[May 10] Updated with information on the retailers that put up pre-order pages for the Samsung Galaxy S3, as well as the Australian carriers that have put-up registration pages for information on the S3.

While European, Asian, and North American technology lovers are already getting their budgets straight and making plans for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Australians don’t have much to be excited for, at least at for now. In an exclusive statement given to the guys at gizmodo.au, Samsung Australia said that there are no plans to make any announcements right now about the phone’s availability in “the land down under”.

The full statement reads as follows: “Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased there is continued interest about our GALAXY range in Australia, but we have no plans to make any announcements at this time.”

While it’s pretty difficult to make any safe assumptions based on this short statement, there could only be three possible reasons why Samsung Australia is reluctant to talk about the Galaxy S3’s availability.

First off, Sammy’s new flagship phone might never come to Aussie tech users, which is the worst-case scenario, but also the least credible. Compared to the US or China, the Australian market might not be a gold mine for Samsung or other smartphone manufacturers, but is still has more potential than several European countries where we are sure that the S3 will be sold.

We remember seeing the Galaxy S2 put up for sale in “exotic” places like Uganda, Yemen, or Lebanon. Also, we’ve been hearing people in the business saying that Samsung intends to expand in new markets, so there’s absolutely no way the S3 won’t come to Australia.

The second and most likely reason behind Samsung’s statement is that the company simply doesn’t know yet when it will be able to offer the phone in Australia. The negotiations between the three major mobile carriers there (Telstra Mobile, Optus, and Vodafone) and Sammy might not be finalized. The Galaxy S3 will definitely come to at least some of these major Australian networks.

Finally, this whole mystery might just be a marketing scheme to build up even more hype around the phone. Last year, the Galaxy S2 was released in Australia way before Canada and the US, and around the same time it arrived in Asia. The S3 has already been confirmed as hitting Asia right after Europe (sometime before June 15) and the flagship phone could well be launched in Australia at the same time.

Just because Samsung tells us today that they have no plans to make announcements at this time it doesn’t mean that they won’t make an announcement tomorrow or next week, now does it?

All in all, while we are certainly disappointed that we are not able to report clear things about the Galaxy S3′ release date in Australia. Our advice for all Aussie tech users reading us now would be to have a little patience. I know it’s hard, but until we know something for sure, there’s no reason to panic!

[Update May 10] Australian carriers have put up registration pages to let you know when the Galaxy S3 (or at least any new phone) will be available down-under. Here’s a roundup:

Note that the carriers have been careful to keep it as generic as possible, so they don’t mention the Galaxy S3 anywhere.

Also, if you are willing to pay for an imported Galaxy S3, you might get one from one of the Australian online retailers that put it up for pre-order. So far, we have the following on the list:

  • Mobicity AUS $799, 1 year warranty, blue and white
  • Kogan AUS $789.00, 1 year warranty, blue and white
  • DG Australia

    I’m Aussie and REALLY need that phone before JUNE 29th AGH

    • Phil G

      well tough. samsung say youll just have to wait. why do you need it before the end of june? itll probably be out here by then but i cant be sure. in fact no one can

  • sara

    We could get the phone same time when it launches in the ukat the end out the month – there’s a website selling the s3 now (taking pre-orders). Only site I know of this far. This is so unfair for us-just like ridiculously inflated apple prices!

    • Redroze321

      Yes but the 4g network runs on different bands in every country , so u’ll hAve 4g but doesn’t work.lol

  • anon

    what about new zealand?! when is the galaxy s3 coming to new zealand?!

    • Hayley

      End of May with Vodafone!

      • Not happy


        • tanivula

          Yep, 2degrees will also have it.

  • It will most likely launch in July like the SGS and SGSII did for the last few years. I doubt Samsung is crazy enough to make it carrier exclusive but if they was going to then it’s a pretty good bet it will go to Vodafone as Samsung and them have a VERY close bond for exclusives like the Nexus S, Tab 10.1v and Galaxy Nexus was. But then again the SGSIII is just too big to make it exclusive

    • Phil G

      true i bought my phone from vodafone cuz i bought my galaxy s1 a month or so before the s2 came out and i hadnt realised. so i smashed my galaxy s1 and kept the sim card demanding a new one saying it had been stolen. they didnt give me one so i went and got the cheapest plan from vodafone and put my old sim in it. if you work at optus dont tell them.

      • angry.

        Vodafone doesnt support 4G in Adelaide Currently while telstra does, Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to be able to use the phone to its full potential by being available on telstra too?

        • dolphin

          Vodafone doesn’t support 4G anywhere in Australia.

    • Guido

      Any idea when the S4 will be released? Or the Galaxy Note II?

  • Sascha

    Isn’t Australia one of the top two mobile telephone consuming countries in the world per capita? Why is it that these things are not universally simultaneously released for sale? It looks sloppy and off hand, as though Australian potential buyers are somewhat irrelevant. The fact that Samsung post nothing on their Australian website to even describe a unit that they have officially internationally released suggests either a really inert/incompetent marketing team/board, or a disregard for their own customers.

    • Phil G

      i always put it down to the fact that here in australia everyone is behind on these things. it takes months for news of a celebrity to die in england by the time we hear it. the aussies are 10 years behind anything and even more so in cars. try finding a 2012 UK release suzuki swift over here and you wont. thats because the previous model was only released in about 2009 instead of ’05. of course ten years is an exaggeration but if an aussie went to london they would faint. honestly we have no liquid glass tiles or any stuff like that over here because everyone is still stuck in the 80s. all because they like it in that time so why modernise? there are actually towns in australia that word of curved metal cars havent been spoken yet. there is a town in new south wales called NimBin that has a population consisting of hippies. no joke. you can actually buy a plastic tub of marijuana chocolate on the street and the cops dont car cuz they’re high too. so i can only imagine that things arent simultaneously universally available because all different countries are in different generations. either that or they are all sent off from the shipping dock or airport at the same time it just takes longer to get the the destination. and they cant be bothered to send the stuff to further away countries earlier than closer ones. completely irrelevant to my paragraph of complaints about australia and the people living in it but anyway. im weird and get carried away most of the time. btw no offense to you if you are an aussie. im not but i have nothing against australians, just the era they live in.

      • Richard Radley

        This forum is about phones not your attitude too aussies and how far we are behind everyone else. Let your hangups about Australia at the border.

      • Michael

        What a load of unrelated nonsense! Sounds like you’ve been eating too much marijuana chocolate yourself… What about when the GS2 was released here before most other countries? Maybe if you weren’t such an insular fool, you’d realise how far ahead of most countries Australia is. Who cares if there is a newer Suzuki Swift in the UK? lol

      • Well_Said

        What a load of crap? Who cares about UK

  • Kiwikjh

    Vodafone NZ tweeted that they will release the S3 by the end of May there, and as the 2 markets are so closely tied I’d imagine a similar announcement. My theory on the hold up is the big 3 carriers vying for exclusivity, and it also has to be remembered that the 3G version is rolling out prior to the 4G version for the states, so that further complicates Telstras intentions..

  • angry.

    VERY disappointed it isn’t coming to AUS sooner. Been holding out for this and Samsung has pissed on us good.

  • Ritual44

    I have a theory. Since Galaxy Note only arrived in Aus not long ago. Samsung is still heavily promoting and marketing it, so a delayed release of S3 is not a crazy idea. I know the Note is aimed at different user experience, but it will definitely help sell more Notes.

    • Gavcol

      not necessarily. If they hold off too long on releasing the s3 then I’m just going to go with the new HTC.
      Like you said… the Note is a different user experience. I’m not going to go for the Phablet type Note when I just want a fast android phone.

  • anon

    the galaxy s3 is on pre-order at mobicity: http://www.mobicity.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=i9300&x=0&y=0

  • Harikrishnamoorthi

    What the hell???!!! Just release it!!

  • anon

    the australia release will be last week of may/1st week of june. Telstra have an agreement for 1st access and so will be the first to have these, the model number and order are already in the system…

    the delay and unknown date are due to two main reasons: firstly, Telstra require a bunch of their own software to be configured for the phone and this need to be modified to suit the new technology. the second delay is production, their is so much demand for this device that Samsung are struggling to meet the production requirements.

    this information comes from an anonymous samsung telco representative who deals with telstra…

    • Not happy

      What about Voda or Optus??? Because telstra’s plan is always more dear than others… Anyways… I hope your words are true… I am so tired of iPhone’s little ass screen… And ready to move on to samsung!!!! :)

  • Lx7750

    Its definately not the manufacturers like Samsung. I beleive its the carriers fault – Telstra/Vodafone/Optus. Other countries that do not have their phones do have an outlook and a guide to what plan is required. Nothing from Telstra, they know its coming but give us no info at all. Perhaps the telcos have been stuffing Samsung around with contracts and details so it has just dragged out. Also I beleive thats how the telco’s get rid of old stock – look at Telstras offerings of Sony, they have nothing but they do have the old SE arc S which has almost run its life cycle out. Not giving info doesnt give people to plan or look ahead and maybe get an older phone as there is no outlook on what they actually want.

  • Christian Francois

    Come on Samsung!!!!!!

  • Peter

    Ik de samsung galaxy 3 gepreorderd via de site samsung galaxy s3 kopen! Kan niet wachten tot hij binnen is!

  • Jannie

    Bought this @ samsung galaxy s3 kopen !

  • Daybi

    Handtec.co.uk are offering it for £416 + £23 shipping = $700 AUD

  • randomnom

    how annoying, ive been waiting for the s3 for ages -.-