In the world of consumer electronics, people eagerly look forward to an upcoming piece of delicious gadget, and once the device arrives on the market, people start imagining what the next better thing looming on the horizon is. There really is no such thing as a finished piece of technology, since technology is always about making things better–including the technology itself.

The same case is true for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Just a few months after Samsung released this glorious, power-packed device, the imaginative minds of people have already started conjuring images of what its successor might be like. The latest comes from Ukrainian creative design company, which reportedly created a concept design for the Galaxy S II’s successor (which can reasonably be called the Samsung Galaxy S III).

Here’s how the design company imagines what the Samsung Galaxy S III might look like:

And, for reference, here’s a stock image of the Samsung Galaxy S II:

The concept image looks nearly identical to the original Samsung Galaxy S II, including the slim build, the textured back, and rounded corners. But, there are several noticeable differences.

For instance, I don’t see the light sensor and proximity sensor, which lay between the front-facing camera and the earpiece in the Galaxy S II. The Samsung logo has also been moved from below the earpiece down to the bottom edge, taking the place of the Home, Menu, and Back buttons–which have been removed presumably in favor of virtual buttons.

The display screen appears to have recovered some screen estate, too, owing to a thinner bezel size on the left and right edges. I do not know how such a design decision might impact usability, but it surely would make the screen show a few more pixels than in the original Galaxy S II. It’s possible for this concept handset to carry the same 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen as the Samsung Infuse 4G.

The bump on the back cover housing the internal antenna and speaker also appears smaller in the concept image, too. Thankfully, the 8-megapixel primary camera on the rear is still there.

The concept image also shows the unofficial logo of Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. No surprise there. What would really delight and surprise us would be if this handset, if true, would come with a quad-core mobile processor (such as the NVIDIA Tegra 3 “Kal-El”).

What about you? What do you imagine the Samsung Galaxy S II’s successor to be?

  • Anonymous

    I would say that they would drop the logo from the front and make the front almost all screen.

    You know what the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks like?
    I think that is what the SGS III look like. A “miniature” version of that.

    • Anonymous

      Touche~ I really want the Galtab 10.1..hopefully soon :) (@advancedtechkr)

  • Jon Garrett

    Why is this phone so damn ugly? and I don’t mean compared to the iPhone 4 which is in deed a beautiful piece of hardware. Its design is so 90’s-looking.

    • rd0311

      The iphone is not ugly?????? Right Jon Garrett. Iphone is ugly and fragile. Spoken like a true fanboi.

      • Jon Garrett

        fan boy? I hate apple you idiot. I refuse to support them. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I love it. when the contract expires on my iPhone 4, I’m getting an Android phone. in fact, I may just add a 3rd line to my account so I can get the LG Optimus 3D

  • lifeto

    Oh man, this is just a concept design which of course will not be applied to actual device, you’d better calm down. I have Galaxy S2 and I carried it myself from Korea as I could not wait for its U.S. launch. I think Iphone looks ugly although its UI looks great, but uh that’s google’s poor desingers’ fault, not samsung’s so, that’s a whole another issue.

  • Anonymous

    I personally am an iphone fan, but the concept looks great! I kind of wish they would get rid of the silver lining around the home button on the front. But great share anyway! I shared this news with the audience of project Advanced Technology and Design Korea and it was a great hit! Give us a follow on twitter (@advancedtechkr) and find us on facebook! ( for more up-to-date news and conversation with fans. The blog has tons of related content as well so browse through if you got time! Have a good one and happy Tuesday from Seoul.

  • Zeus

    Given a choice between the samsung galaxt s2 and the galaxy tab 10.1, which is better value for money?

  • xXGhitaXx

    The Screen its to close to the surface that will be a future problem when it will be held and a dangerous one if u drop it ><