Samsung seems to be by far the busiest bee in the Android “hive,” preparing us all a hotter than hot end of 2012. The Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is already out and looks pretty good, while the Note 2 “phablet” is just about confirmed as coming in less than two weeks.

Meanwhile, Sammy seems to be making quite the efforts to improve their current line-up of super-phones as well by updating as many devices as soon as possible to the latest and greatest Android version.

The Galaxy S3 will most likely get to taste Jelly Bean goodness the first, in only a matter of weeks, which should not come as a big surprise. What might be surprising however is when Samsung is planning to upgrade the first-generation Galaxy Note and the GS2 to Android 4.1.

According to SamMobile “insiders,” it has been “confirmed” that both gadgets will be getting JB in October at the latest. While a couple of weeks ago it was reported that Samsung only begun testing Jelly Bean for the S2, it now seems that things have gone smoother than anyone had expected. “The tests by Samsung are fine and Samsung will make the public KIES release version if everything goes according to plan … in September – October,” say the guys at SamMobile, who’ve supposedly heard from an anonymous tipster.

Now, it’s pretty obvious that we should be very cautious with this report, as it is based on nothing else but unconfirmed speculations. Then again, SamMobile does have a pretty good track record with such rumors and assumptions, so the online publication might be on to something once again.

In any case, we certainly hope to hear something official on this matter from Samsung at the Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29. I’m sure that you all hate mystery as much as I do, so, no matter if the upgrades will be ready or still in initial testing phases, it would be mighty nice from Sammy to mention a thing or two about them.

How excited are you about the prospect of having your GNote and GS2 so swiftly updated to Jelly Bean? Or have you got the upgrade bug out of your system already by flashing one of the unofficial Android 4.1 custom ROMs?

  • Theodis Smith Sr

    Hope so. That would solidify their position as top phone maker.

  • MasterMuffin

    How can I get the official JB to my rooted sgs2 with cyanogenmod 9 (I’m sorry if this is a stupid question..)

    • Costa kavvouras

      You can’t cyanogenmod has nothing to do with Samsung, and cyanogenmod 10 is what you want if it jelly bean your looking for

      • MasterMuffin

        Why does my comment have 10 dislikes!?!? Anyway, what I ment was how can I get the official JB when it comes, I’m now using Cyanogenmod 9, but I already solved that problem

  • Dustin

    I’m happy to hear Samsung has learned that they need to keep there customers happy. I can’t wait for jelly bean on my s2.

    Way to go Samsung!!

  • NoteOwner

    I’m encouraged by the news, and I only hope that AT&T feels as devoted to supporting their customers as Samsung does. No guarantee that will happen, sadly, so I keep my hopes high, but my expectations low.



  • vasu

    Thanks for d news. If gs2 wontget update den it really hvbad impact on sam customers . Hope so we ll get jb for our gs2 . Want 2 use my gs2 smooth again nt dis laggish ics :/

    • g8

      Do you honestly think people can understand what you just wrote?

  • xiaoxiaobin746