First Galaxy S3 custom ROM already up for download, courtesy of Omega team

by: AdrianMay 21, 2012
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Samsung’s Galaxy S3 still has a long way to go before its official release, especially in the US or Canada (where it still doesn’t have a precise launch date), but you can already play around with the new phone’s software.

A couple of days back, XDA dev Chainfire managed to root the S3 without even holding it for a second in his hands, while just  hours later the official ROM had been leaked, courtesy of another industrious developer, Faryaab. It was only a matter of time before we began to see custom ROMs pop up on the web, so it should come as no surprise that XDA Recognized Developer ::indie::  has already put a new firmware up for download.

While this first Galaxy S3 custom ROM is not very different from the stock version, you might still have fun and learn a few things if you choose to take it for a quick spin. I mean, if you’re interested in kernels, firmwares, theming and modifying apps on your device, indie’s ROM is a great place to start. Plus, it’s not every day that you get the chance to play around with the “first ever” Galaxy S3 custom firmware.

Indie’s ROM is prerooted with Chainfire’s kernel, and is deodexed and zipaligned (if you don’t know what all these mean, you should probably not try flashing the ROM just yet). Although indie’s previous work with the Omega project almost ensures the stability of the firmware, you should still be careful, as the ROM hasn’t been yet tested on a Galaxy S3.

If, however, you already own an S3 and want to test the ROM for yourself or simply help the project move forward, you can contact indie on the XDA-developers forum to receive all the instructions needed to flash the ROM securely.

Have you tried the leaked and supposed official Galaxy S3 ROM? Is it working smoothly? Will you be trying out indie’s custom ROM as well, to see which one fits you best? Let us know below!

  • Scouseok

    Is this only for S3 has it been ported yet do you guy’s know?

  • D16n

    How can I update my Galaxy SII to ICS so that I can install this ROM?

    • D16n

      Forgot to mention it is Galaxy SII LTE

  • Yop

    Get a 4.0 ROM from XDA for your SII. Some of them stay with your phone’s version, but others will actually upgrade your OS.

  • Funvirginian

    Why the hell didn’t At&t give a flying mid finger even, about promises made to quickly update sghi777 to ice cream sandwich. Let’s face it is AT&T wanted it out it would force Samsung to produce the software faster. Either that or the team and Samsung is so incompetent they cannot wright a “hello world” program in Java.

    Get some competent programmers in there and and finished the updates off for the previous phones.

    People can make all the excuses they want, but fact is show me ICS or you have nothing and your words are as empty and useless as the politicians promises after losing on election day.

  • greeshm

    Hie guys can i use it for s2

  • Alex

    will this work on the att skyrocket i 727?