Samsung Galaxy S3 becomes Phone 4U’s best selling smartphone of 2012 in just 24 hours

by: Mike AndriciJune 1, 2012


Even since before the Samsung Galaxy S3 was revealed a month ago at the Samsung Unpacked event, I was willing to bet that the S3 will become one of the most successful Android smartphones to go into production. Although my prophecy is yet to be fulfilled (give it a few months, will you?), the newest member of the Galaxy S line is already beginning to break localized sales records.

This probably comes as no surprise to some of our regular readers, but although the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 has been officially launched in the UK (as well as several other markets) just 24 hours ago, UK phone retailer Phones 4U confirms that the Galaxy S3 is already their best selling smartphone for 2012. Granted, these record sales also factor in the huge number of pre-orders, and with the S3 being Phone 4U’s most pre-ordered smartphone ever, record sales were definitely expected.

According to Phones 4U officials, their success in selling the Galaxy S3 is not entirely due to the huge media campaign that surrounds the Samsung Galaxy S3 (that all retailers take advantage of). Phone 4U’s unique Just Update My Phone (JUMP) contracts were also a decisive factor in drawing in more customers, according to the retailer. The JUMP contracts allows Orange and Vodafone customers to upgrade to the latest smartphones once every six months.

“A high proportion of the sales made were via JUMP, with new customers starting up contracts and pre-existing JUMP customers also coming in store to take advantage of the flexible upgrade and get their hands on the Galaxy S3,” explained Scott Hooton, Commercial Officer at Phones 4U.

This is only the first report about the record breaking Samsung Galaxy S3 sales, but it does seem wise to expect a lot more similar reports to roll in over the next few months.

What are your opinions on this? Do you think there is any chance that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will not become the best selling Android smartphone ever? Let us know why in the comment section below!

  • Chriski333

    Well there u have it people the official iphone killer!
    R.I.P iphone 2012

    • Cole Raney

      This is one retailer. I don’t believe this will outsell the iPhone. No phone ever comes close. But what do the sales matter? It’s an awesome device, we should be happy to be able to get it.

      • enginpeer

        Because samsung doesn’t have only one phone like iphone – check overall sele of all models! iPhone overrated – seriously!

      • Terrence Greene

        Well thats kinda ridiculous. If a single device is going to outsell the iphone its likely going to be this. Not only for its specs and but due to how many carriers and vendors samsung is going to offer it too. I mean not only the big four is gonna get this but US cellular too. I mean come on. Its gonna be everywhere.

        More importantly though you must understand this. apple is still selling the iphone 4 and 3g.. So to be fair you have to account for those and of course all the phones samsung offers and their variants. In this case samsung is the clear winner.

  • dcnembhard

    Damn, what a device this is going to be, got my order in, sorry RIM, enough is enough come June 20th, RIP, maybe another time to come.

  • Danielsbc

    It’s fan-fucking-tastic. I’m writing this comment from it. It’s smooth, fast, the screen is very good and the design is MUCH better in real life.

    • enginpeer

      For me, it is fun-fucking-plastic – Prefer nokia lumia 900 or Htc One (X,S). Lumia is also plastic but atleast design is stylish! But Htc One series stunning – I wish they put better battery and better storage…

      Btw Gz and enjoy your mobile, just not my thing :)

  • Mei

    Phone 4U’s unique Just Update My Phone (JUMP) contracts allow their customer to upgrade to a new phone every 6 months? Wow, that is extreme, guess they likely will pay a premium to do it.

    • Adz

      I was reading the booklet for JUMP, and it works on a basis of like, anytime after the 6 months you wish to upgrade, you bring your phone in, you get it valued, and itsbrought up against the phone you want, and dependent on the phone your tryna get, your monthly bill will either go up or down, so for example, if your paying 24 pounds atm, and you have 12 months left, theyll calculate 24 pounds by 12 payments, and see how much it is, then value your phone, and if the phone you want next is more your monthly payments could rise to like, say £30. Not sure if I like it yet loool

  • You stole this article and edited it from the one I published on my websites yesterday! At least you can mention the credits of the real author of the articles.

  • Samsung Galaxy S 3 is great smartphone

  • Thank god accessories for S3 are already here. Will try this one it with the HDMI cradle. That’s quite exiting.

  • i already have galaxy s2 one..very nice smartphone even compared to iphone per my knowledge Samsung is one of the most innovative company in the world now. ~ $40 billion into R&D (2012) is a huge investment. Samsung has just claimed a breakthrough in graphene development, by creating a semiconductor from the material. check Galaxy S II Price Guide: Which has the highest resale value and why? here .next, plan to get one galaxy s3..hope this smart galaxy s3 will be more powerful..

  • crazynewfie11

    I think that the s3 will be the bestselling phone ever released even more than the i phone which really sucks the screen is too small and its very heavy as where the s3 is very light and has a much larger screen the s3 is a great phone and i LOVE IT. Thanks samsung.