Australian Samsung Galaxy S3 to be unveiled on May 31 in a Sydney special event

by: AdrianMay 24, 2012

Do you remember that Samsung announcement from a couple of weeks back, saying that there are no plans to unveil any information about the Galaxy S3 launch in Australia? And do you remember how we wondered if Aussie users would have to wait for months to get Sammy’s new flagship, if they’d get it at all?

Well, forget all about that. Apparently, Samsung has been handing out media invitations for “an exclusive launch of Samsung’s latest offering”. The event will take place in Sydney (where else?) on Thursday, 31 May, and will be attended by Tyler McGee, Samsung Australia’s vice president of telecommunications.

While the invitations stop short of mentioning the Galaxy S3 by name, it’s pretty clear that “Samsung’s latest offering” can only be the new 4.8-incher. As for what you should expect to happen at the event, we will most likely be treated with details on the Aussie carriers to launch the S3, pricing details, and hopefully some release dates.

However, the dates and price tags should be the highlights of the event, as we pretty much knew what to expect in terms of carrier availability for a while now. Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, and Virgin Mobile have all put up registration pages to let you know when Sammy’s new flaghsip will be made available, so it’s safe to assume that all four networks will support the phone.

Then again, we’re dying to find out if the Galaxy S3 will be put up for sale on all four carriers at the same time, or if one of the major networks will receive any kind of exclusivity. We’ve been hearing some rumors that Telstra might be the first one to get the S3 in June, with all the others following suite in July, but it’s too early to comment on the veracity of those claims.

Telstra should also be the only one to get a Galaxy S3 4G LTE version. As you may already know, the LTE model will not be powered by a quad-core Exynos processor, but will instead come with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset. There’s also a good possibility for it to come with 2 GB of RAM, as it has happened in Japan, but again, this is pure speculation.

Stay tuned on our website to find out all the details about the Australian Galaxy S3 and, for the time being, keep your fingers crossed to see the phone released by the end of June! Also, don’t forget that Mobicity and Kogan have put imported, SIM-free versions of the Galaxy S3 up for pre-order for a while. So, if you don’t mind paying around $800 for the phone (or more), you might not have to wait for the carrier-branded models after all.

  • Zimbostaff

    Would like to ask a question.. why samsung written ” Designed for humans ”

    Other smartphone’s are not designed for humans ?

    • Yoshiro

      A stab at Apple as their phones are designed for iSheep.



  • Sky_Guy

    Good for Australia! Was starting to wonder if they’d ever get it. Now about us here in the good ol’ USA…

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  • Black Spike

    Hi guys, here is a short unboxing video I made, of the Galaxy S3

  • Hardly Normal

    Remember Samsung (or carriers for that matter).. Don’t make the “Harvey Norman” mistake of pricing the S3 stupidly high compared to overseas markets. People who want one will just buy one from overseas and other customers will just be driven away to other handsets.

    • Stephan

      That’s bull shit, ur a real dumbass. I’m the manager and you seem to be a low life with no job so why don’t u just BACK OFF!