Remember the software update that T-Mobile recently pushed out for the Galaxy S2? At that time, the carrier said that aside apart from bringing the latest iteration of Ice Cream Sandwich and removing some bugs, the update also brings NFC and ISIS support. But is that really all? Not quite.

The maintenance update, which can only be downloaded if you connect your Galaxy S2 to Kies, reportedly also disables the phone’s universal search feature.

Granted, this isn’t a cause for great concern, as most likely not many users are even aware that the universal search function has been stripped off from the phone. At best, the fact that you can’t search for local files on your phone will be a slight inconvenience – the same feeling that owners of  some variant of Galaxy S3 have experienced first-hand.

It also probably explains why T-Mobile didn’t bother listing the removal of the search function on the change log of the update. Still, it’s a pity that something as basic as doing a local search on your phone has to be disabled due to a seemingly questionable patent that the competitor has.

Have you noticed the universal search function disappearing from your T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S2? Will you miss it? Sound off in the comments below.

Bams Sadewo
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  • wtf? even searching your own device is patended?seriously? maybe samsung must patent the use of smartphones with hands…go apple, make the first footphone

  • how can someone patent universal search man
    US dumbest court ever

  • Apple is as greedy as F&#K!!! They should just make better phones in order to compete with their rivals. But, they opted to patent wars to get the upper hand on sales. Shame on you Apple! Just because you can’t compete with Android you decided to do this! F@#K!!!

  • Fukkple!!!!!!!!

  • DAngelo8

    How can Bapple own a patent on that? I had been using that feature with every Palm product I owned, a feature I used extensively on my Treo but sorely missed on my subsequent phone.

  • rose

    I wondered why when I searched my music wasn’t coming up! Ugh. The US should be ashamed that there is such a patent. I’m sure google should have more rights to “search” than apple. Google should block iphone from accessing their search engine.

    • Allan

      That would be one heckuva f you. I’d get behind that.

      Can’t stand apple unless it’s sliced, cobbler, pie, sauce, or butter.

    • juan benavidez

      i knew something was different about my phone, but couldn’t pin point it! Now that i am aware I actually do miss it and could really use the universal switch function! It’s a shame ! That Apple has to patent searching your own phone files using Universal search. I mean didn’t Palm, with their PalmPre phones use extensively the Universal search function? That was back then!

  • Austin H

    I’m using cm9… No problem here.

  • a

    First rule of Android – NEVER update through KIES.

  • Lost all respect for Apple, will never purchase another Apple product. This behavior is nothing more than greed and serves no consumer.

  • Apple has not discovered how much the american public hates this behavior and greed, hope they notice when people stop buying. Went out of my way to upgrade to an S3 to be sure I got one before Apple makes it impossible. Yes Google should block all Apple products from accessing Goggle. Goggle should sue Apple for trying patent search, clearly Goggle was there first. Come on Google step on the Apple.

  • Allan

    Once I discovered the universal search, I started using it quite a bit. I found it easy, and enjoyed it quite well.

    I just updated to 4.0.4 and miss it already.

    I’m going to start looking for some sort of alternative.