Samsung Galaxy S 2.2

Samsung Galaxy S 2.2

I’m pretty excited. The Samsung Galaxy S has recently received the official update to Android 2.2 and I’m installing mine right now. The update from the version of Android on the Samsung Galaxy S to version 2.2 JPM and includes a host of additional and new features. If you are really in top of your game you could have got the release a little early via XDA and SamFirmware. However, all you need to do as of now is to install via Samsung Kies and you’re good to go. Below is a list that outlines a few of the goodies:

  • Android 2.2 JIT compiler
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 compatibility
  • New Android Market with auto-updating
  • Speed improvements
  • Pinch-to-zoom homescreen flyover
  • Improved default keyboard
  • Quick links to “GPS” and “Auto rotation” toggles on notification bar added
  • Slightly different graphics and transitions with app drawer and default icon dock
  • Colored icons in settings
  • GPS Fix
  • Colored settings icons
  • Media Hub
  • Darker menu theme, navy blue color
  • Better Exchange support
  • Video records in MP4 format
  • New Search widget
  • New Gmail application

You can grab Kies here. Once installed, you will need to update the Kies program. Then connect your Galaxy S and once it has registered on the program click on the phone with an arrow icon near the bottom right of Samsung Kies. This should update it. If you have previously installed a custom firmware version to the device, then you might have to reflash back to an original in order to get Kies to successfully connect.

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James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.
  • Chad

    There was an update waiting on me this morning. Excitedly, I allowed it to run. I watched as the status bar crawled across the screen and reboot my phone. When it was fully booted, I checked the firmware version number. It is still 2.1 update 1. What was the update?

  • Yves

    Will the apps and settings be lost with the update?

  • Be aware that there is no Android Market in this version

  • loki

    It was the DI18 update which installed media hub and added some tweaks to improve battery life

  • It depends on how you do the update and whether you have installed any custom firmwares. It is possible to update without losing everything, but expect that things may be lost and back everything up accordingly to be safe.

  • Chad

    It was the JI6 Baseband update

  • Yousef

    I need a help
    i used to have Nokia mobile before and i bought Samsung Galaxy S last week.
    can some body help me how to transfer my backup file *.nbu to Samsung Galaxy

  • Hartmut Enurese

    I checked via Kies today, and for my Galaxy S there was no update!!! Obviously, it ist not yet released for the european region (in my case: Germany).

  • beau gaudron

    NO update in Australia yet either :-(

  • Mitch

    I can’t even get Kies setup on my desktop. They should really do the update OTA.

  • Tony

    To copy contacts from Nokia.
    On Nokia – go in to contacts. Mark/Unmark > Mark All then use menu options to copy as V Cards and save to micro sd card. Then put micro sd card into Galaxy S.

    In Galaxy S go to Contacts then hit
    menu (bottom left) > More > Import / Export > Import from SD card…

  • ryan


  • dboom

    Galaxy s. This is by far the WORST phone i ever ever had.absolute crap.going bak to the shop witi my right foot up its arse.

  • thekid

    has anyone done this update in australia? if so please let me know how you go

  • adyallstar

    kies doesn’t find my 2.1 galaxy and samsung new pc suite says something like phone not registered even if its bought from the shop.. what can i do?

  • Shayne Malone

    I am from Toronto, Ontario in Canada and no update here either. Waiting impatiently.

  • Oli

    Just done the update (I’m in Australia). It went very smoothly. No software or contacts were lost, but some basic settings were lost. Main ones were that it removed all widgets from my home pages and I had to re add these (note they were still installed, just not displayed as display had reverted to default). Also Display settings for contacts etc had reverted to default. In summary, nothing was lost but a number of settings had reverted to default. Update is GREAT though :)

  • Oli

    Also – just to correct an earlier poster, Android market IS available in this version.

  • bajaaao

    theres no update here in our country mayanmar

    • the lady

      If u can afford a galaxy in Burma, you must be working for than shwe. Karma

  • notorious

    If u are updating your phone it doens’t mean that u will have froyo. It’s just update of that vresion what you have installed now. I’m writing now from galaxy s but i can say that froyo what i have is a bullshit it’s laging if i have opend my browser and other app… He haven’t response for few sec… If u wonna have froyo find OFFICAL update because i think is must be beter from that what i have…i dont know which version i have but i’m sure that is not offical…i must find better version

    If u wonna have froyo ask uncle google he know everything…

    Sorry for my realy bad english :-)

  • Tui

    Like Oli, I’ve just done the install (Australia) and my home page reset to the default. The Active Applications widget has disappeared, too, and I haven’t been able to locate it. Anyone able to share the solution?

  • Richard

    I think 2.2 is worse. My phone is rubbish now. Everytime I try to use the swype keyboard, it registers the first letter and last letter if I am lucky. It lags all the time, I’m always waiting for something to happen, even unlocking it. Wish I could go back, anyone know how?

    • Lovelike22001

      u can just go through your settings and click restore factory setting

  • Oli

    Tui, hold your finger down on the homepage, when the menu comes up, select ‘widgets’ and then choose the ‘program monitor’ widget.

  • Shahin

    i have Samsung galaxy s phone. Problem is i can’t see any video on website &there asking for flash player i can’t get flashplayer second is i can’t connect on pc with kies

  • Andre

    So my kies won’t read my galaxy… HELP!

  • Russputin

    Samsung Kies is undoubtedly a flakey glitchy P.O.S.however it will work (after a fashion) if you’re prepared to jump through some hoops first. I had the same problem so contacted Samsung UK, they suggested that I try Windows 7 instead of Ubuntu(Kies wont function under linux)I tried this but no progress, Kies would not recognise the Galaxy, they then suggested removing all Samsung software from my PC, disabling security software followed by a fresh install of Kies. This made no difference at all, but they had told me that it was hit and miss and to keep trying re-installing until it worked. It never did, after 19 attempts I gave up, fortunately a friend had just purchased a new MSI laptop that day, when I tried Kies on the MSI with no security software running it worked long enough to install FROYO, then promply failed to recognise the phone when I tried to use KIES for mtp. Just find a clean Windows insyall you might get lucky.

  • David

    …update went smooth, didn’t lose files or photos except a couple of widgets I paid for…….but, my phone came with AVITAR and now it doesn’t work.

  • Oli


    Default browser doesn’t support flash.
    Mozilla have launched a beta version of firefox for Android – might fix your problem.

  • Aaron

    is it possible to install this without using kies