Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus entry-level Android handset leaked, announcement coming soon?

by: Chris SmithDecember 2, 2012

Samsung is reportedly going to announce a new addition to its Galaxy family of Android devices, namely the Galaxy Pocket Plus, an entry-level Android handset that seems to be a close relative of the original Galaxy Pocket.

Model number GT-S5301, the Galaxy Pocket Plus has been spotted in a leaked ROM dating back to October and specifically made for Belgium. Not many details are known about the handset other that it will run Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box.

We would expect the Galaxy Pocket Plus to be generally similar with the Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300) and the Galaxy Pocket Duos (GT-S5302), given the fact they pretty much share the same model number family.

In case you were wondering, the Galaxy Pocket sports a 2.8-inch QVGA LCD display, 832MHz processor, 3GB of storage, microSD support, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 3.0 and Android 2.3 Gingerbread under the hood. So wouldn’t expect too many surprises for a Galaxy Pocket Plus version.

Anyone interested in such a handset?

  • MasterMuffin

    dat screen. I really can’t understand why would anyone buy so laggy device, if you can’t afford to buy a smartphone, don’t buy something that is trying to be smartphone, buy a phone that works!

    • Jared Persinger

      I agree, I mean you can get a a device that is less than a year old with better stuff for free (not really considering you have to sign a two year contract) like the droid razr

  • Justin W

    Why would you buy an entry level smartphone with such low specs? You can get decent less-than-a-year-old devices now with what were top-of-the-line specs for low prices now… Take the Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Galaxy S2 for example.. Both have dual-core processors, and both prices have declined greatly since last year.

  • lardo5150

    Wouldn’t they make more money following Apple’s game plan? Produce one (maybe 2 for entry level) phones that are just super awesome instead of 50?

  • Evan Lavin

    How many under 4 inch galaxy phones are their now. Jesus Samsung this is getting ridiculous.

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  • LAN


  • Samsung has rabbit genes… too many similar handsets with Android…
    Nokia will remain low end king… by the way Nokia should learn from
    Samsung approach… Samsung is targeting every band of consumers from a
    $50 phone to $800 phone… what do you have in mid range Nokia? you have
    Asha series (under INR 10000)… you have 920, 900 and probably 808 in
    some places over INR 20000