Samsung defends Galaxy S3 design, says nothing to do with lawsuit

by: Bams SadewoMay 23, 2012
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With the runaway success of the Galaxy S lineup and as Samsung’s biggest and brightest star, it’s only to be expected that the latest iteration of the Galaxy S series will be scrutinized and placed under a magnifying glass. The design of the Galaxy S3, for instance, has been equally praised and loathed, but critics went so far as to say that it was designed by Samsung’s lawyers to avoid future litigation from Apple. Samsung’s officials, naturally, deny the claim.

Talking to journalists during the 2012 Seoul Digital Forum, Samsung design vice president Chang Dong-hoon said that the company has a five-year design plan for its phones, Samsung Galaxy S3 included. This debunks the notion that Samsung was forced to choose a design for the Galaxy S3 that will avoid Apple’s trade dress infringement claims and keep the company out of court.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Dong-hoon said that the main design team spent over a year perfecting the phone. The Galaxy S3’s sleek curves had to go through hundreds of design changes before they settled down on the final “nature-inspired” look, which the company then complemented with a nature-themed user interface.

Hopefully, we can now move on and start paying more attention to other aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S3, because the flagship phone does come with lots of new tricks and features to please gadget lovers. With reports coming out about the Galaxy S3 finally reaching retail stores in Dubai, eager buyers definitely have a lot to look forward in the next few days.

Are you ready to welcome the Samsung Galaxy S3? Have you done any pre-order yet in your country? Feel free to let your opinion (positive or negative) about the phone’s design known in the comments below.

  • Ahmed Salah

    Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Design Is Way Better Than The IPhone’s Design Or Any Other Apple Stuff Samsung Won’t Even Try To Copy Their Design Even If They Can

  • Msmz10

    Go s3

  • Reyalmazon08

    The King Phone s born again! The Samsung Galaxy S3! Take it, Just Take it, Take it! Take it that wonderful Phone!

  • mikhael firaz

    Apple’s “I only will eat alone” moronic strategy is gonna be a tricky trap for itself.

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  • MatthewMurawski

    I almost threw up when I first saw this phone. I hate the nature interface, but the design is even worse. You have this phone with awesome specs and awesome features, but then you make it ugly inside and out. It’s like that girlfriend that’s really ugly but super sweet. Really hard to like. Yet this is coming from a company who’s past phones such as the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 have had such brilliant designs. What happened?