Samsung Galaxy S II impressions

by: Darcy LaCouveeFebruary 14, 2011
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Now, please direct your attention to a phone that has the potential to steal the Motorola Atrix’s thunder – the Samsung Galaxy S2. The Samsung Galaxy S series has, thus far, been Samsung’s most successful foray into the world of Android Smartphones, and the Galaxy S2 is looking to be a new and improved version, offering incremental upgrades in nearly every respect.

It’s packed full of latest and greatest in everything mobile tech has to offer. Most importantly, it possesses an AMOLED 4.3 inch display, which is absolutely incredible. You can rest easy that it will be able to provide high resolution, high contrast images, video, text, and web pages in all but the strongest sunlight. Simply stunning. It also includes an 8 megapixel camera with the ability to record video in 1080p, and to play it back on the device as well.

Furthermore, it features a dual core processor, and a healthy 1650mAh battery. Samsung really seems to have done an amazing job here, and this phone is a likely contender for the best Android Phone of 2011.

Thankfully, they opted to include Android 2.3 Gingerbread on board, and it works great. While it does have Samsung’s proprietary Touchwiz interface, it can be easily disabled by the user. We have to say however, that it does represent an improvement over previous versions of Touchwiz, but still is nowhere good as Android 2.3 Gingerbread, untouched.

Finally, the build quality really instills confidence in the user. It isn’t too light, nor is it too heavy. It sits balanced in the hand, and feels to be made of high quality materials.  At only 8.49mm thin and 116 grams, it’s truly a sight to behold.

What do you think? The Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Motorola Atrix?

  • stondec

    Samsung Galaxy SII and Motorola Atrix are not in the same class. The former is obviously way superior in two many ways. Sorry Atrix, I’m going for the SII.

  • Tahir

    when Samsung Galaxy S2 is going to launch in India????

    • Darcy Alexander

      Hi Tahir,

      From what we are able to gather, the Samsung Galaxy S2/ S II will be released in India at some point in late April/ early May 2011. Hope that helps! Save your money!

  • jonathan

    any idea when it will be released in Canada and on what carrier?

  • From the specs, the Samsung Galaxy SII eats the Atrix’s but I think the Atrix has faster internet connectivity with 4G LTE Verizon network..

  • Nope

    couldn’t finish watching the review cause this guys says “ummmm” every time he starts a new sentence.