How To: Samsung Galaxy S RegEdit trick to force 2.2 Froyo Update

by: James TromansOctober 15, 2010
Force Froyo Update to Galaxy S

Force Froyo Update to Galaxy S

If you would like to grab the official Froyo release on your Samsung Galaxy S and you are not currently in the Nordic area, right now you have to wait. There is a well documented tweak that is by no means new, but I thought I would share it with our readers here.

Samsung are slowly rolling out the Froyo update to the world, starting in the Nordic areas. If you are in the rest of Europe, Americas or Asia, right now there is fairly patchy cover for the update. As far as I am aware (having read the XDA forums) only the Nordic regions are confirming the update. Here is how to force the update to your device right now, wherever you live.

* <UPDATE> *

A number of people have commented that they have now (as of 18th or 19th of October 2010) followed this guide carefully but are not actually getting upgraded to Android 2.2 – instead they are simply getting the latest version of 2.1. It is possible that Samsung have caught onto this trick and have found a way to work around. Perhaps by IP filtering of the Kies application update. I’m not certain. Anyway, as of now, I’m not sure that this is working any more. Please read down through the comments carefully to see what other users have said about the matter.

* </UPDATE> *

First, you will need the latest version of Samsung Kies. You can either update your own copy by clicking the bottom right icon within the Samsung Kies environment. Alternatively you can try downloading a copy from here. Once you have Kies installed, connect your phone via USB. If you have run a custom firmware on your device, you might find that Kies is a bit of a devil to get connected. As such, simply flash your device (back-up anything on the local SD card) using the factory reset function from Settings > Privacy > Reset (or similar). IMPORTANT: If you have installed any type of Lag Fix, unstall it, remove it, do whatever is necessary to revert because the update doesn’t like it; think brick.

Once connected via Kies, open up RegEdit (Windows > Start > Run > RegEdit) and browse to:


There will then be a few folders numbered from 1. Some people have different number of folders, but the rule of thumb is to browse to the largest (in terms of its numeric value). In here you should see a bunch of registry entries that do not exist in the other folders, such as “SoftwareRevision”. Now change the following entries to these values:


The trick here is to make sure you make these changes while Kies is on and running. If you make them while Kies is not loaded, then next time you do and you connect your I9000 you will find that it over-writes your settings and that the time you spent is wasted. So, to reiterate, load Kies first. Once you have made these changes via the registry, they are automatically saved. You should then switch back to Kies and click the update icon in the bottom right hand corner of the application (second in from the right); it is an icon of a phone with an arrow next to it. Click this and you should see that there is an update waiting for you. It will take a long time to download… but good luck!

Please let me know if I could make anything within here more clear and/or if the information is not correct from your viewpoint. It goes without saying that you do this at your own risk and you must take all responsibility for your actions.

Press release available here.

  • wayne

    Will this work with the Samsung epic?

  • chris

    Works for me – I’m on O2 in the UK.

  • Ben

    I’m in the UK and this worked like a charm! It’s now downloading and installing.

    Cheers ;-)

  • elijahblake

    just to make sure!!! This is only for the International Galaxy S right? This won’t work with any of the US versions?

  • Correct, simply answer is that it is for Samsung Galaxy S (not the captivate, vibrant, etc).

  • arild

    Thanks for clear and simple instructions, just done the update now and it worked great! (Ironically I am Norwegian, but in the UK right now so need trickery to pretend to e something I am :-) )

  • Tom

    Do you know when this update is going to be available for Australian users?

  • Keith

    on the line “DEVCONINFO” what do i type? in the example above there is nothing on this line

  • elijahblake

    so i see people are complaining about the phone still only showing around 300MB of RAM and still has lag/gps issues..

    Can anyone confirm/deny this?

  • Keith

    OK Guys download good no problems so far ignore the previous question about the last line you just leave the line blank
    Many thanks I now have 2.2 running sweet
    don’t have to wait for Orange to release their own version

  • My GPS is awesome with the update – locks inside within 10 seconds easy.

  • Joe Salter

    Worked a charm for me here in the UK. Thanks a bunch.

  • prawn1

    James, this may be a silly question but will the upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 delete all the apps you may have installed or will it just update the operating system?

  • [email protected]

    I have tried this solution but it doesn’t work for me. I am getting the following message when I attempt to get the upgrade :

    “Current version: PDA:JF3/PHONE:JF3/CSC:SWC
    This device’s version can not be updated”

    Any ideas about what certain goes wrong there?


  • Adit

    Has anyone been able to make this work with Vibrant?

  • gnein

    This worked great for me! I’m on a Bell Mobility network in Canada, so I had one extra step to take before it worked. In the registry, I had to change the “ModelName” from “GT-I9000m” to “GT-I9000”. For those that are wondering, the Galaxy S on Bell’s network is called “Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant”.

    I’ve been using the phone on the firmware 2.2 for several hours without issues!


  • Gopala

    Thanks…it worked for me as well (India).

  • Biskit

    One thing I would say is make sure your battery is fully charged before doing any of this. Kies does warn you and stop you updating if your phone isn’t fully charged though so there isn’t really any danger.

  • brkeeper

    Thanks so much, I’m pretty stupid but went like a dream for me and working perfectly, Now got working GPS at last was driving me nuts! and lost all the T Mobile stuff as a bonus, now got a phone I can love.

  • BeBuCreative

    hack doesn’t work for me .. i tried it several times, but everytime the update-tool breaks. does someone know how to solve this ?

  • clayton

    hi i followed the method and it has all worked fine. but now when i turn on wifi there is no symbol saying it is on? thus not working. i have done a factory reset and turned the phone off 3 times but still nothing. this is the first time i have done this so im new to the world of androids.

    any help would be great

  • clayton

    well strangely enough its started working i had to pair it with my router 3 times an now its connected

  • Jonathan

    Where is the android market with this version?

  • youssef

    worked great in Morocco…tought i had bricked it for a while during long install process but its fine. tkx for sharing tip

  • Rectagon

    No joy for me here in Saskatchewan (Sasktel).

  • androidguy

    noticed you provided a way for others to download the 2.2 by changing the values in kies, which is cool.
    So my question is? I live in the USA and am using Tmobile vibrant. If I change the values and hit update on my vibrant, what will happen to my phone? will it update it? will it brick it? your thoughts?

  • Anirudh

    I did what you explained, it started updating, after the update, I still have the same Eclair, the version nos have changed though.

    Now if I try to update, it says you have ver ——–, it can not be updated. I hope by trying this I have not blocked all the future updates.

    Earlier it used to say, “No updates available”

  • nitish

    the upgrade went very well….after the upgrade it displayed a message that ur phn has been upraded reboot to start…..but after tht no changes were displayed in my phone nd its still running on android2.1-update1

  • steve

    this doesn’t seem to work for me. i’m currently on jm2 (2.1 update 1). kies offers me an update but it’s jm2 that it offers, which i already have. i’ve gone through the update but i just end up with the same firmware that i started with. has anyone else had the same problem?

  • Hey Guys; for those that need help with this please be more specific about what you’re having trouble with. Also, @ Keith:
    on the line “DEVCONINFO” you do not write anything, that is why it is blank. Too much second guessing on your behalf ;)

    @Jonathan, the Android market is on the desktop or in the application tray.

  • @gnein
    good find, and good work. What was your original model called?

  • Rs

    I updated successfully, but have an unknown Baseband version (= i have no mobile connections on my device). My carrier is Swisscom (Switzerland). Anyone an idea how to fix it?

  • Didnt work for me, seemed to go through the process, saw the android upgrade icon, pphone restarted but when I look in settings all I get is 2.1 update 1
    looks like samsung have caught onto this

  • JF

    I got a Samsung Galaxy GT-9000 I’m with bell mobility in Québec Canada and I went all way throught the process, kies downloaded the new firmware install it but the phone rebooted with the old 2.1 firmware without any change on my phone, I notice a red line
    while the firmware was installing but I did not have the time to see if it was a error on the installation.

    Thanks god it did not turn into a Brick!

  • Olivier Duval

    Hi My with bell Mobility From Canada…. I wanna know, What if… this firmware, it a supossition, Crash and bug… Can i reset it to 2.1 ? (is it dangerous to do ?) do i have any rollback solution ?

    Merci !

  • wick

    I have done the update but it has only updated to a later version of 2.1. I tried the update again and it says that I have the latest firmware.

    I get this message:
    Model Name: GT-19000
    Current Version : PDA:JM2/PHONE:JM1/CSC:JM1
    This device’s version cannot be updated.

    Any help? I am really stuck.

  • Nagzo

    The download step completed succesfully, however when it started upgrading, the upgrade failed and i got the messsage that the firmware needs to be recovered. I then disconnected the phone, rebooted and reconnected the phone to the computer and re-opened kies. However my problem is when i open upgrade it tells me that the latest firmware is installed. The upgrade button is now deactivated. My phone is still working fine. Could this be because I had previously rooted the phone?

  • Shawn

    Installing Kies and building up the nads to try this here in the US…

  • Shawn

    wick i got the same thing… Can’t even try to update it… Bummer.

  • Joshua

    It seems this has been revoked by samsung since :S (they found a way to block it). If not, please anyone confirm they managed to do it lately

  • Pradeep

    I ran into the same issue .. tries this :
    and now my phone is updated to froyo.

    I also followed this before my froyo update.

    Used Odin3 V 1.30 for both .. and downloaded from here:

    So far so good ..gps, apps, gmail, wifi etc are working .. but it has only been 30 minutes..

  • Pradeep

    My mobile data is not working with this update! wi-fi – yes. 3G – no.

  • Pradeep

    Now, data on is working as well.

    Bell APN

    Press the Menu key
    Tap Settings
    Tap Wireless controls
    Tap Mobile networks
    Tap Access Point Names
    Press the Menu key
    Tap New APN

    Name: Bell Internet
    Port: 80
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 80
    MCC: 302
    MNC: 610
    APN type: Internet + mms
    Authentication Type: none

  • Yau

    I have the same issue as wick.
    Followed the registry hack, and now I’m on PDA:JM2/PHONE:JM1/CSC:JM1.
    Don’t see the Froyo update at all.

  • lgb


    Followed above instructions to the letter, update appeared to go through successfully however on restarting the phone it shows the same rom version, albeit a weird kernel version (something about root@ which it didnt say before).. Phone now will not stay on for more than 30 seconds while accessing the internet etc, so effectively bricked.

    Yay \o/

  • Hi, I have the Argentinian version, I upgraded using the method and got this result:
    Camera not working
    Tv Not working.
    Lag, central button not working to unlock the phone (used to do it).
    The firmware is stuck at 2.1update 1 and traying to update gets bad results.

  • Chris Kaiser

    Warning: Do NOT try this if your Galaxy S is from Asia with firmware version JP4. It has bricked my set. I am now at the mercy of Samsung Service. Don’t try to be an idiot – the update has already been rolled out and will reach your part of the world in a matter of days. You’ve already waited for months, would a couple of weeks more at most kill you? Really?

  • Aofl

    I had the same problem… after the upgrade still on Euclair 2.1

    I get this message:
    Model Name: GT-19000
    Current Version : PDA:JM2/PHONE:JM1/CSC:JM1
    This device’s version cannot be updated.

    Any help available for this?

  • shin

    Wick, that is normal, you had just updated the last one not 2.2. It means you have to wait till releasing 2.2 on your region.

  • mark

    i also had the same as u wick,im new to this and yet cant figure it out please help

  • Ok – so it looks like Samsung have caught onto this update. Seeing as a lot of people have tried to update to the latest version but it still seems to be showing Android 2.1. A number of people are showing this issue. Furthermore, some people are reporting ‘brick’ issues. So, short answer is, don’t force the update unless you’re willing to take the risk.

  • ppyoung

    downloading at the moment and well at the moment,will let u know how is goes fingers crossed

  • Deep

    Hi there,

    I did not remove the lagfix beta 4 before upgrading to froyo with kies.I did not come across these intructions before starting upgrade otherwise I would have done it. Kies says upgrade successful but when I reboot the phone , can see a booting animation appearing then nothing happen.
    I can still go to “downloading .. do not turn off target” mode. Is there a way to restore it from that mode.I don’t think its bricked but don’t know what to do from here. any suggestions would be welcome.

  • Unfortunately I do not know of a way to resolve this issue if you have used the lag fix. Try Volume up + Home + On and see if you can format the drive. Alternatively look on XDA forums for how to format your internal SD card via USB connection.

  • Indi

    Hi guys,

    I updated my Sam S, using above guideline. Everything went perfect, however since the update my stock message app is not working. It cant send or receive texts/mms. However my market app Handcent is working as normal.

    How can I get stock app to work or is it possible to go back to 2.1 until the official update comes through.

  • clayton

    well its been a few days now since my update and things are fine i dont think the phone responds any quicker but the battery life is better. i cant see that samsung have noticed this hack as the kies verdion is still the same? when i did mine i copied and pasted the digits so it would be right and the part that was blank i put – i didnt leave it blank?

    (uk tmobile)

  • youssef

    @james tromans:
    seems like froyo update as been stopped by samsung bc of bugs on froyo. after updating using your regedit method, kies cannot update the phone until regedit is changed everytime.
    question 1: can froyo be reinstalled using the same way (faking it has 2.1)?
    question 2: what is the next regedit changes that need to be done to update to 2.3 when it comes out bc phone not updatable as is when connected to kies.

  • I have now done this regedit and it indeed for the galaxy S international unlocked, does not work. It only ‘upgrades to latest 2.1 although it says updating actually doesnt! :-( bad times!

  • JJ

    Hey all,

    I’m in Canada here and I order the Galaxy S from the UK since I hated the Iphone 4 issues. Downloading as I type this. For those that can’t find the line for DEVCONINFO in the latest folder… for me it was the #4… go to the previous folder and it should be there. Change all the values in both folders and it worked for me.

    Good Luck!

  • Jos

    It finds the update and starts downloading but then I get an ‘Uncompress fail’ message??? any ideas

  • Pete

    I just did mine and it still comes up with version 2.1 update 1.

    It seemed to go through all the steps though and the phone reset and all, had the blue line.

    Oh well hopefully they will roll it out for real soon.


  • boyt

    thx.. ur the man.. been searching for a solution like hell diz past few days.. u really saved my life.. THX ALOT…

  • Shaun

    i used this trick too and working a treat was on t-mobile as said above its got rid of the t-mobile stuff but assaid in the phone details it says ive got 2.1 update 1 when the real update arrives will Kies tell me?

  • Val3r10

    Working for me, but of course this trick would change the salescode (along with the nv_data.bin) from the original (XEH or ITV, my case) to XEE !!!
    Is there any workaround to avoid that ?
    I actually tried different ProductCode’s (GT-I9000HKDxxx) to realign it, but always get the
    “This device’s version cannot be updated”

    It seems the XEE code is a wildcard or something like that.
    Help ?

    Thanks a lot

  • FYI… :{ Mofi in UAE. Hack works, but firmware update reads JM2, not JPx. Means it ends up with 2.1u1 Frustrating.

  • al

    Anyone know when bell canada is supposed to come out with the update? This trick only got me 2.1u1 as well

  • Ace

    bell said they aren’t doing it, we have to get it from samsung whenever it is available

    samsung said they have o idea when, just to keep checking their web @/ca

  • I tried the update a few times, but the phone rebooted back to 2.1 everytime.
    Anyway, the thing that really bothers me now is that i cannot switch to 2g mobile network. That choice has just disappeared….

  • Cellar Door

    >>>I do not believe this!!! I followed the instructions and now my phone is F**KED!!! It wont access anything now…just states force close immediately after rebooting and unlocking the screen. I am so pissed off! This is the LAST time I try anything like this. I’m now going to have NO phone for quite some time unti I can afford to take it to a REAL mobile phone engineer.

  • bfoster1992

    SO I gave it a shot and now my galaxy s vibrant wont connect to kies is there anything i can do to revers the changes made????

  • Asmah Mamhood

    @wick and shawn

    go back to regedit while the kies is open, put all the above mentioned settings, except the product code, replace its last E with U, and then after closing it, put the device on upgrade, u will see ur old version, JM1, rather JM2, u can upgrade back to previous version, as it allows froyo update on Kies, nd re upgrade, when u see the update on Kies, rather than using regedit for it.

  • NICK

    @ Asmah Mamhood

    Tried your tip, doesn’t work. Still stuck with this message even after trying your hint:

    Model Name: GT-19000
    Current Version : PDA:JM2/PHONE:JM1/CSC:JM1
    This device’s version cannot be updated.

    Any other ideas? thanks.

  • GW


    The message “this device’s version cannot be updated” means that you have to update KIES first. Open KIES and go to the bottom right icon to update the software itself… then you will be able to change your registry, connect your phone, and run the update.

  • peter

    same here… froyo is out in my region (germany) but it only says “this device version cannot be updated”.. have i bricked my phone without realizing it? please help!

  • Greg

    Yeh Me too,

    I’m in Australia on the Telstra network with an open unlocked GT-19000 and after the registry hack attempt, have this too with the latest Kies

    Model Name: GT-19000
    Current Version : PDA:JM2/PHONE:JM1/CSC:JM1
    This device’s version cannot be updated.

    I only hope that when (if) Froyo is rolled out through Kies, that there will be a way to get it updated from here.

    Also completly checked the phone and after going from 2.1 Update1 to 2.1 Update1 twice evetything was the same and worked, except for the Symbol lable text on the keypad went missing. No biggy.

    Trick is how do I know that Froyo is even available if Kies says that this version can’t be updated?

  • Malcolm

    I spoke with a technician at Samsung Canada on November 15 and she confirmed that 2.2 is officially released in Canada. I explained that Kies gave me different messages every time I tried to update, either this device cannot be upgraded or this is the latest version (I’m running 2.1 update1 on a Galaxy S). She went on to explain that they’re working on Kies to sort out their problems with it. She said they’d been working on it for a week already and it might take up to another week before it’s fixed. She said that was the reason I couldn’t download the update. I tried again today (16th) but there’s no change.

  • Greg

    I must admin that I was close to considering jumping the gun and using Odin3 to flash Froyo 2.2 myself but reconsidered as

    1. Odin3’s version of Froyo isn’t the official release.
    2. I think when they do the Kies uopdate you don’t lose all your Data Apps and contacts, as you go when using Odin3.
    3. No chance of turning it into a brick.

    Can someone who has had the Kies upgrade of Froyo confirm whether you retain your phone data apps etc or is it just like Odin where you loose everythng and start from scratch.


  • NICK

    Right…I done it! The trick is NOT to update your Kies if you intend to hack the registry.

    Instead, you download an older version (I used this one:, then with Kies opened, changed the registry’s LocalVer to, then use the hack above, but change the last letter from an ‘E’ to an ‘U’ if you are in the UK. Bob’s your uncle.

    I am now on Froyo.XXJPO.

    The full aticle that helped me to upgrade was from xda developers. Link:

  • Greg

    Re; NICK Nov 21st, 2010 at 10:29 AM Right…I done it! The trick is NOT to update your Kies if you intend to hack the registry.

    Hi That sounds plauseable and a good idea, I’m just wondering what to do down under i Oz. Would I cange it to E or leave it as U or is their possibly an A for Australasia?


  • NICK

    @ greg

    I’ve now downloaded the Hong Kong Rom (ZSJPD) for the Chinese input using the method. My phone is now on:

    Froyo.ZSJPD, which is the stock Hong Kong Rom.

    I just input the Hong Kong product code (GT-I9000HKATGY) in the registry with the above hack and it worked fine.

    ‘AEU’ is the UK product code. If you are in Oz, use GT-I9000HKKSXA for the product code vaule in the registry for an unbranded phone. There is a list of country product codes in the link that I posted.

    Hope this helps.

  • Marc

    Will this work in Ireland? Do i need to change anything?


  • Greg


    Thanks Heaps, I’ll try this and see how it goes as I do’t think kies latest version is never goin to tell me anything other than “this phone firmware version can not be updated”.

    I’ll let you all know how it goes.

    Just got to fit it inbetween looking after my newborn son as he is my other priority ATM. :)


  • jon m

    didnt work. got a message that this device cannot be updated..

  • NICK

    Ok, guys. If you get the message ‘this device cannot be updated’, you are using a too new version of Kies. I had the same message after following the original hack above, and used the following hack to get over the problem and installed 2.2.

    1/ Uninstall your Kies, then download and install Kies (link: download link is buried halfway through the article.

    2/ Open Kies and connect your phone.

    3. open regedit (do not close Kies). Change the registry’s LocalVer to

    4/ Change the product code to your country code (for an unbranded UK phone, try GT-I9000HKDXEU. For a list of other country codes, see link:

    5/ change the HIDSWVER to: I9000XXJF3/I9000SWC/I9000XXJF3/I9000XXJF3

    6/ SoftwareRevision to: I9000XXJF3/I9000SWC/I9000XXJF3/I9000XXJF3.

    7/ click update phone on Kies. You should be informed that an update is available. Follow the instructions.

    It worked fine for me. I first installed the stock UK 2.2 (Froyo.XXJPO) rom, then I use the Hong Kong product code to change to the stock Hong Kong Rom (Froyo.ZSJPD) for the chinese input.

  • I have now got it right trough kies. So its now published from samsung in Norway

  • Greg

    Hi Nick,

    I apologise for the long post in advance but I think there are a lot of others in the same boat so it may help them too.

    I did your latest entry with Kies version 93.82, and then tried the Regedit hack again. Kies when asked to do the firmware update comes back again saying that
    “Current Version: PDA:JF3/PHONE:JF3/CSC:SWC
    This devices version cannot be updated.” still.

    I also tried changing the product code in the registry, to both SXA for Australia and also using what is actually in the phone, which is “OPS” for optus and still no joy.

    I did notice that when checking the enrty for the Providers config using *#272*HHmm#(HHmm= 24 hour clock) It does give me a tab down the bottom saying Install. I wonder if due to a previous firmware hack upgrade attempt where I was just reverted to the same eclair 2.1 that actually have to apply this install?

    It seems like it is checking something else before it goes ahead to upgrade, or Samsung has gotten one step ahead again.

    When I do the *#1234# keypad check I get
    PDA: I9000XWJM2

    Really stuck still.

    Maybe I should just settle for Eclair and do a Lag Fix.


  • NICK


    You need to uninstall your exsisting Kies before downloading and installing Kies to make sure that your Kies is 93_82 rather than 03.100. Also, after installing 93_82, did you also change the LocalVer to in the registry with Kies opened before attempting the rest of the hack?

    If not, that might be where the problem is, as supposely the Kies server refuses to talk to out-of-date Kies versions, so we need to fool it into thinking that it is talking to ther latest Kies verson.

  • nick, is 2.2 froyo worth the risk of bricking your phone?
    besides stuff like skype, which dont work on 2.1 android, and flash 10.1 which seems flashis nice on my phone anyway..l. whats the really outstanding difference?


  • SAM


    i did exactly what you had stated above but it still didn’t work for me… i have the same problem with Greg. Similar to his problem, i always get “Current Version: PDA:JF3/PHONE:JF3/CSC:SWC
    This devices version cannot be updated” after i tried the steps above. is there anything else i can do to upgrade my Galaxy S to froyo?

    By the way, my phone’s original version is “PDA:JM2 / PHONE:JM1 / CSC:JM1” with the following infos:

    Firmware version: 2.1-update1
    Baseband version: I9000XXJM1
    Kernel version: 2.6.29 [email protected] #2
    Build number: ECLAIR.XWJM2

  • Greg


    Yes, I did uninstall my previous Kies, and then instal the 93_82 and changed the registry setting while pen, From what I can see it did talk to the Kies server ok, but still came up with the “unable to be updated” advice.


  • DM

    No worry Boys,
    DM is here, no fear….
    watever you did with this registry article, just forget it, thats past.

    1) Download latest Kies Registry Patcher, tool is attachment. Note: It require Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later version.

    2) Update Kies to

    3) Launch Kies Registry Patcher; If you patched the dll in the past with an older version of the patcher then be sure to launch new release as administrator since it have to revert the dll to the original version as the patch isn’t needed anymore (Right click on application > Run as Administrator).

    4) Launch Kies and connect your phone; Wait for Kies to recognize it properly.

    5) You have 2 possibilities now:

    5a) Drop down the combo-box “Spoof Product Code as” and select the wanted one. It should automatically fill the “Spoof Software Revision as” textbox with the needed data necessary to find your update.
    This feature was added in order to give all the opportunity to use the needed product code.
    The label above will be completed with the country related to the chosen product code.

    5b) From patcher select:
    File > Load Backup
    Open the backup that you want to use (e.g. kies-backup-XEU.xml if you want to spoof your phone as XEU, or if your phone is XEU yet and you want to flash it again).

    6) From patcher answer “YES” in order to apply the registry update.

    7) From Kies you can now update as normal.


  • DM

    u’ll get everything yuo need

    i’ve done it with this, now i have froyo.

  • Greg


    In relation to the latest Kies Registry Patcher, tool, I think this really is only a handy way to do the changes we all have been doing manually, but thanks for suggesting anyway.
    I gave it a go, and noticed in Ver1.6 anyway that SXA (Australia Standard), isn’t in the list. My Phones standard one was OPS. Anyway I tried it and yes gain it comes up with this devices firmware is unable to be updated, regardless of the profile I choose to spoof from in the list.

    Can’t seem to find Ver 1.7 without having to be a member of the forum anywhere too.


    Doomed to have Eclair 2.1 forever – Greg

  • NICK


    Silly question I know, but is 2.2 available in Oz yet? Also, is your phone an unbranded, un-locked version?

    Try using the UK product code, and see if you are offered the UK upgrade.

    Short of that, I am not sure what else to suggest. I can testify that the xda developer’s hacking tip worked for me, both for the UK stock 2.2 rom upgrade, then for the Hong Kong 2.2 rom upgrade when I wanted chinese input.

    All the best in your effort to get at the frozen dessert.

  • Greg


    P.S. Thanks by the way for your perservering intrest in my case.

    I’m pretty sure have an unlocked phone. said to the guys I bought it from that it had to be unlocked. It was an “Optus” carrier supplied (I think that is related to the OPS code), and I have a Telstra SIM in it nd it worked straight away. Is there a definative way to tell if it is unlocked.

    Your other question is actually very interresting in that I don’t know anyone in OZ on any website who says that they have 2.2, but I thought that is why we go to the trouble of trying to trick Kies like this as then we give the Kies system the idea that it is a phone from elsewhere, and then it goes ok give them the download. But you could be on to something. Twice I did the registry trick earlier on about 3 weeks now, and it did the firmware flash process with the “93_82” vintage Kies, but I always ended up with Eclair 2.1, but then suddenly that dissapeared as an option from downloading as I think it was kies server that seemed to remove the possibility of downloading it.

    Maybe one day I’ll just click update and it will suddenly be available, but I’m suspicious that Kies seems to try to block upgrading phones to 2.2 as it may loose the carriers specific apps for that customer so there may be a marketing agreement that kies won’t let us easily update to a generic 2.2 and loose the carriers apps. That’s one of the questions I also had,when you get on to 2.2, do you loose all the carrier supplied apps or are they retained top your setup. That could explain why Kies is taking so long to “customise” the firmware release to various countries as it has to individually modify 2.2 to retain the carrier apps for the various customers.


  • NICK


    I feel your pain as I was rushing around like a manaic trying to upgrade my phone after following the original hack posted here which didn’t work and stuck my phone on 2.1, even after the offical UK upgrade had came out. I could not find anything helpful until I came across the XDA developer article after a lot of searching. And I mean a lot.

    I never had any ‘carrier apps’ on my phone, and although I bought the phone from Vodafone online on a contract, it came unbranded and unlocked.

    From what you said, it appears likely that the official 2.2 is not yet out in OZ. Have you tried using the UK product code? Although I am in the UK, I have not had any trouble using a Hong Kong Rom here (the only diffence as far as I can see is that the Hong Kong ROM offers the option of a Chinese menu display and Chinese input. Everything else seems the same if you choose the English menu Display), flahed through Kies using the Hong Kong product code (from an offical UK 2.2 ROM).

    If that doesn’t work, you might have to take the odin route to flash your rom or wait for the official Oz upgrade, but I would certainly try to use the hack with either a UK or Hong Kong product code first to see if it might work first.


  • NICK


    Go through the XDA article and your KIES registry with a fine tooth combe if after entering the UK code, you still do not get a offer to grade. There might be residue OPUS code somewhere in the registry stopping the upgrade.

    PS: it look like your phone is unlocked if you can use another operator’s SIM.


  • Greg

    I’ll give the UK cde go as I’m pretty sre our systems are the same.

    I used t work for Telstra Mobiles in Australia and know the Radio part of the system enough to know that our phones here do use both WCDMA and GSM, whichever has the best coverage at the time which my Galaxy switches between. The code your talking about is the three character Alpha code isn’t it?


  • yommy

    it works fine. i ma on orange uk and i follow the inastruction as listed and there was a big smile on my face after i saw kies telling there is update. froyo is more stable and fsater than eclair. uk carrier are sucks.

    go for the regedit procedure and u shall live fine with froyo.

  • NICK

    Yes, Samsung has stopped the reg edit hack from working. The Registry patcher from XDA is the way forward. I have tried it, and it works just fine.


  • Neo

    Hasx anybody done it in Africa(South Africa)

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    I am so happy to read this. This is the kind of ideas that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Reading through this stunning contribution.

  • Renier

    Any one try this in South Africa yet? Will try it later if no one else has.

  • chamil

    Is there anyway of doing the same procedure for upgrade the phone to 2.3.3 official gingerbread. I have already flashed the phone with 2.3.4 custom rom