Android 4.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is (finally!) available in India

by: Ankit BanerjeeMay 30, 2012

There has been a lot of good news for Android and Samsung fans in India in the last week. First, the Galaxy Note got the upgrade to Android 4.0, available OTA or via Kies. There was later an announcement that all new Samsung Galaxy S2s that would be sold in India would ship with ICS out of the box. Leaving the best for last, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already up for pre-order and will likely be available in the next two weeks.

But, all the good news did nothing to stem the increasing disappointment and anger felt by current Samsung Galaxy S2 owners, who have been eagerly awaiting the update to Google’s “latest and greatest” iteration of the Android OS. Galaxy S2 owners who swore by Samsung were almost on the verge of looking elsewhere for their next smartphone, even with the Galaxy S3 on its way, because of the lack of updates on the part of Samsung.

Well, the wait is finally over, and Galaxy S2 users have a reason to celebrate. The ICS update for the device is now available either OTA (Over-the-Air) or via the Samsung Kies software suite, for both versions of the phone, the GT-i9100 (featuring a dual-core 1.2 Ghz Exynos processor) as well as the GT-i9100G (featuring a dual-core 1.2 Ghz TI OMAP 4430 processor).

The 220MB update is rather large, so if you are doing the OTA update, it is recommended to do so over a WiFi connection, to avoid heavy data usage charges. As expected, other than the performance enhancement, the ICS update brings along with it a host of other features including:

  • Updated TouchWiz UI
  • Face Unlock
  • Re-sizable widgets
  • New People app
  • Mobile network data usage function

It looks like Samsung Galaxy S2 owners in India won’t have to look at other sources for their Ice Cream Sandwich fix after all. Samsung swooped in and saved the day just in time. Does “all’s well that ends well” apply here?

What are your thoughts? How happy/excited/relieved are you that the ICS update for the S2 is finally here? If you have already received the OTA update or done so via Kies, let us know your experience in the comments section below.

  • reevester

    Too late Samsung. I’m already on CM9.

    And so is everyone I know!


    • droidhot

      hw s ur cynogen doing bro

      • reevester

        Brilliant. Smooth as a buttery smurfs bum! :D

        Sent from my Galaxy SII

  • Sureshkochattil

    Just converted to ICS a few hours back……works great…….

    • Rshindlever

      suresh can u suggest how u did it?

      • Pranidhee

        Galaxy s2 idea kolkata. I am not getting an update notification in software update settings in about phone. Sorry if I sound like a fool. Help

        • Vimal288440

          If u are able to install through Kies. use odin to flash ur mobile, Download Firmware from

          Click on Firmware tab and when firmware web appears, use following details to do ur search

          PDA: I9100XWLP7
          CSC: I9100ODDLP9
          Version: 4.0.3
          Date: 2012-04-05

          Enter the “I9100ODDLP9” in the search box available in the top right side of the page and then you can see India region listed in the menu.. Download it .. and then Use Odin to install the Firmware..

        • Vimal288440

          First Search you tube and XDA developers or Andriodadvice web pages to Learn how to Install Firmware using ODIN software. Download Odin, Uninstall Kies, Remove Sim and Memory card from Mobile before u use odin. Be careful and using Odin is vry easy .

    • Dheeraj


  • Androidfan81

    where the hell is the update for the galaxy s2 in the usa ben waiting for it sense jan of 2012 so come on people

    • ADSAS

      use kies … will update…..

    • Rogerjones919

      good question at this point i don’t even want another Samsung device…..I can’t believe they haven’t released ICS in the U.S

  • Rsoondur

    Why its taking so long for the ICS update to be released worldwide same day same time? Does have to do it country by country one at a time?Thats ridiculous man!!!! Can anyone explain pls

  • Davincicode_86

    Just upgrade to ICS….great…!!!

  • So far it looks good on my Galaxy Note; unfortunately I wear down the entire battery in about 7 hours and the Nook app (one of the major reasons I bought the Note in the first place) is now absolutely terrible.

  • Therealestmc

    Samsung sucks. Why can’t they just released the update for all unlocked international phone. I purchased the european version just so I would not be dependent on the carriers. This is my last samsung phone.

  • Nikhil Rathi

    when it is going to relese for Galaxy Note??

  • Tushar

    im done via kies but friend of mine is getting msg of ” connection timed out” after completing few % it happened trice :( … OTA is showing no update available… is possible to get it done via ODIN???? I gt n now downloading ics firmware (XWLP7 DDLP9) from samfirmware…

    • Shiva

      i am not getting the option to update the firmware via kies..any solution

    • Prajish

      re-start your phone and check again for OTA… Mine is downloading it as I type here

  • Ankit Banerjee, don’t you think your second image is cropped from here
    And we deserve a credit for the same.

    • Ankit

      Hi Puneet,

      Actually I didn’t. I did crop it but it was from a different source (original). If I had used a source like mobigyaan, I would have definitely given the appropriate credit. If there is still a doubt, I would gladly clear it up if you could give me an email address I can contact you on.



      • I replied, but it seems somebody deleted it. May I know why?

      • Jugran

        errr. not exactly rocket science to snap/get these images, not sure what you boys are fighting about..

  • Aashishkhoda

    When updates available please inform

  • Canasian3

    Melbourne Australia.

    I updated the S2 GT-I9100 to 4.0.3 ICS, now it causes an error when you try to use the google search bar. I’ve been using Opera Mobile in replacment, until Samsung updates the next update!

  • Prajith260

    no update released for gt i9100…………only i9100G model got the update….still stuck with GB…………….

  • Vaibhav Doshi

    bought a S2 yesterday. and to my surprise its packed ICS already!!

    • Big P

      Please inform if u check contacts are you able to see keypad n logs option as well

      • Suresha

        Hey This option was as part of Ginger Bread which is nice to havebut in ICS they have removed

  • Trijeshwar

    I fail to update it… It suddenly stop inbetween download due to network problem.. will i get update again..

  • Anurag bhardwaj

    i had already flashed the leaked firmware via odin

  • Siddhartha Dash

    Did the upgrade to ICS 4.0.3 via OTA. Getting a bit jittery on the
    i. When press the Home button while in Idle state, a grey stretched image flashes before loading the unlock pattern.
    ii. Just after the update and reboot, the screen started go bizzare with orangish overlay.
    Does it impact the display.. Any ideas how to fix these..

    Thanx in advance

  • dharmesh


  • Miths 112

    Pathetic update!! Jst updated the firmware to 4.0.3 on my S2 & all I got was a phone tht freezes every 5 mins, most of the apps tht require internet dnt work… Worse, Google search & Internet Explorer are both DEAD!!.. pls guys, If u r in India & thinking of updating… pls wait till they get fixed!!… A lot of pple i knw r facing issues jst like me…

    • Gururajks

      Till next update have Opera Mini or Mozila installed thru Kies USB connectivity

    • Milind

      Just go to Setting -> Manage Applications -> Browser -> Clear all Data , Restart Phone and then Restart Browser , It will work .

  • Jason

    No updates via OTA still…samsung sucks.

  • Chandru Mohan

    Yes I have upgraded to ICS now!!! List are the some of the new features after the ICS Update.
    1. Task Manager has been modified, now just swipe left or right to kill the task
    2. New functionality of data usage in the mobile, also shows individual apps data usage.
    3. Face lock recongition, its good.
    4. Font has been reduced to 2 options
    5. Google+ app has been added
    6. Now the media volume or caller volume can be changed thro screen, by moving the seek bar
    7. Settings has been customized more
    8. You can select a option where while tocuhing the screen, a cursor can be followed with the touch, which can found under settings->developer options->show touches
    9. The response is good when compared to 2.3.6
    10. Long pressing the power button, now comes up with “RESTART” option
    11. While browsing the contact, you can now see the contact picture with big size.
    12. In contact or phone log now you will be able to see only the groups,contacts and favourites

    • BB

      I have installed 4.0.3 LPQ firmware and this does not support USB keyboard. Do you know if this version of firmware support USB keyboard ? I was using
      USB keyboard with Gingerbread and after update can not use anymore.


      • Pawan

        is it really works

    • Dear Mohan.. can you please send me the link to download the ics 4.0 for s2. I am trying to find it but i am not getting the same.

      • bro. go to setting>about phone>softeware update…. n then u will b able to upgradeto 4.0

        • Manish

          I tried doing it but it says no updates available

    • Can you help me, I don’t understand how to run the update Xx

    • Pawan

      hi bro is it really working since i got a brand neww s2 and i don’t wanna take any risk

  • Deepaknaphade

    Please Ban Samsung Mobiles and all other products, if they treat Indians like this. Since India is the LARGEST MARKET for Samsung products.Samsung must make all the latest update available on priority basis and respect Indian customers. Samsung Galaxy S2 update Android 0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich available all over the world except in India. Why?

    • they are behaving with indian very cheaply we must protest

  • hey frnz i have updated my new sgs2 to 4.0.3 ics version ota…over the air…chandru mohan is right….mine too i sawesome now..i hav read many complaints regarding aftr update phone got issues…n times i hv read mostly i saw evryone updated via kies…my adv wait for sm days n update via ota..setting-phone-soft update..those who r nt getting msg of update my advc once download’ “galaxy s/s2 csc”frm playstr.n check ur csc..dnt inatsall any othr//thn again check 4 update..i might show..mine was not sowing i attempted this n +ve.or once factory format ur phone code is” *#1234#” i may wrk…i wrds for u stops here…thnx s2 is working great..ost imp earlier issues od music player cam n hangin is beign resolved itself…sounds gud..n im very happy/..

    • please help me in udating my samsung s2 its shows no update

    • US

      First learn English properly, then discuss all these fundas…

  • Shashank_civil08

    on reboot get the message process stopped unexpectedly force close.
    also cant upgrade .it hangs showing preparing components for firmware upgrade for hours.

  • vasu

    So much lags. Wtf. Jst lil things r included wid more effects. Luks same gingerbread. Ics is still neefs a lot of wrk to run smoothy

  • Krunal Jadav

    i have updated via WI-Fi. but there are some problem in new ICS update..RAM status go high & high. it consume 500mb. and make a phone very slow than that before.. sometimes it goes freezing..some applications are not working and got errors..please samsung make a next new update soon…if you have your old 2.3 version than dont update to ICS. they make disappointment..

  • Arunkumar2314

    Same issues as all you have with my updates toooooooooo

  • Rajan

    how to root new updated ICS. I9100xwlp7

  • Shailesh Dhyani

    ICS UPDATE : Certainly battery life has been increased now , phone is much faster than previous version now application efficiency is good overall ICS update is good and give a feel of new phone

    Two issue I have notice : which I would request to developer kindly fix it

    • Charging paused .Voltage too high.” on Samsung Galaxy S II . on ICS. .4.0.3. coming so many time
    • In contact or phone log now you will be able to see only the keypad logs and favourites while earlier it was 4 option you could search the contact book from log as well , infact I have checked in galaxy s3 it is still there with 4 option

  • Tsmibrahim


  • Ashish

    hi, Not able to update my S2 GTI9100. Checked in Kies and also via OTA in check update. It says no updates available. Can u help Ankeet?

    • varun

      One must upgrade the firmware version to 2.3.6 initially.
      Since ics upgrade is available via ota and the gingerbread 2.3.6 being not available likewise..
      I advice you to upgrade your s2 to gingerbread 2.3.6 and then to ics..
      I wish u all the very best! :-)

  • Hi,
    I have updated my galaxy S2 update last week through Samsung Kies and its working fine. I faced only two problems till now and frankly saying I have not test phone extensively till now:
    1) Battery draining out faster than before.
    2) I am not able to see anything (Black screen) and after few secong error message “” unexpected stop working, when I am putting my phone on original samsung car docking with charging on. If I remove charging connector then everything works fine. I feel it is software bug and request samsung to correct it very fast.

  • I want to add in my previous comment that Black screen comes when their is any incoming call. Becuase of this issue I can’t take incoming call.

    • U must have set the proximity turn on in setting. Go to setting»call»turn on proximy. Clear the check box.

  • disqus_CajO6NaGAm

    I got my phone from Dubai but it was a Nigerian model so can I update to the India ics using lies?? Is dere a problem?? Please help me out

  • disqus_CajO6NaGAm

    I got my phone from Dubai but it was a Nigerian model so can I update it with the Indian ics?? Or are dere any problems???

  • Krunal Jadav

    which is best ICS update or older 2.3.6?

  • deepak

    after this update my galaxy s2 shuts down a lot drain lot of battery and freezes please dont update if ur phone is ok please help me to get my original update

  • Krunal Jadav

    go to service station they revert back your android version 2.3.6 on your device again if you have problem with ICS 4.0.3.

  • Pravin

    after updating to ics from samsung official site it takes very long time to load contact list
    can any one help? I am fade up b’coz it was better before.

  • Erick Aqua

    Well for those who don’t get the OTA notification, you might want to try with your Samsung Kies as per the instruction on the following post:

    Enjoy your Ice Cream this hot summer :)

  • wise8890

    Bcoz it is WASTE nd USELESS….It has lots of problem…
    Plz dont upgrade it….

  • joshua

    Whatever you do samsung s2 users DO NOT UPDATE TO ISC4.0! Phone crashes, battery power 0 ( just had 100% now 10 min later power at 6% WTF! Samsung, Android, whoever is in charge of this horrible so called upgrade , i am now going with the iphone! Thanks alot.

  • joshua

    Revised i ment ICS4.0 not ISC4.0

  • samsung is behaving very cheaply with product and updates and i protest

  • i tried to update but its showing no update available

  • Prasanth

    please suggest me link to download a stable version of ICS .already changed 2 .not getting battery please suggest a link to download for my gallexy S2