Video: Samsung Galaxy S vs HTC Nexus One at Quake 3

by: James TromansJuly 6, 2010
Quake 3 on the Samsung Galaxy S

Quake 3 on the Samsung Galaxy S

They always say the proof is in the pudding. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy S serves up a whole lot of gibs and gore. Entering the arena is the new comer from Samsung, the Galaxy S, against the original and reigning champion Nexus One from HTC. Android Police report that the Nexus One can render 22 million triangles per second. Not bad. However, the Galaxy S can render a mouth-watering 90 million triangle per second. Does this difference convert to performance? The answer is, most certainly.

Indeed, the Galaxy S would certainly set the standard in mobile gaming right now. However, we certainly expect this dominance to remain short lived. Especially if the Galaxy S2 rumors are anything to believe. Anyway, check out the Nexus One alternative now.

  • Eric

    um… any word on how long the baterry lasts when you’re doing that?

  • Graphics performance is the only area I think the Nexus One is lacking compared to the competition that’s out now. It’s done well as a benchmark setter for Android phones though.