Australia has joined Germany on the list of countries outside of South Korea that will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G. Naturally, we’re talking about the quad-core variant of the phone, and not of the dual-core Snapdragon S4 version that Americans are getting. The Samsung Galaxy S3 4G will be carried by Australian mobile operators Optus and Telstra.

If you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G on Optus before September 17, the carrier said that the phone will be shipped out on September 20. The service plan on Optus starts from as little as $30 (200MB data allowance) to $80 (2GB data allowance) per month with a two year contract.

Meanwhile, the 4G phone will only be available on Telstra in October, though no specific date has been given. You can register yourself on the carrier’s website to get timely updates of the phone’s availability. As for the price of the Galaxy S3 4G there, Telstra hasn’t provided any details either.

Both carriers will have the Onyx Black and Titanium Gray version of the phone for sale. And yes, the phone will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box. If you don’t particularly like being stuck on a two-year contract, you should be able to buy the phone outright from Samsung stores as well, such as this glitzy Sydney branch.

Any folks in down under ready to snag the 4G-capable Samsung Galaxy S3?

Bams Sadewo
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    I dont have the Galaxy S3 but just curious why there are phones coming out in a couple weeks with Jelly Bean but they have yet to update those who have the Galaxy S3 already ? Anybody ?

    • The sceptic in me says “To encourage you to buy the new one”, but with the releases so close together, I would hope that’s not the case. The original S3 update to JB is widely rumoured to be very close … so maybe it will be released around the same time as this new version?

      • ChristieNooks

        Yes, all Galaxy S3’s will be updated to Jelly Bean very soon. If you already have an S3 running Ice Cream Sandwich you will not have to buy a new phone just to get Jelly Bean.

        • Down With Blizz

          Not that you needed to get a new droid to get a new update for it before…

  • jasontoheal

    Tempting. If the new iPhone is not up to par, this could be an option.

    • Jon Garrett

      why wait, you already know what the i5 will offer—NOTHING except a new design. iOS will still be boring and limited and have nothing new and exciting about it.

      • Down With Blizz

        Oh Oh! But it has Panoramic photos… oh wait the S2 had that… Oh it has its own turn by turn navi… oh hangon… every android phone has had it… nope, no youre right, nothing new.

    • Lev186211


  • Ben

    Battery life could be key!

  • Will they also make a 4G Version of the Galaxy Note 2 or is it already 4G?

  • Faith

    I can’t wait for the Jellybean update on my Samsung Galaxy S3!!!
    ICI 4 DMA a web developer

  • Ghostnyc

    any information on availability of this device in the U.S?

  • Lev186212

    If they release it with four little screw in table legs it would be an awesome device to rest my iPhone, breakfast plate and watch TV on at the same time.

    • Down With Blizz

      And it would still out awesome your ishit just by being there.

  • Terminator91

    Believe me, my Aussie brothers, you’d much rather have LTE and 2gb of RAM as opposed to quad-core. Very few apps exist that even utilize four cores, and all major games work fine on the dual-core.
    With the 2gb ram, you don’t get any force closes or reloads either. Plus the battery life saved with two cores offsets LTE.