Samsung Galaxy S2 to Shine as Sprint’s Newest Star in Late July

by: Elmer MontejoJune 6, 2011

So many good things have spread by word of mouth and by word of touch-type about the Samsung Within. One such sweet news item reported last week on AndroidSPIN was that Samsung Within will be soon within the Sprint network as Samsung Galaxy S2. AndroidSPIN’s insider information came from someone within Sprint.

The bigger, happier news that AndroidSPIN’s source whispered just last Friday was that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be released in late July. The source, however, did not divulge the precise date or the price, although one Sprint rep claimed it may be somewhere around US$350.

Sprint already has the Samsung Galaxy S (Samsung Epic 4G), and come July, they’ll be having the Samsung Galaxy S2. Just right now I’m starting to feel that Sprint’s collection of galaxies is fast becoming epic, as so many Android fans have been anxiously waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Well, the good news is that the cat called Samsung Within is already out of the bag and will be within Sprint’s embrace as Samsung Galaxy S2.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 sports a dual-core processor (Exynos XMM6260, 1.2 GHz) much faster than its older sibling, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread is going to unleash its sweet power. The Galaxy S2 also has a Super AMOLED Plus screen larger (4.3 inches) than its predecessor’s, and carries a better camera (8-megapixel)–with LED flash to boot. Its RAM power is more than enough (1 GB), as is its built-in storage capacity (32 GB). The Galaxy S2 will also be completely touchscreen–no keyboard this time.

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates about the Samsung Galaxy S2. Have you made up your mind yet on what Android phone to buy this summer? Or are you going to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S’s younger sibling?

  • toonz

    I don’t like that it’s a full touchscreen or that it has a touchpad
    I currently own an Epic and I love my phone, but this GS2 disappoints me

  • I am ready too see what Sammy cat have in the bag.(GS2)..WOW!.I love the Epic 4g and going too stick with it.

  • kinematix

    About damn time Sprint releases another great phone WITHOUT ruining it up by adding a keyboard.

  • Currently have the epic and is looking foward to getting the s2. As for me I love the keyboard and hope sprint does add it. But It wont be a deal breaker for me if it doesnt.

  • Needajob80

    sprint says they don’t think the phone is not coming out with the Galaxy S2. they said that sprint has been using third party information. what a drag…….