Samsung Galaxy Premier pays FCC a visit, forgot to bring its LTE radio

by: Bams SadewoNovember 3, 2012

Prior to its official introduction, Samsung hasn’t exactly been hiding the Galaxy Premier from the world. There was no real element of surprise when the phone’s final specs were finally revealed, but it’s quite a relief to learn that the Premier will be released internationally after all.

Although the list doesn’t specifically mention the U.S., the Galaxy Premier recently made a stop at FCC, where the agency has given its seal of approval. This means we can probably expect the Premier to land in the near future.

Unfortunately, we have another Nexus 4 situation right here. The filing suggests that the Premier won’t be bringing its 4G LTE prowess to the U.S. market. The phone only carries an HSPA 3G radio that will work on AT&T and several Canadian carriers.

So for now, you may want to cross off the Galaxy Premier from your wish list if you simply must have 4G on your phone. Furthermore, given the Premier’s $680 price tag, it sure is one expensive galaxy to live in.