Samsung is giving away $50 in Play Store credit to all US Galaxy Note 3 owners

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 20, 2013

samsung note 3 credit

American Galaxy Note 3 owners, here’s a nice little surprise for you.

Samsung is giving away $50 in Play Store credit to all Galaxy Note 3 users in the United States. All you have to do is head over to this page and enter your IMEI and phone number. You will receive a code that you can redeem in the Play Store for $50 in credit, that you can then use on your content of choice. After you enter your info, it will take 5-10 minutes to get your code, so give it a little time. Play Store credit can’t be used for buying devices or accessories, so the free Chromecast is, sadly, out of the question.

A proud Galaxy Note 3 owner, our Joe Hindy had no issue getting his $50, that he will use for the latest installment of Final Fantasy and other app goodies.

samsung note 3 credit 2

The promo is open only to devices acquired in the United States, which is probably why Samsung is asking for the IMEI. You still have time to purchase a Note 3 and get your little bonus, as the campaign will run until January 6, 2014.

And don’t forget about the freebies that Samsung offers to tablet users, including free media, subscriptions to apps, and more.

Thanks, tipster!

  • Luka Mlinar

    What a nice big FU to every N3 user outside the US O.o

    • Bone

      How is it a FU if no damage was done to N3 users outside of the US? Be happy for other ppl’s happiness for once, and GOoglD may shine upon you with a similar gift in the future.

      • Luka Mlinar

        I would say it’s already more then enough that we have to pay for phones 20% more then the US users, and now this? If this isn’t a FU to people outside the US then i don’t know what is.

        • Bone

          A genuine real rapey f.uck up your maybe? That would define a real f.uck you… Walk home tonight thinking you live to enjoy another day on your Note 3, and do not care who are more privileged than you, otherwise you’ll spend your entire life on envy of luckier ppl.

    • Alex

      While I would be bummed like you, different countries get different promotions at different times. I remember seeing promos in England that we Americans don’t get. It’s just the way business works.

  • Rushan

    Common Samsung, show some respect to the outsiders also. We also bought the same Note 3 from ‘Samsung’ not from any chinese company. We paid whole the amount at once not penny by penny every month.

    • dodz

      yeah got mine for $830 cause taxes here are crazy as hell. surely they can give me some love

      • MadCowOnAStick

        taxes for buying phones are crazy as hell in the US too :/
        and 830 isn’t that bad since the note 3 costs 700 dollars unlocked

    • Have you bothered to check with the Samsung sites for you ‘outsiders’? Samsung Mobile in most every other country has offered tons of promotions that we can’t get here in the US.

  • Blowntoaster

    @Bone…happy for what, that Google continuously puts their US customers ahead of the rest of the world…every Google promotion is usually limited to US residents/customers. Why?

    I’ve been a Samsung user for a little over 4 years, of which 3 years are on Android. I know 50 for around 5 million owners is a lot of money, but you have to treat all your customers equally…

  • Alex Adamopoulos II

    I tried to do this and it didn’t work……

    • Eric Hayes

      Worked for me…Don’t know what I’m going to do with it tho..It did take a few minutes for the code to show up in the email. They give you a code on the Samsung site, but that’s just a confirmation number to give back to Samsung in case you have to call and get tech support because the email didn’t arrive, I suppose.. The Google Play code will be emailed to you.

    • WalkingHorse

      I just did it and it took about five minutes to receive the code via email. Worked like a peach. :)

  • yama

    Samsung did this to ballsck us since they do it always.

  • Keg Man

    fuck yeah! Thanks AA

  • mali

    It worked for me…no complaints here. Thank u Sammy!

  • Mo-mo

    When they say the U.S do they include Canada?

    • Eric Hayes

      The 51st state….

  • satsmine2k4

    Thank you AA, i just redeemed mine and didn’t even know about this offer till i saw your post… :)

  • Jason Yuen

    pissed off canadian right here

  • Groud Frank

    At least show some love to the Koreans… But this bring up a question that has always haunted me. Why doesn’t Google implement a prepaid Google Play Store card system internationally? They can partner with major distributors from each region (Caribbean, South America, Asia, Europe, etc) and those distributors will distribute to other distributors like groceries, small businesses, big businesses and carriers. Give each prepaid card a unique code that, when activate, will add Google Play Store credit to that account. The cards can come in $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 configuration. Pretty much the same concept as adding minutes or credit to a prepaid phone. It’s a great way to get to people who don’t have, need or want a credit card spending money in the Play Store and it helps deal with the issue of developers not making as much as on iOS. As a side benefit of the latter, you can also reduce side loading of pirated apps which will also reduce malware instances, however large or small.

    • Steve

      Are you talking about a Google Play gift card? They already have those in US and Canada. I’d imagine they will become available internationally sooner or later

  • huiol

    Dun forget for asian… :(

    • timekiller

      Asain would never receive such offers don’t worry.

  • Amner frias

    Its not working for me. note 3 and I live in ny. I put in the info and it doesn’t work wtf lol

  • arya willy

    not gonna work in indonesia coz of phone numbers,i already got worth of $25 google wallet thou,from entering my note 3 serial number on note 10.1 2014 edition,its suppose for note 10.12014 edition only and usa ppl only
    now they got their lesson,by put some extra phone number thing,before you can grab that fifty dolla

  • Scott Niemczyk

    Thanks android authority. I got my free money

  • ISX500

    Got it! Thank you Samsung!

  • el 780

    When is Apple going to give me my $50 itunes credit??

    • Kaleb Maalouf

      Once Apple stops being a team of money hogs “o you pay for the quality” sure, they’ve good build quality, but I’m looking at specs. Apple seriously just takes and takes, and no I’m not hating on apple, i own an iMac and sadly an iPhone

  • George

    What about Galaxy S4? :(

    • Gregory Zaino

      Here here!

  • xtriker360

    Got my! Thank you so much.

  • Foxx

    It worked like a charm thanks guys!!!!!!!

  • kimi

    Why is the website NOT WORKING

  • cvgordo

    holy crap so awesome. thanks!

  • richardb

    Tried with mine and said “we are out of gifts temporarly” then tried again and said the code was already redeemed. What can I do?

  • mimi

    It’s been more than an hour and I still have not received my email

  • Boris Crosby

    Where’s the link? Registered using my Samsung account and it did not work

  • JB

    Samsung is currently out of google play credits!

  • wayne

    they are all out of credits. that didn’t last long.

  • luis

    I’ve been waiting for them to email the code for 8 hours…no luck.

  • cvgordo

    just got an email that i received the credit (a day after signing up). plugged in the code and it worked fine. AWESOME job samsung.

  • Simon

    Promotion did not last until January 6th. The website now says: “Due to the high level of interest in this promotion we have exhausted
    our supply of Google Play credits. This offer started 11/5/13 and has
    now ended under the terms due to exhaustion of supply.”

  • Ted

    Promo ended even before the deadline. Samsung is all HYPE. Just like their accessories that they claim to have for the phones. They talk about all these colors coming out but only black and white is available (for U.S.). Now they say they’re broke and out of money to continue this promotion. Broke-ass-corporation. I love my Note 3, but this hurts. Had I missed the deadline while there were money still available then I can understand but showing up McDonald on time while the store is still open, asking for super-duper-large fries (special – avaialbe till 1/6/2014) only to be told they’ve ran out, when clearly there are fries (money!!) in the kitchen. FU Samsung. Whack-hype-machine. I should sue your ass but Apple already is…

    BTW, I’ve converted 4 of my close friends, big time apple users, into Andriod/Samsung. I should get something from these mo-fo’s for the free promo I do for them. Forget it now. I’m telling all my friends about this and how Samsung is whack… (still love my phone though :)). Done helping these lame-asses. Broke. Food-stamp company. If only Apple made something like the Note 3. I would jump ship in a heart beat. Sadly, them mo-fo’s too busy with their head in their asses to do anything about this…

  • concerned consumer

    I Just tried to sign up for my 50 bucks. But when I went to the page it said temporarily Out service . That blows.