Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S

by: Alvin YbañezOctober 10, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S2 faces stiff competition not just with fellow Android smartphones such as the Motorola DROID Bionic but also with Apple’s recently launched iPhone 4S.

The Samsung blockbuster Android smartphone remains an uncontested best-seller worldwide – with one being sold every second at this point in time.

In this comparison review, Android Authority gives you a quick view of some of the neat major features–and weak points–of both the iPhone 4S and the global variant of the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Which of these two phones is the David and which one is the Goliath? Read on to find out.

Build and Design

iPhone 4S

  • 114 mm x 58 mm x 9.3 mm
  • 138 g

Samsung Galaxy S2

  • 126 mm x 66 mm x 8.5 mm
  • 116 g

Though physically bigger than the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is amazingly thinner and lighter. Considering the powerful innards of the Galaxy S2, you’d expect the handset to be somewhat heavier and bulkier–but nothing could be farther from the truth. This Android smartphone is as powerful as it is thin and light.

Because it is light, it is a pleasure and a convenience to hold in one’s hand.

In contrast with the earlier Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a textured rear cover, which makes the phone easy to hold and protects it from scratches on rough surfaces.

Its loudspeakers are found inside the curvy bump on the back, with the camera protruding slightly from the rest of the body.

It has a sleek front surface–disrupted only by the physical Home button and earpiece–which is surrounded mostly by a plastic frame.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 did away with most hardware buttons (except the Home button) to provide a cleaner, clearer, and unobstructed view on the phone’s screen.

On the other hand, the iPhone 4S looks really identical to its older sibling–the iPhone 4. Apple did not make any significant changes to its latest phone, and only made it a few grams heavier than the iPhone 4.  Nonetheless, it feels good to hold in the hand, as well, just as its predecessor does.

Screen and Display

iPhone 4S

  • Screen size: 3.5 inches
  • Screen techonology: IPS LCD
  • Screen resolution: 960×640

Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Screen size: 4.3 inches
  • Screen technology: Super AMOLED Plus
  • Screen resolution: 800×480

Owing to its smaller screen and high resolution, the iPhone 4S effectively has higher pixel density than the Samsung Galaxy S2 –and, truly, that would account for the  sharpness and crispness of displayed graphics.

Yet, despite its lower resolution display, the Samsung Galaxy S2’s Super AMOLED Plus display brings a wide range of colors, detailed edges, outstanding contrast, and improved outdoor visibility with a lower power consumption than any other smartphone screens.

Though its screen doesn’t support high-definition displays, the Super AMOLED Plus screen in the Samsung Galaxy S2 fixes everything up, and even lets you view images and videos clearly and vividly even under broad daylight.

In terms of screen size, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a wider screen, offering you wider viewing space for videos and Web browsing.

Meanwhile, although sporting a smaller screen size, the iPhone 4S is capable of displaying high-definition images, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 relies on Super AMOLED Plus technology for an amazing display.

Phone Power

iPhone 4S

  • Processor: dual-core Apple A5
  • Clock speed: 1.0 GHz
  • Operating system: iOS 5
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • In-built storage: 16 GB / 32 GB / 64 GB
  • External storage: none
  • Battery: 1,420 mAh (non-removable)
  • Talk time: 8 hours on 3G

Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Processor: dual-core Samsung Exynos
  • Clock speed: 1.2 GHz
  • Operating system: Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • In-built storage: 16 GB
  • External storage: microSDHC expansion
  • Battery: 1,650 mAh (removable)
  • Talk time: 8 hours and 30 minutes on 3G

Both handsets have a dual-core processors, but the Galaxy S2’s processor runs at a faster clock speed of 1.2 GHz. The additional fifth of a gigahertz in the Galaxy S2’s processor makes a lot of difference in the overall speed and performance of the device.

To date, almost all Galaxy S2 user reviews would never forget to highlight how impeccable and ultra-responsive the device is. Much of that responsiveness is owed to the handset’s processor.

The Galaxy S2’s 1 GB of RAM also accounts for better overall performance, especially when running memory-intensive apps. The iPhone 4S, on the other hand, only has half of the Galaxy S2’s RAM.

iPhone 4S users cannot remove or replace the device’s battery.  In contrast, most Android handsets, however, allow users to remove the battery–the Galaxy S2 is no exception.

For storage, the iPhone 4S will have 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB models–the storage space is built into the device. In contrast, the Galaxy S2 has 16 gigabytes of inbuilt storage and a microSDHC expansion card slot for up to 32 gigabytes more storage.


The Samsung Galaxy S2 is reported to support Near Field Communication (NFC). This NFC chip allows you to use your phone for short-range, wireless transactions. The phone can be used for credit card payments and redeeming gift cards and coupons–without needing to present the actual cards themselves. The iPhone 4S, on the other hand, doesn’t have these cool chips embedded in its system.

In terms of peripherals and Internet connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy S2 will give you more connectivity than does the iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S2 sports a microUSB MHL port and supports Wi-Fi tethering. With special adapters, you can connect your Samsung Galaxy S II to any high-definition display. The Galaxy S2 also features DLNA, which offers wireless high-definition video streaming.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 vows for faster 4G connectivity, compared to an exclusively 3G-only option on the iPhone 4S.


Have you ever heard of a phone that is capable of following voice-recognition commands? The iPhone 4S comes with pre-installed voice-recognition software called Siri, which can activate common phone functions via voice commands. You can send text messages, check the weather, set reminders, and a lot of stuff without even touching your iPhone 4S.

In comparison, Samsung’s Say N Go app allows you to control the phone also with your voice. You can execute functions such as playing music/video, sending/reading messages, taking notes, and opening applications with the ease of a voice command.

While the iPhone 4S only has the Apple App Store as its main source of downloadable apps, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has multiple sources: Samsung Media Hub, Android Market, Amazon Appstore for Android, and other third-party app stores.

There are many great free apps for both handsets, although most apps for the iPhone 4S require payment.

Battery Power

Both phones are almost on par when it comes to battery rating, but the point still goes to the Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung was able to fit a slimmer battery with large capacity into a slimmer chassis.

In terms of published battery longevity, both phones have nearly the same length of continuous talk time on a 3G connection. The Samsung Galaxy S2, though, lasts longer by a half hour.

Multimedia Power

iPhone 4S

  • Primary camera: 8-megapixel
  • Secondary camera: VGA
  • Video recording: 1080p, 30 fps
  • Flash support: No

Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Primary camera: 8-megapixel
  • Secondary camera: 2-megapixel
  • Video recording: 1080p, 30 fps
  • Flash support: Yes

Apple has been known to produce the best camera technology on their smartphones. If you want to use your phone as a pocket-sized camera, then the iPhone 4S will be a great phone for you. Although both phones produce photos and videos of the same resolution, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is rather slow at snapping pictures.

Both phones don’t have any dedicated buttons for their cameras, and you have either to tap on the screen or press the Volume Up button on the side to take pictures.

The Galaxy S2, however, provides better picture quality for video calls. Its 2-megapixel secondary camera takes care of that. The iPhone 4S only supports VGA resolution for video calls.

In terms of Flash support, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has inbuilt Flash support, making it a better choice for Flash animation on the Web. The iPhone 4S doesn’t have this multimedia capability.


An amazing point to consider in favor of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is its amazing 1,650-mAh battery, packed inside its very thin, 8.5-mm chassis, together with its slot for expanded memory, flexible connectivity, and Flash support–which Apple failed to implement on iPhone 4S.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 also has a wider screen, which lets you enjoy easy scrolling and wider viewing screen for videos, images, or Web pages. Display-wise, however, the iPhone 4S’s higher pixel density will provide a sharper display, making it a wonderful phone for those who want crisper images. Yet, the Galaxy S2’s Super AMOLED Plus screen is not to be dismissed that easily either, as its rich and vibrant colors can be easily viewed even under bright light.

Both phones vary in certain respects–each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are trying their best to produce the perfect phone. However, perfection doesn’t exist in this world, except, perhaps, in the minds of consumers who each has her or his notion of what a perfect smartphone should be like.

With different views and personal preferences, the final decision of which is the David or Goliath in the case of iPhone 4S versus Samsung Galaxy S2 still remains entirely up to you.  Which of these two awesome phones is your David slingshotting the other Goliath?

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  • AppleFUD

    “The Samsung blockbuster Android smartphone remains an uncontested best-seller worldwide, with over 85 million units sold within 5 days after it was officially launched.”

    I someone smoking crack? 85 million? I don’t think so!

  • Nomipk3

    1. ”…with over 85 million units sold within 5 days after it was officially launched”.

    I am surprised to see these figures…amazing! Are you positive they are correct?

    2. The comparison of design sounds biased…iphone 4S’ look, premier materials (glass and metal) seem to have been overlooked as lot of people like sturdy and solid device and vice versa.

    3. Iphone 4S has 14.4 Mbps speed, how much GS2 is offering at the moment in terms of 4G?

    4. In terms of connectivity; it is unfair to ignore iphone’s air play and mirrorring capabilities.

    5. App store’s applications are way ahead of android with regards to quality, graphics and security and this is one the big advantages. With A5 processor gaming experience on the IP4S will be stunning.

    6. Android has voice applications but the question is: have they been integrated into the software as well as siri? Do they have the same quality as siri? No, but still Siri has to be tested in real life. Why was it not polished well for android devices?

    7. Looking at the specs of battery power on paper is a different thing, Ipone 4’s battery was lot better than GS2, wil have to see how IP4S perform in this department.

    8. No mention of icloud/itunes/ and face time.

    Last two paragarphas of the article contain the crux of the matter, however I found the comparison to be biased towards SGS2 but I guess that is understandable as this is android platform.

    • fitz

      “2. The comparison of design sounds biased…iphone 4S’ look, premier materials (glass and metal) seem to have been overlooked as lot of people like sturdy and solid device and vice versa.”

      This. I was really impressed by everything I’d heard about the GSII, but when I actually held one I was really surprised because it felt cheap and trashy in my hands, like it might break at the slightest jolt. That might not be the reality, but I couldn’t shake the impression. I’d rather a heavier device that feels sturdier.

      • Haha drop an iphone 4s and see what happens. They retardedly made the glass go all the way to the edge of the phone. This is why the first time your screen cracks they replace it free. My friends slipped off of seat in an Altima screen cracked. That is less then 2 feet, metal is not always better flexibility is needed sometimes.

      • Appleissoyesterday

        Then get an HTC EVO 3D. It’s heavier and more sturdy than the iPhones but it’s made better and is all round a better phone not to mention the amazing 3d technology which is the future of smart phones. I will say this though the Samsung S2 is built better than both phones mentioned above with iPhones breaking more than any other smart phone. It’s just a misconception that iPhones are built better or their operating systems are better in reality it’s the complete opposite.

    • #3 – 4G is 1gbps down and .5 gbps up. That “g” is not a typo. iPhone only has a tweaked 3G.

    • Umernusratjaved

      S2 has 21 mb speed
      iphone only has one store, samsung has more than 5 stores and numerous free apps but u have to pay for iphone apps
      buddy, this article missed Galaxy S2 connectivity which knocks iphone into water with micro chips which allow remote transactions and in terms of connectivity Samsung Galaxy is superior.
      Iphone only allows simple video chatting
      Samsung Galaxy S 2 supports apps such as skype and others for video chatting.
      again Galaxy S2 IS SLIMMER, HAS LONGER BATTERY, it also depends on types of apps u use.
      Conclusion: Iphone 4S beaten

    • Applesheep

      You wrote “The comparison of design sounds biased…iphone 4S’ look, premier materials (glass and metal) seem to have been overlooked as lot of people like sturdy and solid device and vice versa.” >>>> I think the Samsung looks nicer and it’s more thin…I love that about it. ALSO>>>The iPhone breaks real easy. The glass breaks when dropped. That alone not to mention a list above I’ve written would make me stay away from the iPhone. If 85 million people bought the iPhone it just now made me understand how many people actually used to the think the earth was flat. Here is a great article on how easy the iPhone 4s breaks


    • justlooking

      Want a review, we all end up on Here is their first take on the iphone 4s.

      I’m a Sprint customer. First week the GS2 launched, Sprint sales guy claimed he had only sold 4 units and that people complained that the GS2’s length was too long even though it is thin. I agree being one who carries their phone in front pocket. I then watched a guy choose a Motorola Photon over the GS2 and claimed he hated Motorola. After playing with each the GS2 and Photon, he bought the Photon. Sprint sales guy could have either and he carried Photon. I played with both and preferred the display of the GS2 to the photon because of the vibrant color, just wished it were smaller, enter the iphone 4s. As far as the former iphone 4, Best Buy sales guy hated his and when I asked him why as I personally like its size, he said many reasons, I just hate it.


      These reviews our based on personal opinion. I’ll wait for the guys at to do the final review, until then, they have a preliminary review I’ve pasted above.

      • Someone

        So I have been using my Nokia 3310 since 2001, had to replace the battery 4 times already, the OS has no issues at all, I can phone and sent texts I even have interchangeable covers for it. To put it lightly, it pisses on this whole tread, redefining the theoretical fibres of technology, surpassing al expertise, degrees and honours degrees, masters and doctorates. I’ll be screwing your girlfriends while you’re all wondering why they didn’t immediately respond to you on your Facebook app loaded on you new smartphones. Yes there is no rest for the wicked. So while you are formulating the utmost brilliant come back to what I have just said… I am gonna go phone your girlfriend, with my Nokia 3310…

        • Jamarius25v

          hey i am kind of new to all of this and im trying to get into android and apple and all of this mess. i just want to know what is the better phone between these 2. obviously i cant go off these specs, i can only go of you guys personal experience with the phone.

          • Jamarius25v

            i also have plenty of questions about rooting and when the ice ics rom will be released

          • Dheerajkumarverma

            I think all the people talk about hardware of both the products.
            But I think we have to try out which one is better and easy to use for a specific person.
            In my opinion Android is good for a person who know tech and good at that. because its not easy for everybody to get on fast on it.
            iOS is much simmplier than android so a non techno person can get on it very fast.
            Android is have very vast of free apps so if anybody looks for a cheaper smartphone they don’t go for iPhone because buying > keeping > using is much expensive than android.
            But for be aware android apps are more vanureble against vires than apple app store.
            $.99 is not bigger than security for a business or online buyer.

          • greg

            reply, the voteing says it all galaxy s2 miles ahead, go buy :) the people have spoken

  • Droidfan

    I have a Galaxy S, and it is so much nicer than the iPhone 4 – the only things that I really wanted changed in the new model were

    a) the lack of flash device when taking pictures (though under bright light, the hi-def images I get on my flashless device are amazing),

    b) and the supported media – it’ll only play .mp4 movie extensions, and I’ve had some compatibility problems with the sound codecs as well.

    The picture quality is ridiculously good, and the Dolby 5.1 sound quality is awesome. People I know who actually own iPhones would love to swap their phones for mine. Incidentally, something you didn’t mention about either phone are the security features in each – I was very impressed by the security and anti-theft features of both of the older versions – has anything changed with the newer versions? I’m so glad to hear that the newer version of the Galaxy range has a flash – but could you tell me about the supported files types?

  • Anonymous

    Wow! This is an extremely poorly done comparison. I think we should wait for the real reviews of both devices to come out before deciding and chalk this one up as a horrible mistake.

  • Anonymous

    Bottom line: At the end of the day, iPhone fans will always buy an iPhone regardless and Android fans will always select one from a very good selection of available powerful Android phones perhaps with bigger screens out there…..No need to heckle each other….Case closed

  • This is one of the shittiest reviews I’ve ever read and doesn’t even qualify as a review so much as it does a product promo for Android. Ridiculous that people even come to this site for information.

  • Thesaxmaniac

    I like how this article assumes the 4s has 512mb of memory, and how it also claims that “a fifth of a gigahertz” makes a difference in the overall smoothness of the OS. That’s complete bull, learn something about computers before you do a TERRIBLE and biased comparison. It’s clear that you know nothing about iPhones or computers, and you probably haven’t used either phone extensively. Specs are so unimportant, how do you think you get console games that look nearly as good as their PC counterparts, even though the computers specs are 6 years newer? Because of the operating system. It’s pointless to compare these phones’ specs because their operating systems are completely different and their efficiency will be different on different hardware. And you know what else? I’ve never heard anyone complain that their iPhone 4 was slow, because it’s not. Almost all phones made these days are fast enough for everything consumers do, and the 4s just adds to the 4’s quickness.

    • Yemi_ntun

      Wtf is wrong with you dude. Who says specs are unimportant? If specs r unimportant why the hell do u think apple emphasize so much abt the new specs of iphone 4s. Please use your brain. U r the one who doesnt know anything. U r jus a frigging apple faggot who thinks that ios is superior than andriod? Only little kids like ios and its bcuz ios is smoother? Its smooth bcuz it does not multitask at all whereas andriod does everything like a real com. Please gt ur facts right and i bet u dont have a gs2.

      • Maybe you misunderstood what he meant. He is saying that the reviewer doesn’t know much about computers which is actually true in this case. He used a term like ” a fifth of a GHz makes a big difference”. Someone who is educated in Computer Engineering will realize this is a load of bull. Architecture make a much larger difference as well as OS optimization when determining the actual speed of a computer system. You, Yemi_ntun sound like an uneducated little kid spouting off about things you have no idea about.

        • Khaosdemon66

          i currently upgraded to the galaxy s 2 cause my ios in my old iPhone was messing up. I’m majoring in computer tech and i had a ok time with the iPhone at first but as time passes they slow in less then a year but before my droid was stolen i had no complaints to speak of so im more leaning toward the android operating system.

        • wow, neither of you appear to know much. All else the same, supporting 20% more GHz equates to faster processing. We don’t know about the other details, so “all else the same” is all we have to go on. That was not the most foolish statement in the review.

          • Umernusratjaved

            U see my friend the thing is even though Galaxy S 2 has a faster processor than iPhone 4 it does make a difference but bear in mind the fact that how the app the made and how it compliments the processor is more important. Why do u think that when a new game is released it first comes on consoles, because coding with it is much easier and smoother and also why pc gamers have to upgrade to run a newer game whereas an xbox uses same hardware for all games. Just wanted to tell u this important point which u dont know as well. ;)

          • it’s a point that neither of us know, the droid apps could be better written. Your logic is flawed. You cannot make the claim or assumption that all iPhone apps will be so much better that the 1 ghz processor will “beat” the 1.5 ghz processor because you don’t know. That’s why fanboys stick out in technical discussions, because their every assumption is in favor of iOS … I make no assumptions, the reviewer didn’t make any assumptions, you fanboys keep making assumptions… and therefore your argument is flawed as a matter of fact, not assumption.

          • Spammage

            People comparing consoles to PC running the same games forget how much better they run and look on a good pc…

          • Actually Celebrity Smack, you’re talking Smack. Adrian Meraz is absolutely correct. You’ve falling victim to the megahertz myth and that’s why companies tout the number of megahertz b/c the vast majority of consumers ARE clueless and they go with what appeals to the masses even if it is misleading. Architecture makes the most significant difference in performance followed by OS optimization. It’s unfortunate that the blind is leading the blind. That’s appears to be the common theme nowadays and these companies love it. How else do you get a duo core 3.2Ghz that out performs a quad core 3.2Ghz computer?? If the OS is the same it all falls to architecture and configuration. But laying out the truth won’t matter to sheep. Make them rich and stay blind. But when you comment, please make sure you’re informed before talking “Smack”.

          • mark, you did nothing but repeated the bogus line from above. You give me an architectural advantage, bus speed advantage, or even a core instruction set advantage that the iPhone has that allows its 1 ghz A5 cpu to be better than the 1.5 ghz APQ8060 of Samsung and then you’ll have something to offer. Until then, “all else IS the same” and you just sound stupid listing the “all else” on everything but the topic of conversation. In fact the Qualcomm chip could be better! Another fanboy dufus pwned. … I bet the revelation that the 1.2 ghz is actually 1.5 hasn’t changed your song a bit, that’s cause you’re bought and paid for for having spent too much for too little. You keep flashing your bling, cause that’s all you paid for. Meet YOU—->

          • mark, you did nothing but repeated the bogus line from above. You give me an architectural advantage, bus speed advantage, or even a core instruction set advantage that the iPhone has that allows its 1 ghz A5 cpu to be better than the 1.5 ghz APQ8060 of Samsung and then you’ll have something to offer. Until then, “all else IS the same” and you just sound stupid listing the “all else” on everything but the topic of conversation. In fact the Qualcomm chip could be better! Another fanboy dufus pwned. … I bet the revelation that the 1.2 ghz is actually 1.5 hasn’t changed your song a bit, that’s cause you’re bought and paid for for having spent too much for too little. You keep flashing your bling, cause that’s all you paid for. Meet YOU—->

          • He_who_must_not_b_named

            Lol your comments are not better. Samsumg makes the chips for iphone you lame blind isheep

    • exactly, im on my way right now to try both phones out in person

  • thesaxmaniac

    And also, you are essentially comparing a large iPhone to a smaller iPhone. That samsung design “untouched” except for the home button? Yeah, that was apple’s design. On the iPhone. 4 years ago. And that interface? That was also Apple’s. 4 years ago. On the Original iPhone. Even the icons look the same.

    • lol, you were doing ok until you mentioned the “every gui is a rip off from Apple” crap… which makes your advice conspiracy theory crap. If Apple could have patented a specific number of buttons they would have, but since flash lights, toasters, and even garage door openers have single button versions Apple ripped off plenty of folks first. [email protected] argument from a fanboy!

  • thesaxmaniac

    “85 million units sold within 5 days after it was officially launched”. Wow, you didn’t even get this close. It’s sold 5 million units in 85 days, was this article written by a monkey?

  • Anonymous

    This was amazingly biased.

    I’m done reading this site!

  • DH

    just look at the back of the galaxy. much uglier than the iphone4

  • Peter K.

    iPhone 4S is way faster than Samsung Galaxy S II, have you seen this benchmark ? Please get informed before writing nonsense stuff.

    • Khaosdemon66

      that benchmark came from apple all i need to say

  • Gomba777

    I DO NOT AGREE regarding the battery life!!!
    I am currently owning both the iPhone 4 (not S) and the SGSII and using both of them for more than 3 month. What I can say is that there is NO comparison between the two!
    My iPhone last so long that it could be used as the rabbit for the Duracell commercial!!
    My sgsII, despite being nicer on other features, doesn’t last :-( and THAT IS the main reason why I didn’t completely replace my iPhone!
    On the SGSII you have to constantly enable/disable wifi, gps, autosync, etc… to keep some battery for the evening where all these are constantly ON on my iPhone and it will easily last for two days.
    For example I did a 25min test with log me in on wifi on both handset fully charged:
    the iPhone dropped to 84% and the SGSII 63% !!!
    So PLEASE stop just compare the mA and do real comparison where you will notice that in real life iPhone beats the SGSII by FAR!

    • you’ve got something weird going on dude. For instance, if you check your location on the GS does it instantly know where you are? Now compare your iPhone… does it take a while to figure it out? You need to look at what you have running with location enabled on each. My bet is your phone is in navigation mode, or an app is doing something like navigation the whole time. Also try some of the location/service control apps … I don’t use them now that I’ve dialed in my phone, but I did for a while to figure out what was up.

  • Oluassepol

    Have anyone read about price ?
    One single line about the iTunes it seems the writer are biasing our choice !

  • Krigger

    Someone is a Samsung / Android fanboy. I could tell the blatant bias within the first couple paragraphs.

  • Johnny

    despite the fact this review is biased, the iphone 4S gets crapped on by the GS2 and i think apple needed to skip the 4S and go straight onto the iphone 5.

    iphones suck anyway, i’ve used them too much.

  • Appleissoyesterday

    Not sure if even this will convince a brainwashed Apple user that they are using an overpriced device that doesn’t come close to the competition. To me the most important parts to a cell phone are: Having good cell reception (iPhone 4 and previous iPhones have the most dropped calls of any smart phone), 4G internet, doesn’t break when dropped, able to have a changeable back up battery (I always have a back up battery), open source app market, hdmi outputs, able to use flash on websites, good 8mp camera or higher (if not then a good 3d camera), and a universal micro usb input (there have been so many time’s I’ve needed to use this). None of which is available by Apple. Yes, the 4s has an 8mp camera now (though the front camera is horrible) and maybe the 4s is on other carriers and I haven’t heard an update on dropped calls as it’s predecessors had, though it’s price doesn’t justify it, not to mention it’s out of stock here so hard to compare with something unavailable. Also note, that the iPhone is made of glass and breaks/shatters very easily even when dropped from waste level. The Samsung has passed the drop test even above the head with little to no scratches. See similar stories on iPhone 4s drop tests.

  • One of the most biased comparison test this side of the Android isle. Pretentious and myopic, misleading and deceitful. Funny however. Like watching Fox News under the guise of fair and balanced. Good luck with that. I’ll stick to my MetroPCS until I can get an honest impartial comparison.


    I have both phones. I agree the phone review and conclusion to be 100% accurate. Professionally, my career title has been Chief Technology Officer for the last 10 years; reinforced with an overall 17 years of computer-related experience. I don’t hold favor to any specific brand, I choose and trust what works. The iphone 4s is just a rotten apple. You kids need wipe your nose and dry your eyes from all of your boo-hoos and wimpering…for most of you, it’s well-past your bedtimes. LMAO

  • Flash

    I agree that this review is rather poorly done. That being said. Any review on the web will agree that the Galaxy S II IS a better phone. Hardware DOES mean a lot. The iPhone runs at 1 GHZ vs. the 1.5 of Samsung. Both have 1 GB of internal memory. The Samsung has a user replaceable battery, expandable memory, larger brighter screen, and 4G LTE capability.How the OS operates is also very important. In order for an iOS user to add any user level customization they have to jail break it. Android is open source. I have to say. I am so sick of the Apple sheeple. Really? I have been an IT consultant for 15 years. I am equally qualified on both the Apple and PC platforms. I have torn down both boxes. The reality for the Apple sheeple is this. Apple uses sub-standard hardware and charges premium prices. They COUNT on their sheeple. Research it. Just because it has an Apple logo doesn’t make you special. Becoming an educated consumer would be to your benefit.

  • TheAppleEater


  • RYAN_MX21_

    so quando sair o iphone com android ai sim vai ser o melhor telefone do mercado sem duvida mas enquanto isso não acontesse continuara a ser o samsunga galaxy s tanto o primeiro como o segundo sem qualquer sombra de duvida……ANDROID É O FUTURO……..

  • Rakib Hasan

    But one thing is crying need in Samasung Galaxy S2 that is spelling checker in web browsing and note writing like iPhone 4

  • Veteranul1995

    iphone 4s have flas suport !!!!
    Multimedia Power

    iPhone 4S

    Primary camera: 8-megapixel
    Secondary camera: VGA
    Video recording: 1080p, 30 fps
    Flash support: No

  • RLWC

    Unfortunately I have to admit that my collegues iphone picks up wifi signals on longer distance than my SGS2. Fair is fair.

  • Samyers99

    I owned the Samsung Galaxy S and was heading toward the S2 when for some inane reason (influenced by other ppl and only 1 online review) I got the 4S. I’m bitterly disappointed. Nowhere near as user friendly as Samsung, primarily because Apple does everything differently and a person just about needs to be a Geek with constantly updated computer software to be able to drive its products. We’re not all able to afford that.I don’t have Windows 7 so I can’t use iCloud, whatever it is. SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 sling that rock all over 4S!

  • Jefferystoppelmann

    what debal rating does thr galaxy have the i phone has 125 ? can the galaxy handle a concert?

  • Bob

    I have been a huge iphone fan for many years, however i recently bought the samsung galaxy s2 and i LOVE it. The fact is the galaxy s2 IS better than the iphone (this is coming from a retty big apple fan). But im just loving my new phone! I would pick it over the iphone anyday. But we android users still should give apple respect since they are just one company competing against everything else and they have done a remarkable job at it, but how long can ONE company out perform everyone else? Well i know it couldnt outperform the galaxy s2.

  • Dan Negura

    Bob… All the users say that. “they used to love something but now they noticed the other one is better, bla bla bla”
    Also try to think a bit bigger: apples products are very ecological and recyclable, samsung (and all the others) are not. Apple uses glass and aluminium, they use plastic that is very bad for the ecology. Apple also build high quality products, they do not.
    Im sorry but u will see soon how apple will dominate the market, u can already constat it. Do a bit of research about apple finances.
    Also the people working at apple are good persons that really want to build good products, the pple at samsung want to make money.
    Yeah, if i could talk to u in person mabe i would be able to convince u only by telling the truth.

  • dennis

    let me go for more conformations!!!

  • Ali_ronaldinho_2007

    iphone 4s than galaxy s2

  • james

    well cant realy vote due to i have the 4s… YES there is things about the 4s that im not happy about. (bluetooth, flash player lack of, needs to be jailbroken to install downloaded games and apps.) but other than that very happy with it. would like to try the android but it seams that theres not much difference yes the samsung has 30mis more battery time so what.
    i could keep going but at the end of the day its up to the intervisual isnt it.
    good luck on your choice both great PHONES..

  • Rinuskok956

    Well, the results speak for themselves. 77% KNOW the S2 is BETTER, while only 23% think the iphone is best.

  • Teamiphone

    I hade the galaxy s2 and I don’t really like it. Now I have the iPhone 4s and it’s a lot better!

  • Chrup

    The iPhone comes with a lot of infrastructure and a well thought out, integrated environment (iTunes, Office apps, cloud, etc.) None of that is readily available on Android devices. And when I think that my shiny new Android phone is already two version behind the current OS release, the iPhone is the clear winner.

  • shaq09

    what a load of rubbish, the iphone never stands a chance on a site call android………!! i couldnt read any more after the battery section, look anywhere, speak to anyone and you will soon discover the s2’s has a shocking battery life. its removable because you will need to remove it, and put a spare one in around mid day to continue using it! also saying most apps on the app store (apple) require payment is utter rubish, a if they do its 69p, WOW loads! and nearly all premium ones will have a free version to check out. and anyway, again, look anywhere, and ask anyone who is impartial, and you will discover that nothing comes close to apples app store, by a mile.
    and as for the ‘voice recognition’ dont make me laugh, i thought siri would be a silly fad, with the usual crappy voice recognition software, not the case. you really have to use it for a few days to discover what it can really do.

    its easy to dismiss and shoot down the iphone, until you own one. believe me i used to slate it constantly to peolpe, then borrowed one for a few days, within 24hours i had a brand new 4s!! beautiful simplicity.

    and just another small thing, the size of the galaxy is ridiculous, no one actually cares about an extra inch, (apart from the wife) im not actually going to have friends round to watch a film on my phone, il use my massive tv thanks, so i dont need a huge phone, its just embarrassing the size of it! and made of plastic! really. seriously, really!! again, embarrassing.

    theres a reason why apple is the most valuable company in the world people.


  • DODO


  • Ashkeptchum

    Lol at all the iSheeps. You say the galaxy s2 feels cheap because it has plastic everywhere, but drop your iphone and then all that nice glass and metal is all now worthless. Plus galaxy s2 use Corning gorilla glass which is more durable than the iPhone’s. Though it true specs don’t mean much, the iPhone is smooth even which its inferior specs, but that is because of the limitations of its software, such as limited multitasking

  • fuckingthegirl

    Bekar phone hai iphone 4s

  • droidvengeance

    Let’s all be fair, if you want slick, slim and light go galaxy. If however, you want to keep a separate bag other than your handbag then you can continue to carry the iphone rock. Word of advice, cavemen also gave up on iphone they couldn’t keep up with rolling the rock while pulling the iphone. You decide!!