Samsung Galaxy S3 with 64GB internal storage starts selling in Italy and Germany

by: Bams SadewoOctober 9, 2012

The story of the 64GB version of Samsung Galaxy S3 began when the phone was first announced to the world. It might be hard to believe, but almost half a year has passed and we are yet to see it officially hitting stores, despite Samsung’s confirmation in July that the phone would come out in the latter part of the year.

There were hints that the Galaxy S3 with 64GB onboard storage would be available in October. If the idea of having a total of 128GB memory on your phone – since the the Galaxy S3 supports up to 64GB microSD card — excites you to no end, you’ll be pleased to know that several outlets have started offering the elusive variant of the Galaxy S3.

For folks in Italy, we’ve spotted several retailers that have the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 up for sale, such as ePrice and Marcopolo, which are selling the same 64GB variant of the phone for €799 (US$1,040). Meanwhile, Amazon Germany has listed the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 for €704. If you hurry, you might be able to get what limited stock the online retailer has of the quad-core phone.

Despite the difference in prices, the listings have one similarity: the only model that is being offered is the onyx edition. So it looks like the extra storage is reserved only for the black Galaxy S3, at least for now. Aside from the bumped up storage space, the model still carries the same specs.

For those in the U.S., we know that Verizon is bringing the black and brown variant of the Galaxy S3 soon. Though nothing has been confirmed, there’s a possibility that we’ll be seeing the higher capacity model as well.

Do you mind splashing out at least an extra $100 for the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3?

  • Good way to rip off ppl, seriously im pissed with the way samsung doing business. Launch product then release them one at a time over year. 1st with 16gb 3g, the. 16gb 4g, then 32 and 64gb. Why the f*ck you do that for? Keep ppl buying one after other? Like now i want to buy 64gb note 2 i would have no clue when it will happen. Dont f*^*%%king say you have it at launch when u cant release it. It is same as saying it come with 128gb but hey it will be in 2013 because we dont know how to make 128gb one yet. 6 months after 1st release you must be joking. That is why so many ppl still buy apple even they not good as you, but they dont make bs crap with 2 models 1 is 3G and 1 is for 4G like you. And they have 16/32/64gb on the same release date.

    • TechGuy

      I too want either s 32GB or 64GB Note II – the delay in availability must be costing Samsung lost sales.

    • Techie_Honey

      You are certainly free to waste huge sums of money trying to buy every device ever made. I don’t.

      Surprise! Devices will always get big, better features. More ram. Faster CPUs. etc. Better screens.

      So *YOU* decide to waste all that money… and you are mad at the people that keep improving things?

      I think you should be mad at yourself for having 0 self-control.

      Guess what. There will soon be a 256gb device. Then… hmmmm… gee… I don’t know… maybe a 512gb model. What a shock!

      • What improve? Im talking about they delay to release each of their model to rip off ppl. That is not technology improvement. And no i domt waste my feakin money for this crap. I mad becuase i cant buy what they advertising on the release date which is 64gb variant.

        • rob


          • gcappa

            Waiting for the Note 2 64gb.. for now I can continue enjoying my first Note.

        • agree on that totally, waiting for 32GB variant of GSN2. No clue when it will be released, makes me hate Sammy for that !

          • Really

            That is what i don’t understand instead of me buying a phone on release date. They expect me to wait for the version i want or buy one now and then buy later (not going to happen) by then they they would have announced the next model.

            The s3 was released in spring with a whole lot of false advertising (64gb, wireless charging) and all now we cant see them. In 6 months the s4 will be released and then what? I would like a 64gb note 2 but using the s3 as an example that wont be happening anytime soon. We need Htc,Lg,and Sony to step their game up and then we will see choices across the board.

            Every year apple pushes out their new model with all versions coming out within a month and their competition cant get it together.

  • Techie_Honey

    I put every imaginable app,,,, and song…. on my phone… and can’t even seem to use 50% of my ram.

    Secret: I don’t put high-def videos on my tiny phone screen. (I have a TV set for that.)

    Besides… why pay $100 for the extra RAM when the same sized SD card is only $25????

    • cunt

      You’re a cunt, some of us travel the world for business and don’t sit in front of our fucking televisions. Samsung lose because i will wait and even then i won’t but straight away, as the note 3 will be launching by then….. Piss poor 16gb actually 11gb after shit loaded on to it

      • Hungrywog

        Samsung full of it 64gb, will end up being 57gb while the rest is bloatware. I’ll sit with my note 1 and just wait….. The note is a specialist phone for a certain audience by default it should have 64gb and twin micro sd slots

        • john

          yes u are right……..

    • Really

      because i need 120 gb+ of storage and have the money to pay for it. You don’t need it but i do, buy the version that suits you and allow the people like me that want the 64gb version to ask for it. I see people all the time with a phone and then a ipod, that’s their choice how about i just get a phone with enough memory for all my media and work files.

      It is perplexing to see people think that only their needs/ wants matter in this world.

      P.s. next time you plan to buy a car get a bus pass instead. you don’t need to drive around the bus will get you there.

  • ghostnyc

    Quad core with LTE in the U.S would be nice- any one have any insight if that is ever happening?
    The Note 2 has those specs in the States- so its possible.

  • Working 24/7

    Now where’s the Note II variant of this? In Korea they have those glorious 128GB beasts. Why not everywhere? If someone needs the memory and doesn’t want to carry a laptop or hates a tablet – why not a get a phone that will let you carry your work with you? When I see people making fun of someone else when they call a company out on their false promises to consumers I wonder if they are actually doing anything useful with their “smart” phone. You get charged $25+ for taking a laptop onto a plane plus you have to deal with some fat ass or a snotty brat that is allowed to run loose. Do you want some drooling employee of the underpaid and under trained TSA breaking or stealing your electronics? I’d prefer to have something small, powerful and easier to protect from large asses and nasty brats when I travel. When some stupid bitch thinks YOU should let her brat “play” with your laptop you are working on – you can see why I get testy with this subject. I would LOVE a smart phone like this and avoid dealing with drooling idiots who drop company property, fat people who feel their ass belongs in half of my seat. I have had to deal with nasty kids whose parents were too cheap to buy their brat a seat and somehow think the woman with all the electronics will somehow babysit or entertain their little monster. Unlike the idiots I encounter I actually WORK with my machines, not dick around like a basement dwelling loser.

    Instead of whining about someone’s legitimate complaint go play your video games on your smart phone. I can’t believe what people use their smart phones for. Mine is strictly for work and if people are going to be stupid enough to shell out over a $100 a month plus the cost of the phone to just play games then they need to just buy a freaking PSP or something. At least they’re made for that and you’d get more gaming out of it. You’d have to be an idiot to repeatedly spend that much money and get absolutely NOTHING in return. Those of us who expect to be able to get work done with our smart phones we would appreciate it if the morons who have the money to throw away would STFU.

    To have a smart phone you can take anywhere in the world and be PRODUCTIVE is incredibly useful and it’s aggravating for any company to advertise such a device with those specs if they aren’t going to offer it. Having seen what the Note II can do it’s a shame Samsung doesn’t see the potential in this device. I expect that when a company says it will release three variants of a product that it will do so in a timely manner if not on the same day. There is nothing wrong about people being angry or feeling ripped off. Those of us who work look at these smart phones not as a toy but as an investment / tool to help us or our employees to be more productive.

    That being said I’m not waiting a year for a 64GB variant of the Note II to come out because there will probably be a competitor who will offer a device with similar features. If a company isn’t going to keep it’s word they’ll soon realize that customers will go buy products from companies that will. I have a feeling its golden era of being a pioneer won’t last long into next year. Linh Nhat Ha has every right to be mad – and so do I. If you don’t like it – kiss my productive self-employed ass.

    If you want to whine about why someone would need or want so much memory in a phone just reread the above since you were too stupid to get it the first time.

  • Samsung-I9300 Galaxy SIII Saphire Black Edition 64 GB is powered by Android
    4.0, 4.8-inch display with 1.4GHz Quad Core Exynos Processor, 8
    megapixel camera and weigh around 133g. It has Micro SD slot, NFC
    connectivity, battery capacity of 2100mAh and talk time is 11Hrs.