Samsung releases Android 4.0 ICS source code for Galaxy S2

by: Bams SadewoMarch 19, 2012

Rev your engines, Android developers, the Ice Cream Sandwich source code for the international version of Samsung Galaxy S2 is upon us. Yes, we’re talking about the same ICS that was just rolled out by the company to an exclusive few a couple of days back.

You can get the ICS kernel source code for your Galaxy S2 phone by going to Samsung’s Open Source Release Center website. There will be four zip files for you to download, once you do a search on the model number of the Samsung Galaxy S2; in this case, it’s the GT-I9100.

What effect would the source code have on the ordinary Joe and Jane and their Samsung Galaxy S2 phones? Probably not much and it probably won’t interest them at the slightest. But the source code does give Galaxy S2 developers, and there are thousands of them, reasons to cheer. Let’s just say that fully functioning and more advanced Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S2 are in the cards.

samsung galaxy s2

Based on reports from our readers, the official ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S2 has hit so far South Korea, Hungary, Poland,  UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Nepal, Philippine, Canada, Brazil, Estonia, Cyprus, Turkey, and probably some other regions. With many countries and many million owners of the phone that have yet to receive ICS update, we find it rather surprising that Samsung has decided to release the kernel source code so early in the game. If we had to guess, it is likely that the company is trying to push carriers to roll out the update faster.

With over 20 million units of Samsung Galaxy S2 sold, it is by the far the most popular Android smartphone in the world. But Samsung is hoping big time that the next iteration of the series will surpass this amazing achievement.

  • Mattya1989

    Sim free s2 still no update

  • 61fitz

    i have a sim free s2 still dont have update

  • Asaxa

    Sim free, from uk, no update yet.

  • Dansaturner

    does canada mean the bell gsII?

    • Ryan

      im wondering to i have bell gs2

  • Quicke


  • Ramit

    Sim free S2 from UK, where’s this update I’ve been hearing about???

  • Javierpadial7

    Galaxy s2 GT-9100 sim free uk, so far no update available, via kies neither ota

  • Anmol1519

    i have a GS2 from virgin mobile(canada) and i have no clue how im suppose to get it :s

  • Brianepatt85

    Tmobile USA and I’m not even going to wait for my update. I’m just going to pretend ICS doesn’t exist so I’m not dissapointed every month I have to wait

  • Quicke

    Tried Kies again this morning in the uk on my sim-free Galaxy s2 GT-9100 and Kies still says the latest firmware version is: PDA:KI4 / PHONE:KI1 / CSC:KH2 (XEU)

  • Tus

    simm free in UAE s2 no update yet

  • Rogue3332001

    Why would they update everyone except the usa? Please someone explain it to me, I would think we would be one of the first but for some reason they are happy to claim they are releasing it to the uk, yet clearly no one has it while we sit in the dark hearing about all the hype but being totally neglected. They need to get their together before they start loosing a very valuable market…….

  • Rthompsonccs

    how install the downloaded zip files???? are 2 files: kernell and platform .tar.gz files..!!! Thanks a lot

  • Me

    No reward from samsung for those who invested in a sim free GS2, whats the point of buying sim free when 3net get the upgrade first. As bad as Blockbuster getting pre order xbox games before the people who pre order… pass me that tin of bullshit reppellent!!

  • joe

    i have a sim free s2 and im with 3 yet still nada !

  • praveen kumar pendyala
  • David Zar

    Is it still there? I only see gingerbread code.

  • sean

    ever since I upgraded to android 4.0 .4 my screen capture has stopped working. please somebody forward this message to somebody who can fix this problem. the screen capture is an amazing feature I hope they can fix this glitch

    • xcona

      Hold home button and power button at the same time until device screen captures.

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