SGS3 being better than the One X It should be at least slightly from a spec point of view or else It doesnt make sense for a product that will be released almost a full quarter after the One X

          • AndroidBrian

            You doubt SAMSUNG will use a different aspect ratio? The GS3 is suspected to have 5 by 5 grid like the note… what was the rez for the note? 800! Your saying Samsung can’t come close to the ppi of the iPhone 4g year and a half removed?

            2gb ram can still happen.

            The Exynos chip is currently built using a 45-nanometer process but the new Exynos chip will be made with 32-nanometer technology, giving better performance quality without using as much power. Samsung said that in terms of performance, it gives up to 26 percent more than the 45 nanometer. This chip isn’t in any phone yet so how would you know what it can and can not do? Life duration? False. Chip uses a lot less power. Stability? Your unwarranted opinion.

            I’m not saying this will all come true, but it isn’t some unrealistic pipe dream either like you suggested earlier.

          • Amine Elouakil

            5 by 5 Grid doesn’t mean anything that depends on the size of your icons and the estate of your screen, the Aspect ratio of the Note is 16:10, the LG VU for exemple is a 4:3 and it has 786p.

            Samsung will have a 720p same as the Galaxy Nexus to be in the norme of all devices that are being released right now and have a normal aspect ratio but this time with full rgb aka it will be SAMOLED+, as for Samsung having a low PPI, well that is nothing new, the SGSII came out with a WVGA when everyone moved to qHD so I won’t estonished.

            As for the SoC my argumentation is pretty clear I’ll invite you to read it again, the Exynos were never know with their high frequencies and Overclocking abilities as explaned before, what would make this new product any different? again it is not impossible to have a surprise but it is very unlikely like I said and I think in this point we agree

          • AndroidBrian

            Well I just listed some specs and you called me a ignorant fan boy saying I listed a bunch of unrealistic specs.

            I don’t have to read your exynos argument again, its simply flawed. You say it wont do X well because its previous version doesnt do X well. Thats like saying GS3 wont be great at something because the GS2 wasnt good at it….

            You say it wont have 1280×800 because phones almost a year old use 720 and theres no way sg3 can be different? How do things ever get better in your opinon?

            Im inclined to think this spec is the most realistic one over 2gb ram and 1.8ghz and you act like its impossible. The Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note both feature a PenTile matrix, but Samsung found a new way to create a normal RGB matrix that will combine the FMM (Fine Metal Mask) process used in AMOLED screen production with the new LITI Laser-Induced Thermal Imaging method. This will help Samsung to produce pixels as small as 2.5 micrometers. So the ppi war could be Samsungs to win if they wanted to fork over the cash.

            Thats a 316 ppi not even better than the iphone 4g. But I guess thats (your opinon) impossible because the older galaxy phones didnt have high pixel density so how could the GS3 have it? Samsung has a chance to beat out apple in the cell phone race and the display is extraordinarily important to all users. To think samsung wont try to improve its display is a little crazy. It may have a 720p screeen but to say x800 is unrealistic is just wrong. Samsung makes the retina displays for iphones and ipads fyi.

            loooong story short, the specs I mentioned weren’t unrealistic and you calling me wrong was, well wrong.

          • Amine Elouakil

            I did call you a fanboy, for different raisons and one of them is ur initial comment, the other is seeing your other comments for exemple you are saying that the One X being the first Quadcore phone is nothing much really but the first to have LTE integrated to it SoC after the article speculating that Samsung is working on integrated LTE for it Quadcore SoC and you tell me that it’s normal?

            As for the rest it seems that everything I said before is getting closer to be confirmed pretty much.

          • AndroidBrian

            When did I say integration for quad core LTE is normal? I said vital not normal.

            Man ur weird. My first essential comment simply listed how it COULD be better. I never once said it would be better. (Was hoping it would so android had a phone to truly rival the iPhone).

            Specs you listed were the obvious specs. I simply stated what could happen and you keep arguing that fact. None of the specs I listed were unreal but I said unlikely. Yfa.

    • wastry

      I agree, but only if Sammy drops in the 4412. If the S3 has a 5250 or *le gasp* 5450, it’ll be one of the most powerful phones until the S4 is released.

      HTC One X (US version) has that sweet sweet A15 architecture in it (international version has the old A9, no LTE – no thanks).

      It’ll be interesting to see, especially since the 5250 is expected to debut in the next few months

    • wastry

      Depends on what CPU they put it; if it’s the Exynos quad core 4412, the One X (US version with the Snapdragon S4) will destroy the S3. If Sammy decides to put in the dual-core 5250 with the A15 architecture, the S3 will annihilate the S4 on the benchmarks

      Since no one knows, no one can say, but either way, the One X is a truly great piece of hardware. I’m planning to get an S3 if Sammy puts in the 5250, but otherwise, the One X is my choice

      • And can you say anything about the Tegra version of the One X?

    • amjason

      How?? I would be like a case of SGS2 and Sensation….

  • Daddymatt80

    You know the one S beats the one X… talk about hype… in 3 months HTC One X and S will be considered a joke.

    • Louis B

      Well not as much as you already are.

      • Vzx_41

        Louis you look like a boy

        • Vzx_41

          oops fanboy

    • Amine Elouakil

      Define beats.

  • Leonardo Peixoto

    If it will have 5 colums, will be so larger like Galaxy Note :(

  • hawkeye2188

    1.) I hope they dont go with a physical button 2.) The reason this will be better than the One X is if true, this will be quad-core with LTE radio on board meaning it will be the first quad-core you can get in the USA.

    • wastry

      The only quad cores that can (allegedly) use LTE is the 4412, and It’s using the old A9 architecture; a dual core with the A15 architecture would blow it out of the water

  • soumkhane Peace

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  • Mohdamr1

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is my next smartphone.

  • JeromeFourni

    According to this french website, the galaxy s3 will have a 4,6″ super amoled hd screen

  • T_buontempo

    I think nobody will want the i-Fonzie any more… :-D

  • Jhay_are1984

    Samsung Galaxy S3 will be my very 1st smartphone.

  • Timburt5873

    Damn, I want virtual buttons like the Nexus

  • MasMPs12

    2GB RAM.. and more screen, no pointless home button.

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