Samsung Galaxy S3 and Mobile World Congress, Our Take

by: AlexanderJanuary 23, 2012

There is about 40 more days until Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona in late-February, and we are expecting Samsung to show off and announce the next line of Galaxy S smartphones featuring Android, Galaxy S3. We have seen so many rumors about the device(s), already and it’s just going to get even crazier as we get closer to Mobile World Congress.

Some of the latest rumors that actually feel and sound like they are true:

  • Quad-Core Exynos Processor: Exynos is Samsung’s own chip, I doubt they would put anything other than an Exynos processor in their Galaxy S3 devices.
  • NFC: Near Field Communication is already in Samsung’s last two Nexus devices, so why wouldn’t they add it to their Galaxy S3 lineup? Especially if it launches with Ice Cream Sandwich, then it can utilize all the features in Android 4.0.
  • LTE: If Samsung is planning on launching a Galaxy S3 on a carrier other then T-Mobile they need to have LTE features. Verizon is already an LTE network, AT&T is rolling out new markets, and Sprint will have theirs live later this year.
  • No Physical Capacitive buttons: In Android 4.0, Google got rid of the need for physical buttons with the on screen buttons, so now any phone launching with physical buttons just seems silly, and a waste of screen estate.
  • 12MP Camera: This is sounding more true after what Sony announced at CES earlier this month, with the Xperia Ion and Xperia S. But will the Galaxy S3 launch with a 8MP, 10MP or 12MP camera? To me an 8MP camera is more then good enough, as long as it can shoot at 1080p.
  • 4.5-inch screen: I wouldn’t be to surprised if the Galaxy S3 launched with a 4.5″ screen or larger. Seeing as the Galaxy Note has been widely successful with it’s 5.3″ screen and we already have the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 and Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch with a 4.5″ screen.

As far as processor speed we’ve seen rumors of a 2GHz processor, which is way more then what Android OS needs. My 1.0GHz Dual-Core processor in my Droid Bionic flys through everything. Internal storage and RAM is also up in the air, we’ve also seen rumors of 2GB RAM, and 32GB or more of internal storage.

What does Samsung need to put in the Galaxy S3 to talk you into buying one? Hit up the comments and let us know what spec’s you want to see.

  • Kashif Nazir

    needs a notification light, sd card slot and i’d prefer the newer 5250 (i think) exynos dual core instead of the quad core and samsung can take my money now :)

    • Luis A Diaz Jr

      I think that I read somewhere that it will have a sd card slot.

  • Rick

    Nothing, I have a bionic, & lapdock.

    • Yeah the Bionic rocks! How awesome is the lapdock? Haven’t gotten one yet but I’m curious to see how good it works.

    • Derek

      Nothing you have a bionic??? Thats why you were so intrigued to read up on the Samsung galaxy s3 ! In the closet Samsung fanatic no worries man its not to late to see the light and get a Samsung Galaxy series phone after all they are the best

  • Jan

    the mali t604, samoled plus hd and a great camera would be cool.
    the exynos 5250 or 4212 would be my choice for the processor.

  • bigger and batter battery, notification light, good quality headphones in the box. After that I would pay any price for a 4.5″ or 4.7″ phone !! :)

  • Luis A Diaz Jr

    If the rumors are true that it will be 4.65+ inches, then a built in sylus like the note with the same stylus centered applications as the note would be awsome. I love the Note but it may be a little too big. I will get one anyway for Sprint if the Note makes it to Sprint, but not if the SIII has stylus support!!

  • Gfjdjj

    Free internet .. 4g .. ultra iso .. 16 mb .. 3d shooting and display .. 64 gb .. 2 gb ram .. quad core 4.0 proccessor .. 1 million mAh battery .. extra high sound .. anything might surprise us …..

  • HD screen no less than 4.65 inches, preferably without the nav buttons sucking up valuable real estate. 2GB ram, 16gb internal storage in addition to an expansion slot. dual or quad core CPU but more importantly a solid GPU to drive all those pixels. I would rather have more mAh than fewer MM of thickness so bring on that 2500 Note battery!

  • Lalabola14

    Beats audio 4 better music quality…just like htc sensation xl…

    • Luis A Diaz Jr

      Doesn’t HTC have the exclusivity rights to beats by Dre?

  • Akhnaten777

    All the above but we now know it’s about smoothness it’s all about the GPU power that’s what’s going to put Android over the top this year with phones and tablets.

  • i would definitely love to get a phone with these specs.
    currently i have a samsung galaxy s I9000 and i’m not very satisfied with it.
    i think galaxy siii will be my next.

  • Bigmystory

    I want 4g so I can videoconference on the go. Pleeeeeeease

  • Official: I don’t care about a phone that isn’t going to be on Verizon Wireless

  • Anonymous

    Could Samsung Galaxy S Advance launched instead of Galaxy SIII at MWC

  • Sonyericssonarc86

    double shutter..mean we can snap a pictures even when we’re recording video..more battery life and more memory support (internal or external)

  • now only wait and see what the will launch but on this time nothing to have confirm by officials. i dono why they make surprise for users.

  • My friend owns Galaxy S II and it’s touch works like a charm. I never tried it but I’m sure that would be even better than S II