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Before the Galaxy S5 became official, the rumor mill swirled around all sorts of lofty claims such as the possibility of iris scanners, a possible button-less design and the most prevalent rumor was that there would be a ‘premium’ version of the Galaxy S5.

After the GS5 was unveiled, there was a fair share of people that were disappointed that the next-gen Galaxy S didn’t see the rumored massive hardware/software design overhaul that many had hoped for. Many of these folks then turned their attention towards a rumor that claimed Samsung could be bringing out a premium Galaxy S5 variant sometime in the next few months.

Many Samsung fans have long dreamed of a premium handset, but JK Shin has now potentially shattered that dream

Unfortunately, JK Shin has now potentially shattered this dream. According to the Korean media, JK Shin has officially denied the possibility of a premium Galaxy S5, saying that all the rumors reporting its existence are false. Shin instead mentioned that Samsung would be releasing a Galaxy Note model in the fall — a pretty obvious statement.

Does this completely close the door on a metal-clad premium Galaxy handset? Not necessarily. At least judging by the reports we’ve seen, JK Shin simply said there was no “premium Galaxy S5”, he didn’t say that the company will never make a handset with a premium metallic design.

Past rumors claimed that the premium Galaxy handset could end up under the name Galaxy F, so perhaps JK Shin carefully worded his statement to keep the existence of the Galaxy F under wraps? After all, if the device featured a metal body, a Snapdragon 805 CPU, and a QHD display — it would really be more of a brand new handset and not just a premium GS5 variant.

That said, we wouldn’t get our hopes up. Samsung has stuck pretty closely to its guns when it comes to refusing to use metal and sticking withe plastic. It also seems like a horrible marketing move to release the Galaxy S5 and then a few months later pull out a completely new model that has a similar form factor but better specs and a nicer design. Then again, Samsung has pulled similar moves before.

What do you think, is the Samsung Galaxy S5 premium (AKA Galaxy F) a myth, or is Samsung just trying to keep it under wraps a bit longer?

Andrew Grush
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  • Jack Parker

    No premium model? No sale its as simple as that

    • MasterMuffin

      Oh S5 will sell a lot

      • The reason why they likely didn’t include the 2560×1440 AMOLED display is because they simply couldn’t make enough of them in time for market launch. With the amount the S5 will sell, they had to make some tough decisions.

        • MasterMuffin

          Find 7 is here really soon. Not AMOLED, but still lots of pixels! :)

          • Guest123

            it won’t sell tens of millions.

          • MasterMuffin

            It will

          • Guest123

            only in your dreams. Oppo’s device sales are in the millions, total, not the tens of millions, thus they don’t even have the capacity to produce the numbers similar to samsung, let alone the marketing budget necessary to drive such numbers.

            Maybe in a couple more years. . . no, not even then, but keep dreaming :)

          • MasterMuffin

            I thought you were talking about S5 (I didn’t see what comment was the one you replied to)…

      • Jack Parker

        I have a premium Sony ( z ultra ) did have an s3 before! For me it has to be premium for me to spend £500+

        • MasterMuffin

          I thought you were saying that S5 won’t sell because there’s no premium model :D

          • ddd

            Why do u care about premium phone? Does every smartphone should make metal material? Samsung workers think hard to make galaxy s5. Why don’t u work samsung company? U are not survive at the samsung company. All phone industries didn’t invent cell phone u don’t have all carriers in the u.s and motorola create first cellphone. Don’t bullshit to samsung. This company is trillion times better than apple company in the market. If all company didn’t invent cellphone, your life is very hard.

          • MasterMuffin

            Do you even English? Also either your replied to the wrong person or you just don’t understand what I said.

          • ddd

            Kiss my ass. D BAG AND GO FUCK YOURSELF.

          • MasterMuffin


    • Chris Martinelli

      I wouldnt put much weight into this… If they say “a high end S5 pro is coming” it would hurt sales of the current S5. If they are going to release it, or Galaxy F or whatever, they will wait until the initial sales wave of the S5 wears off.

      • A wise point Chris. For sure they already have the manufacturing processes setup to manufacture the 2560×1440 5.1″ AMOLED panels with the diamond RGB subpixel arrangement. They can only produce 4-6m per month though, from what i am reading. And they are 40% more expensive to produce than the mature 1080p line they’ve already constructed. It will likely fall under another brand – perhaps the creation of a new Galaxy line. Galaxy X :)

        • Bishop

          Thanks for the clarification. Considering that the Note series sells a lot less than the S Line, is it likely that Samsung would be able to produce enough QHD displays for the Note 4?

      • rh

        They already hurt sales of the S5 by putting it out with what the so called customers asked for…..what customers?!

        • D’Ander McSullivan

          Just wait and see. The S5 will sale freaking hotcakes! Samsung is the new Apple, and not in a good way.

        • Chris Martinelli

          No arguments there… I am certainly not going to buy it, but it will still sell well. Waterproof is nice. Anyhow, the point was a company isnt going to say. “hey, a better higher end model will be out in a few months” when they release a flagship. It hurts sales.

  • Mystery Man

    Don’t they usually test their crap in Korean markets first? Like with the galaxy round. So a premium galaxy f test in Korea would be followed by a Note 4 with new design?

  • jack


    • rh


  • rh

    S4 customer here. Note 4 it is!! Sorry S5, you lost my business, and I am upgrade eligable. HTC coming very soon!!?? Sorry Samsung. JK WTH were you all thinking over there in Sammy World?!! Damn man! What a ley down!

  • jaydub110

    He’s full of crap because if he says yes, no one will buy the S5 they will for the prime to come out. doesn’t matter I’m getting the Xperia z2 way better

    • krym73

      What makes that crap any better?

  • apianist16

    Of course they won’t call it the S5. It will be something like “S5 Neo Iris” or something like that.

  • TheloveofA

    i think he denies the existence of premium Galaxy S5 because SS wont make an premium handset based on the S5 but introduce the new galaxy line with new design ! Trust me something AMAZING coming soon!

  • pauldrew18

    The sales of the S5 will prove if the S Series from Samsung has already lost its magic. The Note Series seems to be still doing fine.

  • Ari Ermawan

    If Samsung CEO was telling the truth then the conclusion is that the currently announced Galaxy S5 is the maximum that Samsung can deliver in the near future.
    Well, he should be worried now because Sony Xperia Z2 is coming big time to make many customers to look away from the S5.

    Sony Z2 has Dual Channel (Stereo) Speakers, Noise cancelling headphones, Built-in FM Radio Hardware, 3200 mAH Battery, Premium Finish Product, 50% more RAM (3GB), Better Waterproofing (Level 8), Higher Pixel Camera (20.7 MP).

    Both Z2 speakers are located in front, clearer to the owner rather than to some one else nearby.

    These are the specs that make people talk about Sony mobile device.
    Samsung needs to have their own premium (flag bearer) device.

    • Michael Samsara

      And you forgot to mention the convenience of having to send it back to the factory when its battery – right on schedule – dies.

      Samsung is not dumb – nor necessarily as enamored of flash and dash or form over substance as some here who continually lament the dubious need for a metal case as being a horrible fault unforgivable.

      The next iPhone will becoming out in due course – apparently in two sizes that they hope will overcome the size envy that their devotees have to be feeling about now – in a world where most people don’t have to use a magnifying glass to view their screens.

      So, when would be the logical, practical and rational time to pull out all the stops and unveil the Galaxy S6 with all the icing finally on the cake? After the iPhone is revealed; after Samsung has a chance to examine it and then predicate their next iteration upon the concept of making that iPhone look as bad as the current one does compared to the best Android has to offer.

      Besides – in a world where things get dropped and a protective case is a practical necessity – save for those for whom showing off their pretty cases is a big deal – it is pure commonsense to put the device inside a case – who cares about a fancy metal case that once scratched can’t be “unscratched”?