Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update in India

by: AdrianApril 3, 2013


Smartphones are not usually like wines, getting better with age, but there is the occasional Android gem that can at least keep up with the times and stay hip for more than 12 months. Case in point, the two-year-old Samsung Galaxy S2, a phone that’s no longer top of the line, but that remains a great choice for folks on a tight budget.

Especially since its on-board software has been revamped courtesy of an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. The JB bump is yet to land on all different GS2 versions around the world, but Samsung is working on making the transition as smooth and fast as possible.

The latest country to get 4.1.2 is India, where the GT-I9100 model is available. The update is rolling out over-the-air, but if for some reason you’re yet to receive a prompt message to download and install it you should check for it through Samsung Kies.

Galaxy S2-Jelly Bean

You’ll want to have your battery above the 50% mark before anything and a strong Wi-Fi connection, because this particular bump is quite massive. You’ll be getting a whole new interface (the Galaxy S3-specific Nature UX), plenty of Project Butter performance enhancements, as well as Google Now integration, Direct Call, Smart Stay, Pop-up play and much, much more.

The Galaxy S2 is likely to never get Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, meaning the 4.1.2 update will be the last major one to hit the 4.3-incher. There should also be a 4.2.2 bump in the not so distant future, but that’s nowhere near the magnitude of the 4.1 tweak.

Besides India, Jelly Bean has buttered up the GS2 in most European countries already, as well as Canada and South Korea. America is still waiting, but something tells us the invitation to the JB party is not going to be stuck at the post office for much longer.

But back to India. Has anyone got JB around those parts? OTA or via Kies? And does the “new” GS2 feel as faster and smoother as you expected?

  • harly


  • Thank you! for the news I have been waiting for a long time. (Had downloaded the UK version but decided to wait for the official release). Willl update once I get it. Now is not very exciting in India (Installed 4.1.2 on my wife’s Note)

    • sadashiv mukherjee

      I have installed the spain rom previously, can i install the indian veraion?

  • finally they launched it in India… i have started the procedure.. hope it will end up quickly and i begin to enjoy my whole new S2

    • Ssg

      Yeah good luck with that if you think you are going to be getting a whole new s2. Well actually yes, it will be a whole new s2…one with battery eating issues and plenty of lag.

  • tanuj

    its a disgrace that half of the population using I9100G are still waiting for an update while other half is enjoying jb.

    • yes am also using the G varient.. and update is not avalable in kies or OTA

      • aditya

        It’s frustrating seriously…don’t know how long we should wait for the update for the G varient :(

  • Vikram…

    really….its a good news for Indian I9100 user..

  • darvesh

    S2 1900g still wating

  • adellphos

    Adrian, do you have some news of when Android 4.1.2 will be available in Romania?

  • Raj

    I got the update is now running. Im draining my battery after first flash. It feels smooth and fast :)

  • meidie

    OMG.I updated mine. It’s really cool

  • Amber Mahajan

    Finally India Galaxy S2 tested Jelly Bean…Delicious !!!

  • Dhairya

    Thank you! for the news you guys rock!

  • hemant

    i havent received it it confirmed news..??

    • fahr3nh3it

      If your device version is i9100 then you should get an update It is not out yet for i9100G.

  • Arun

    I have updated my s2 to jelly bean through kies….awesome experience.

    • Balaji

      How to update through kies?? i am not able to update pls help me on this

      • Open Kies..then connect your S2 to PC. Then it will ask you to update to jellybean..then click update..thats it

        • Balaji

          No I am not getting such message

          • Vipul Kothari

            I am also facing the same problem

        • kaushik mondal

          the same thing happens with me

    • Chintu

      After the entire download, I get a message stating that the device is not recognized, reconnect and start the download process once again… Any ideas pls…

      • Do you have windows 8? If so, it will not work. You have to go to another machine with XP or Win 7.

        • Chintu

          Thank you… but my desktop is on XP only…. nd last night trials also failed pal…

    • Manoj

      hows the battery life.

  • Installed it. Installed Google Now (Search). Dont see much of an advantage yet.

    • rahul

      I have also installed the Spain version. But not getting the indian update. How did you update with indian version?

  • sohail144

    plz help is it ota or i have to update it via kies

    • no rply

      try to update with Odin………… it also not gona void your warranty

  • Peeyush Malik

    Having problem with my Kies software
    even after installing latest version of kies it says that latest version of kies needs to be installed for firmware upgrade

    • no rply

      dude y to wait so much ………… try Odin

    • Shaiju Bhaskar

      Downloads offline setup file from samsung official site, uninstall kies from your pc, then restart the system. After that install the latest kies software you downloaded to your system, and your problem is solved.

  • balaji

    how to update JB to my samsung s2 via kies… please let me know the steps

  • Achu

    Got the update an hour ago..and my phone is saved from the stupid is update..thank you it’s working well

    • Balaji

      How you updated??
      i am not able to do either OTA or kies(Latest version)

      • its available via kies

        • gaurav

          having problem while updating via kies …after completing 100 % in 6 min it shows error message..what is this …plsss help

          • nitin

            i have same problem man if u get any solution then share me

        • nitin

          having problem while updating via kies …after completing 100 % in 6 min it shows unknown error msg…plz help me what can i do

      • nishantsirohi123

        go to the Samsung service center with the bill
        they shall do it for free

        but they always hard reset your phone so please make the required backup

        • Balaji

          Thank you

    • Abhijeet Kumar

      Hey Man..Please tell how you updated?
      I have not been able to update my Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) to jelly bean. I connected it to Kies. Kies displayed that a new firmware is available. I selected next. It says it is Jelly Bean Update. I proceed further .
      Kies starts downloading “upgrading components”. Its completed 100%. Then the completion window + Kies window disappear. I am trying to be patient that the update will proceed but its not proceeding any further.

      The handset is still plugged into my computer & connected to Kies while I’m writing this post. Two background programs are still running- AdminDelegator.exe & Native KiesPDLR.exe (checked in task manager on my PC). It has been more than 2.5 hrs since I started the update. There is no response from Kies. I dont know what is the problem. A simple update should not be so difficult. Kindly guide me how this update can be done. ( I have latest Kies, Samsung USB drivers, .net 4.0, latest MS visual studio installed. what else do i need?)

    • AB

      how’s ur battery life..??

  • sohail144

    whn im trying to update ota a mesg is poping up, (access to the software update service is provided to users in order which they requested it.try later) what does it mean plz help

  • singapore s.. still waiting..

  • FINALLY!!! Jellybean for S2 arrives to India. Its Awesome, butter smooth. And now battery drains very very fast!!! haha but i don’t care about it…

  • Jeet

    my jelly bean update process is stucked at 1% for last more then hour, is this happened with any one of you while updating S2 to jelly bean?

  • Sanjog Birla

    i updated sg2 with jb 4.1.2.

    it does not had the premium suite in it, like it was made available to sg3…
    so no multi-window feature.
    Also there is no option for customize on notification bar through smart setting option…

    other, its working fine…

  • carmo

    Updated to Jelly Bean over the air…some major changes and features….love the new UI..

  • deepak

    Got the jelly bean update on my S2 after long wait. The interface is indeed buttery smooth. Far better than ICS which had lots of issues. The only headache is the battery. It is draining rapidly after the upgrade. Too many widgets on the desktop is killing the battery. Nevertheless the jelly bean upgrade is a big step forward and the android experience has never been better.

    • salman

      to which area do u belong???? m from karnataka but i dint get any update so asked.

  • fahr3nh3it

    No update for i9100G version of device yet. Just checked @ 1500 hrs, Apr 03, 2013.

  • manju

    got updates with all s3 features incorporated super ……………………………

  • Sanjay Joshi

    Did upgrade successfully but no multi-window feature. Also there is no option for customize on notification bar through smart setting option…

    other wise better experience.

    • NK

      u may get it in the last update in 4.2.2. If not then..u wont get it officially.. coz tht will be the last update

  • aditya

    did anyone get the JB update for s2 india I9100G model

    • sourav mitra

      Not me :(

      • adyboy

        hey! i got it today!

  • sushma yaralkattimath

    When tried to update my phone,i got this message “Access to software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it.try later”….I have samsung i19100…please help…
    Please tell me is it good idea to update to jelly bean?

    • Try updating tomorrow. their server might be busy. Jellybean is awesome..many new features..but battery is draining very very fast.

  • Nagendran

    No Update Yet for I9100G

  • AD

    When will S2 i9100g model get update in India ?

  • Got the update on my 18 months old phne through Kies on 4th April. Works fine. Best thing is that all my apps, mail settings, pictures and music were restored so the transition was smooth like butter. It was not so when I upgraded ICS from GB

    • Manoj

      hows the battery life.

  • Gopal

    I updated my s2 long back using odin. Feel is better than before. Optimise your phone apps to avoid quick battery drain. Have some issues like in email sync and notifications. Smart stay not working effectively…..

    • salman

      is your phone working correct when connected through data service or has problems like unable to use online chatting apps such as whatsapp,nimbuzz,etc n even youtube.

    • AB

      how did u optimise ur phone..??
      how long is the juice lasting now..??

  • sdk

    Still dint get the update via ota on my gt i9100G model! :/

  • diya

    i hav updated my phone n selected the option of restoring.since then it has been 1 hour it is showing retrieving data from samsung account.what to do now?

  • diya

    got my phone update..n selected restore option ..since then it has over 1 hour it is been showin “retrieving data from samsung account..wat to do

    • Anisha

      Hi i’ve been having the same issues… how did you fix it?

  • Apurva Wadekar

    I Have Got My Update. Its Being Download But After completing 100% .. It Show An Error Saying’Software Update Fail.Try Again Or Do It Using Samsung Kies or visit the center” :(

    and when i try to connect my cell phone to my lappy it shows Hardware Missing.
    please help.

  • khalid shaik

    hi guyz does jelly bean hits andrhra pradesh?am waiting 4 a long tym!!!

  • mandy

    got it…installing!!

    • khalid shaik

      4m were r u bro?

  • AB

    updated to JB.. but battery got murdered..
    anyone else having problems with battery life..??
    if yes, did u get any solutions..??

    • balamuruganp

      yes i have the same issue with battery

    • Ashley

      My battery life dies so fast now, I even tried a battery booster app and it did not help. How else do I fix this? Or can I uninstall this update?

      • Manoj

        yes, you need to visit service centre to replace with ICS.

    • diNESH

      yeah.. same problem… bateery life poor

  • adyboy

    finally recieved update for my s2 I9100G varient india….wait is over huh :P

    • adyboy

      works like charm :)

  • ManasRonfhe

    I am in India but have a UK phone model. No update received yet. Please help.

  • Meetpiyu

    Jelly bean 4.1.2 vreat but due to battery drain i m back to my ginger bread atleast now batery lasting for a day

    • poof1983

      redo the update charge it over night download easy battery saver set that up and make sure u turn on ur power save mode then restart ur phone by doing this i save battery 50% .

      • Manoj

        hope so i wil also download battery saver and will see the batter performance. power saver mode is on.

  • WR

    Updated to JB. New features like Direct call, Pop-up play are working. But couldn’t find the ‘Smart stay’ option. Its suppose to be in the Display section under Settings. Anyone noticed this?

  • Casiopeian

    I downloaded Jelly Bean update through Kies for my Samsung Galaxy s2, when I installed it my phone got stuck on the booting window and is not starting now x-( Hung up on that screen even when i remove battery doesn’t help. Can someone suggest?

    • Anurag Nagori

      did you get the solution.. even I am facing this issue and not sure what to do..:(

      • Tarun Pillai

        Even i had the same problem. I went to the samsung store and got it fixed. Later when i asked them about the update they said dont update. It’ll make your device too slow!!! Can somebody please tell me what to do? Also i have the i9100g model.

  • kk

    Got the update and its awesome but how to activate multiple windows on galaxy s2

  • Nishant

    Hey guys please help me.
    2-3 weeks ago my phone was showing update for JB. that time i didn’t update it.
    but now it’s not showing “no update available”.Even in kies is showing that ics 4.0.4 is latest firmware.

    • Jigs

      I am also facing the same problem…Can anyone please help?

    • Jigs

      I am also facing the same problem…Can anyone please help?

    • Pratik

      Hey some issue, Can someone please help. Did you get any solution so far?

  • poof1983

    i like the update i just dont like how the text messaging looks. its hard to find what text is new and u must click on the text for the new text alert shuts off even if u replied. once i down load a batery saver i seen the a big savings on the power.

    • Manoj

      hi did the battery life improved ? by what percentage ?

  • Vipul Kothari

    Guys help.
    2-3 weeks ago my phone was showing update for JB. that time i didn’t update it.
    but now it’s not showing “no update available”.Even in kies is showing that ics 4.0.4 is latest firmware. Kindly help plz

  • Jaeraj Surve

    Friends pls help me

    I got a message on my Galaxy s2 for upgrade to 4.1.2. i clicked install on my phone Now its stuck on android logo….. i tried rebooting but still it the same….. pls help

    • Wei Liam Saye

      hi, i got the same problem as urs when i click on the software update on my phone itself.
      did u able to fix it?? may i have the step of solutions if u have done it?
      thank you very much!

  • diNESH

    hi guys..
    I have updated my S2 to 4.1.2 jelly bean but after i update iam facing a lot of charging problem.. when i seen it last night it was 68% then i restarted my phone nd kept a side again when i see it morning the charging was shown 1%.. cn any one help me…

  • mayur

    how to see version is available or not for updating??mayur

  • Aldrin Ti

    guys! can you help me? my samsung galaxy s2 gt-19100 i cant open it. because of the incomplete update. while i’m trying to use the odin307.