Samsung Galaxy Note To Arrive in U.K. on November 1

by: Alvin YbañezOctober 25, 2011
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U.K. online phone retailer Clove announced last month that first shipments of the recently debuted Samsung Galaxy Note will start arriving at an undetermined date in late November. Clove has recently announced two pieces of good news: Samsung Galaxy Note release date and lower price for the phoneblet.

In Clove’s latest note about the Note, the retailer announced that the Samsung Galaxy Note release date has been moved earlier to November 1. Initially, Clove was looking to release the phoneblet on November 17.

Earlier reports placed the Galaxy Note’s price on Clove at a VAT-exclusive price of GBP559 (about US$893), but Clove’s latest update pegged a new VAT-exclusive price of GBP495 (around US$791). Interested customers had griped about the earlier higher price, but the new lower price will most likely turn the tide.

The Samsung Galaxy Note caused the blogosphere to buzz noisily after Samsung debuted the device at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA 2011) in Berlin last month. Chief reason for that, expressed in one word: phoneblet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has phone capabilities, but its 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display makes one wonder whether the device is a tablet or a smartphone. “Phoneblet” seems like a good compromise.

Apart from its near-tablet screen size and its delicious HD Super AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy Note also has built-in stylus support (Smart Pen Stylus included in the pack), a snappy dual-core processor (1.4 GHz), Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Samsung TouchWiz, 16 GB of internal storage (with microSD card slot for expansion up to 32 GB), quad-band 3G, and a host of many other bells and whistles that have become pretty much standard in high-end Android devices these days.

Clove is also expecting to release in mid-November another eagerly awaited Samsung device–the Galaxy Nexus. The retailer expects first stocks of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to arrive starting on November 17.

Samsung will be officially launching the Samsung Galaxy Note in Battersea Powerstation in London at 7:00 PM (U.K. time) on October 27 (Thursday).  The company’s official global blog, Samsung Tomorrow, will be beaming the event live.

Samsung surely has a lot of loving for the U.K. and everyone else. Do you have some loving for Samsung? What Samsung-made Android device is making your heart melt?

  • Renegade M

    I have pre-ordered the “Smart Device” from Clove yesterday!!!! I just cant wait for my Note to arrive. GIEF ICS ASAP!!!!!

  • Lindsay Reid

    This is an old story – Clove have had to remove the November 1st date and the order page currently states release date TBC – They have blogged elsewhere on their site that they are expecting it “early to mid November”

  • Jeff

    Although note officially supported yet, Sandisk’s new 64Gb SDXC has been demonstrated running on numerous smartphones including SG SII.
    So I’m saving the price difference of internal 32Gb -16Gb to buy 64Gb SD.

  • harsha

    too expensive. We can opt for other choices of smartphones available in the market like HTC Sensation XL, GS2 and other whole lot.

  • Jtsv

    Galaxy Note will it be released in USA? Should I just go ahead and get Galaxy S II? I’m torn between getting phone and a pad when the Note would be the best fit.