Samsung Galaxy S II Is the Fastest Smartphone On the Market (Still) By Far

by: Matthew SabatiniSeptember 25, 2011

With smartphone competition at an all-time high, more manufacturers than ever vying for the top spot to to make the fastest and best device(s) available. One of the newest high end devices around is the Samsung Galaxy S II. The phone packs a 1.2ghz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 (CPU), and an ARM Mali-400 (GPU). Recently, AnandTech put the device to the test. The results, well, are simply astonishing. Clocking in at a 42.5, second only to the iPad 2, is the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Although second place may not seem so hot, the list in not only compiled of smartphones, but tablets as well. As a matter of fact, the Galaxy S II is anywhere from 1.7 – 4 times faster than any other smartphone on the market today.

With many new and exciting smartphones coming in the near future, this position is not likely to be held for long. But without a doubt, this phone is crazy fast and the numbers are very impressive.

  • Jsoncv

    Sooooo, does this mean when iPhone 5 launches with the same iPad 2 proccessor that its gonna destroy the GS2?? Or am I missing something? Because that’s just a couple weeks away, Sammy shouldve launched this a couple months ago to get as much piece of the pie they are gonna get.

    • anakin

      The iphone 5 is supposed to launch with an 1.2ghz processor (same as galaxy s2). So i seriously doubt your claim that it will “destroy” the GS2.

      btw, you should realize by now that the war is over. Android won the war. Even if Apple comes up with a new phone, there will be dozens of android phones already out that would out-perform it in every way.

      The iphone is a nice phone but it belongs to a niche market. It’s not for everyone and it’s certainly not good enough (less choices, less freedoms, limitations, etc..) for most people.

      • Anonymous

        Along with the victory comes the spoils and that’s simply not true for Android. Unlike Microsoft, Android just has marketshare and that’s it, there’s no lead in profits (Apple has over 66% of the mobile profits), developers still release apps on iOS first, the App Store has a larger selection and better quality apps, the iPhone is still the device that sets the standard for the others to beat, and the iPad has no meaningful competition, Android still hasn’t matched the smoothness and cohesiveness of iOS, I could go on… Android gets no respect. This victory is a pretty empty one.

        • Bigdaddyray

          wrong. what apple lacks in performance specs it makes up in marketing. they are solely ahead in sales because they have an outstanding marketing strategy that convinces the users that apple produces a higher quality product when in actuality they are a step behind in the technological aspect of the game. and that app comment is such horse shit nobody notices that shit and plus gaming on other product such as the samsung galaxy 10.1 tab is far quicker and more smooth. and btw apple only makes one kind of fucking phone where as other companies have a wide array of phones so that sales percentage is skewed.

      • Bigdaddyray

        that was a perfectly written non-bias response to the product and i am appreciative of your well thought out cohesive argument.

    • I doubt it will be the exact same processor. The A5 in iPad 2 is over twice as big as the Tegra 2, but it still has the same dual core Cortex A9 CPU. That means the A5 GPU is probably 3x the size of Tegra 2 GPU and some other dual core GPU’s. That’s how Apple managed to beat everyone else in GPU. The iPhone being much smaller than the tablet, I don’t expect it to have a GPU that large. So most likely the A5 in iPhone 5 will be significantly weaker in GPU. Remember the A4 in iPhone 4 is also a downgraded chip from the A4 in iPad, and most “phone” versions of chips are like that.

  • slacker

    dont you love how they totally skew the results….let put the sgs2 up against low end phones… i’d like to see charts of the sgs2 benched against like photon/bionic/sensation/etc….besides the htc vigor or what ever they end up calling it will smoke the sgs2.

  • Nomipk3

    Recently there has been a trend of introducing faster and faster android devices, SGS2 being the fastest and you very quickly realise that when you have your hands on it. It flies through everything and internet speed is incredible on it. But a faster device does not necessarily mean a better device as there are so many other things to consider which contribute to the over all experience and pleasure of the user such as design and feel, OS, media, ease of use, apps, after sale services. After multiple attempts by the multiple manufacturers SGS2 has been able to trump iphone 4 in terms of speed but in overall user experience, smooth and fluidity it is still behind.

  • NSR

    The comment above will be likely be countered by Apple fanboys…soon…