Samsung Galaxy S to launch with T-Mobile as Samsung Vibrant

by: James TromansJune 28, 2010
Samsung Vibrant

Samsung Vibrant

It seems as though the spot-light is firmly on Samsung for the time being and their Galaxy S variants. This time it is the Samsung Vibrant and T-Mobile that can expect some attention. Basically, the Samsung Galaxy S in Europe has undergone a minor face lift. The bottom row of three buttons found on the original Galaxy S has been replaced by 4 touch-sensitive ones on the Vibrant. In other departments, the Vibrant is just the same as the original device. Although it might “benefits from enhanced speeds with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network,” it is “not an HSPA+ device.”

It will land with T-Mobile sometime soon and this device is heavily linked to the countdown T-Mobile have on their ‘clue’ website. Check it out here. The problem is, it has already reached zero for me and I do not see anything exciting on the page. Oh well.


If you now follow the link on the page it takes you to a holding page specifically designed for the Vibrant. It includes all the details you would expect including what software comes with the device. Check it out here.

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