Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to start selling in Europe in late March for €359

by: AdrianFebruary 18, 2013


The S4 might be the most anticipated Samsung gadget tipped as coming “soon”, but it’s definitely not the only exciting future star of the Galaxy. The GNote 8.0 puzzle seems to be even closer to its completion and yet we’re getting some new pieces unraveled today.

According to, the 8-inch “iPad mini killer” is scheduled to go on sale in Bulgaria sometime in late March. Mind you, the online publication has proven itself quite reliable with intel on unreleased tabs lately.

Which is why we’re tempted to give this story credence as well, even if it clashes with previous reports that said the Note 8.0 could land as soon as February 19.

Besides the ETA, offers insight on an even more delicate topic for Samsung – pricing. It thus seems the Galaxy Note 8.0 will not really have the edge over the iPad mini in this department, starting at BGN 699.

note 8

That’s around €359, or not really the deal of a lifetime. Especially when Apple’s 7.9-incher is worth €349 around the same parts. Both price points are for Wi-Fi only tabs with 16 GB of on-board storage, while the 3G version of the Note 8.0 is expected to go for BGN 869 (€449, compared with €429 for the iPad mini).

If all this proves legit, we’re expecting the Note 8.0 to reach the States for a starting price of $350 at the most. That also doesn’t sound extremely attractive and it’s roughly 20 bucks more than what Apple is charging for the entry-level iPad mini.

Then again, can we really compare Sammy’s 8-incher with Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad? We know people aren’t very fond of Android tabs, but come on, the Note 8.0 is rumored to pack a quad-core 1.6 GHz Exynos CPU, 2 GB of RAM, a 1,280 x 800 pix res display, S Pen support, microSD and dual 5 MP/1.3 MP cameras.

And don’t even get us started on iPad Mini’s spec sheet, whose “highlights” include 512 MB of RAM and a 1,024 x 768 pix res panel.

  • kascollet

    By the time this Galaxy Note becomes available, Apple will be announcing iPad Mini 2/Retina, maybe at the same price as V1, certainly with A6 chip and 10H+ battery life. This “new” tablet doesn’t stand a chance at premium price tag.
    I really, really want a good Android tablet, with HD+ screen, powerfull GPU, huge battery life and…. an available one ! Where the hell is it ??

    • Ever Heard of Nexus 10?

    • Patrick Northcraft

      Nexus 10 is your tablet then. I’m personally hesitant to buy one because I am a huge fan of expandable memory, which that particular brand lacks. However, it is one of the most powerful tablets on the market, and has a higher screen resolution than the famous ‘Retina’ display. So yeah, there’s your tablet.

      • kascollet

        The N10 is virtually unavailable in Europe in 32GB configuration.
        BTW, reviews tell this device is quite laggy when browsing (GPU may not be powerfull enough for such a resolution) and battery life is just average. A good product for sure an certainly the best Android slate to date, but still not an ipad killer I’m afraid.

  • Roberto Tomás

    low res display is this tablet’s downfall. why are they coming out with a sub 1080p tablet when their *phones* are pushing 1080p now??

  • If i could use an Android tablet to amp up my guitar, then MAYBE my iPad would have something to worry about. Waiting on that necessity to grace Android one of these days. My GNote2 is as close to Android tablet as i’ll get.