Samsung Galaxy Note 5 International Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottMarch 27, 2016

Welcome to the Sunday Giveaway, the place where we giveaway a new Android phone or tablet each and every Sunday!

A big congratulations to last week’s winners of the S7 Edge Giveaway: Peter S. (UK). Enjoy your new S7 Edge Peter!

This week we are giving away (1) Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 International Giveaway

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Terms & Conditions

  • The giveaway is an international giveaway (Except when we can not ship to your Country.)
  • If we can not ship to your country, you will be compensated with an online gift card of equal MSRP value to the prize.
  • We are not responsible for lost shipments.
  • You must be age of majority in your Country of residence.
  • We are not responsible for any duties or import fees that you may incur.
  • Only 1 entry per person, do not enter multiple email addresses. We will verify all winners and if we detect multiple email addresses by the same person you will not be eligible to win.
  • We reserve all rights to make any changes to this giveaway.
  • This giveaway is operated by AndroidAuthority.
  • The prize will ship when it is available to purchase.
  • OH GOD

    • YES

      YES ?

  • Avinash Kumar


  • Android Developer

    Has samsung stopped from the whole region-locking mechanism ?

    • Marius Tomas

      Not yet…. U can still only by a phone by importing it if you buy on amazon for example or some other online markets…

      • Android Developer

        Too bad. What about being a bit more open for rom developers on XDA ?

    • Netanel

      The Note 5 sim tray is unlocked if that’s what u mean.

  • srgonu

    Love to win this

  • Gil Cimering

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Demian Sorin

    I will never afford this device :/

    Thank you for giving me the chance to win one.

  • Viswanath M

    Awesome giveaway…..Lady luck come to me

  • One day i will win giveaway and when that happens….i will be the king in my friend circle because i will be in that winner’s gallery

  • Roushan Kumar

    when that lucky day will come.

  • James Erlngson

    Lets try this again in the hopes Android Authority Notices This. :D

    Up-vote, if you think there should be a smaller prize each week. Such as some Stickers or a Android Figurine which 3 or more people could win!!

    • Wate u’r life for ..’stickers’?

    • saksham

      u can grab a whole packet of stickers for a dollar

  • Jaswin Kumar

    Having hope for this one! (although it’s my second time participating in one soooo..yeah.)

  • ahmed

    I just dont understand why every winner is from UK
    i’ve been trying these giveaways from a year and i have also seen that there are no winners from India or any other country than UK or US
    It makes me believe that android authority is making a fool outta us
    just getting a lot of traffic on their website and making us believe that someone named peter or something won the giveaway ………..

    • saksham

      agreed its always USA or UK everytime hardly see anyone from asia win

      • Sirus Laia

        Are you sure? I believe I’ve even seen a winner from Tunisia not long time ago

        • ahmed

          But u see 90% of the winners are from UK and US

          • Android Developer

            They don’t choose by random country. They choose by random out of peoples. The more people of a certain country, the more chance one of them will win.

          • ahmed

            So we Asians are in a big disadvantage? o_O as most of the Asians don’t enter these giveaways…
            @android authority are you from the authority?

          • Android Developer

            You have the same chance as everyone else. Only if you look at it as a matter of countries, and how many join the competition from each country, this can be see as disadvantage.
            I live in Israel, so I will probably barely see any Israeli win here (Israel is a tiny country). I don’t mind, because I still have the same chance as everyone else.
            Also, as I remember, Asia has a lot more people than in the USA, so tell others to join the competition :)
            I’m not from this website.

          • ahmed

            OK :’)

          • Android Developer

            Don’t feel bad. Surely your country have more chance than of mine :)
            And technically my country is of Asia too, so it makes two of us :)

          • ahmed

            lolll yeah
            I hope this time we can win :D

          • Netanel

            Basicly is of the Middle-East…

          • Android Developer

            He wrote “Asia”. “Asia” is a continent, and Israel belongs to it.
            Of course, when people say “Asian”, they usually mean far-east-asians, but technically that’s incorrect.

          • Netanel

            But basically, Israel still considered as a Middle-East country…

          • Android Developer

            And also of Asia.
            Just like other countries near us: Syria is a part of Asia, and it’s also a middle east country.

    • Aleck Maccarone

      There have been other winners from different countries plus I have noticed if you join when the number is at 15000-4000 is where you are more likely to be picked

    • Jaswin Kumar

      Exactly, there was only ONE winner from outside those countries, Ireland

      • ahmed

        yeah that was just couple of months ago…

    • broo994

      Maybe cuz that most of its fans are from US man!

      • ahmed

        Yeah maybe
        just got to know :/
        bad luck

      • Kaster

        It is

    • John T

      did you even look at for example the winners gallery ?

      • ahmed

        did you even look at for example the date when winners gallery was updated?

        • Seamus Heaney

          Yes, four times this year alone.

          • ahmed


    • Cliff Fenelus

      There’s been some USA winner more recently!

      • ahmed

        yeah most of them are from USA only :D

        • Cliff Fenelus

          I’m from the USA ?? so I hope I win one soon. Tried in the past and didn’t win. Can you win twice?

          • ahmed

            IDK they didn’t mentioned it in T&C

    • Parky

      I remember, 3-4 months back…there was a winner from India :)
      And yes…..most of the times winners are from UK or US!

      • ahmed

        You sure? o_O
        i don’t remember it…

      • Ranjeet Kaurav

        Yes I remember it too. Just dont remember the details but I have also seen a winner from India.
        wow, it sounds like i have seen a unicorn or something :D

        • Martin Edmundo De Leon

          lol im from dominican republic and i saw one from heree won a S6 back in the day that’s an unicorn.

    • Félix

      I’ve never seen a winner for Latin America and, trust me, you have lots of followers down here. :(

      • Mohamed Yacine Zouambia

        the second row , 4 from the left is from brazil

      • Dean González Yunis

        Agree !

      • Ian Bell Russo

        Id love to win a phone i could never afford.

      • Angel Chavez Acosta


    • Kyuknox17(137)

      So fucking tired of hearing this. A child could understand that if there are more participants from the UK and US then the winner is likely to be from there. If Android Authority released those things then you could see. If it bothers you so much quit entering the contests, simple as that. And all apologies if I have offended you or someone else.

      • ahmed

        Ok i get it :)
        have you got any giveaways yet?
        just asking…..

        • Seamus Heaney

          Do you know the percentage chance of winning one of these giveaways? It’s like asking have you won a lottery? Bloody hell go back to school man.

          • legendlord4751

            “You might aswell not apply”. Dude it’s a free giveaway, no payment like the lottery. There is nothing at all to lose by entering, even if the chance of winning is very small

          • Seamus Heaney

            Yes, I understand that. Sorry I should have rephrased, ‘If you are going to complain about your country not winning on every video, you might as well not apply. If you think it’s a scam, don’t apply, greater chance of us winning. I was just making a point since he asked if someone had won any giveaways yet.

          • legendlord4751

            Thank you for the re-phrase, i understand where you’re coming from now :)

          • ahmed

            looks like i hit you where it hurts the most
            did i hit you that hard? XD
            apply some cold water on that part
            there is no point in arguing with you……..

          • Seamus Heaney

            Wait what? Sorry mate I just blew you out the water, you’re going to have a stronger comeback than ‘did I hurt you that hard’ awww so sweet of you to care about me. Try again Ahmed, try again.

          • ahmed

            lol :v

          • ahmed


            ok this “lol” will be my reply for all of your comments xD

            Dude lets just end this convo once it for all
            this is taking us nowhere its just waste of time i wont listen to u and u wont listen to me :3
            this thread is getting wild….. :D

          • YES

            You are not a clever person.

          • ahmed

            TY :D

        • Cliff Fenelus

          Do we have to pay shipping?

          • ahmed

            nope i guess

          • Cliff Fenelus

            I don’t want any surprises ya know!

          • ahmed

            You sound like u know that you are going to win this giveaway… :’)
            JK xD

          • Cliff Fenelus

            Well watch out

        • Kyuknox17(137)

          nope haven’t won yet, remember YET :) I usually have ok luck with contests but this is on a whole different level with the amount of participants

          • ahmed

            Better luck next time bro ;)

        • Arjun

          probability mate, probability.
          And yes, I did get many phones on contests. 3 to be precise. Never bought a phone(with my cash) in my life…. untill the s7 came :D Who knows? I might just win this too nahh jk.

    • Seamus Heaney

      Did ANYONE here go to frikin maths class? WTF! Of course if more people from one area apply their will be more winners from that area. Are you guys like 4 or something? Do you expect them to keep ‘picking out of a hat’ until an Indian winner is found? Is that fair for you bloody indians? Every damn giveaway you always have people specifically from India commenting this bull shit. Do you guys have school? Oh my God man get a grip. They’re giving you proof of the winners from the winners gallery what more do you want?

      Rant over.

      • Shivam Agrawal

        Bitch Calm down . in case You think this “Winners Gallery” is some sorta Proof then Go fucking Check the Last time a Winners Pic
        was Added

        • ahmed

          lullllll XD
          i was gonna say the same thing about the gallery :3
          @Shameus or whatever
          check the gallery and the date when it was added
          and now i begin to think that those pics are fake :D ….

          • Seamus Heaney

            The last FOUR ones uploaded are THIS year. That is 2016, btw. Do you guys know how to browse the web?

          • ahmed

            everyone just ignore this “she a mus” XD

          • Seamus Heaney

            What you gonna ignore me for stating the facts and not arguing back? Ignorance is bliss. Oh and then you’re going to go so low as to make fun of my name? Dude your names Ahmed, i’m guessing your a muslim, have you watched the media lately? I have 101 different ways of making fun of you, you know that, right? But no, i’m stupid enough to know that a handful doesn’t represent everyone. It’s Seamus, by the way. Since you can’t read properly and all,

          • ahmed

            lollllll :’)

          • YES

            Lol? The dudes correct…

      • Ranjeet Kaurav

        @Seamus : There was no need for the “bloody” word for the indians. He is one person and he doesnt represent entire nation. Neither do I. Just be a little bit respectful when you are talking about a nation.
        I do appreciate that you did not get down to his level to mock his religion though. Good job there!
        And I totally agree with you on your % calculations.

        @Ahmed: If you think you are being fooled than dont be fooled anymore and stop wasting your time with these giveaways. For me, I am not losing anything by clicking on few links here and there, so I am not gonna give up so soon.
        And yeah, stop being a kid and try to pick a fight when it is not required. You are trying to act cool and all in your posts but you are not fooling anyone here.

        • ahmed

          lollll what is the problem in asking something regarding giveaway? xD

      • haigalharrison

        you have a problem with him just address it to him and not to my country you fucking motherfucker
        oh and you are correct about the calculations.

      • Ashoaib

        I agree with you. Mostly, Indians act like a crying babies and pathetic freaks over the internet. They want everything Indian in everything. For example, Indian name of Android’s upgrade, Indian winner in giveaways, Indian reviewer on tech sites, news of Indian mobile companies and much more. That’s plain ridiculous. They need to grow up and should realize that there is a whole a lot of world out of india. India is not the end of this world.

        • ahmed

          The fact is that you don’t want to accept the fact that India has improved a lot in these many years… :’)
          try hard next time :)

          • Ashoaib

            The fact is that you don’t want to accept the fact that some Indians do act like a crying babies. Come back next time :)

    • Abhi

      ahmed there are winners from india look at previous winners.

      • ahmed

        Bro i’ve been applying for these giveaways almost for a year now
        but still its toooo rare to find a winner other than US… :/

    • w.j. Rodrique

      Late December winner from Canada, chiming in. Keep trying, but don’t do it with any firm expectations – just toss your name in, and keep doing it, whatever the odds.

    • ГАСООП

      there were winners from india dude. im trying for a year already too.

    • JimAlaska

      That’s not correct. If you click on that photo mosaic above (or the link to the “Winners Gallery”), and click on the picture of the skinny guy in the bottom row, he is from India.

    • Jairus

      There is also a winner from the Philippines and I happen to know the person. Other countries outside UK and US like Russia do have winners as well even India so stop complaining and just keep trying.

      • ahmed


    • AppleQueen

      Been trying out these contests for like 2-3 years. Havent been able to win even once :'( Its always U.K or U.S. Never Asia.

      • Cliff Fenelus


      • YES

        Change your username to AndroidQueen lol

        • AppleQueen

          Lol I didnt know name affected my luck :D

    • Pablo Calero

      Is international! US or UK haha

    • Aditya Gupta

      I agree with you they are making us fools. We are not gonaa see them

    • same for India as well,

    • The Watson

      That is why I only enter once, a few times a year. Its total bullshit people are allowed 10* entries per day! Whatever you do avoid Phandroid too! I myself wonder if those are even real people. What business can afford to give away 600$+ phones every week! I mean like Apple could afford to do this daily, without it hurting finances.
      Im sure online friends despise them for spamming online feeds! So I guess if you have a life you will never win…

    • Kaster

      It’s not their fault you guys don’t win. This site chooses winners automatically. Therefore random people win.

      • ahmed


    • Brian

      Maybe there are no winners. Just made up names! Lol!! Who is Peter S.? I don’t know if it’s fake but there is no way of proving it’s true. Even if they put a photo of a winner receiving his prize, it could be someones mate from the pub! My guess is, it’s fake.

      • Peter S

        I was going through the comments here and came across this particular one to which I am replying. Well, I am Peter S. and indeed I live in England, UK. I entered Galaxy Edge 7 giveaway competition on the 20th of March. And this morning an email came saying : “…congrats you won a giveaway at Android Authority! Your prize: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge…” After seeing the email I come to this webpage where the message is saying: “A big congratulations to last week’s winners of the S7 Edge Giveaway: Peter S. (UK). Enjoy your new S7 Edge Peter!”. It seems like it is me. I can confirm that I do not work for Android Authority. Only follow them on social media and tech news websites. So I completed the winner’s form and I’ll see what happens. Hopefully all this is legit.

        • ahmed

          So its true then :D xD
          Your comment gave me hope lol ;)

        • YES

          Congrats Pete :)

          • Peter S

            Thank you! Although, I will know for sure only when it arrives :)

        • Sinisa V.

          I was a winner too – few moths ago. About 10 days after web page announcement – I’ve got same e-mail, then after 2 months – gift comes. I must pay only an import tax. They ask me if I’m willing to take a “selfie” with a gift and send to them…. no one force you to do that…. and this is a real proof…. I thought.

          • Peter S

            Cool! Thank you for sharing your experience. Interesting.

        • Hey Pete, congrats…
          i just just wondering, how much entries did you enter?

          • Peter S

            Thanks! Cannot remember now, but I guess 4-5.

    • Burczyk

      First one in gallery is from Poland.

    • Raavan Dalit

      This is not correct.There were many Indians who won these competetions but they are very less as compared to the people participating from UK and US.You got to try again and again,you will win.

  • Alina Shah

    Let’s hope it’s not Peter S again @manugond:disqus

    • Mohamed Aman

      its not the first time he won?

      • Alina Shah


  • Marius Tomas

    I also saw from India one

    • Jaswin Kumar

      Thank GOD, there’s still hope left for me

  • Eleazar Hicarte

    I wonder if an Asian has won those previous prizes, it was all white?

    • SXE-EA17

      Yup, this giveaway is sponsored by @TayandYou #It’s-a-promise

  • Miroslava Bogdanović

    I play, i do not give up, once luck will look at me ;-)

  • jay


    • Jack The Ripper

      Apparently, Canada has an Island that will accept American Refugees if Trump becomes Satan…oh i mean, The President.

      • jay

        We are nice but not that nice. Haha

      • legendlord4751

        Um, what do you mean if he becomes satan. I thought he already was

  • kk

    Not s7 edge atleast note 5

  • Jack The Ripper

    Cmon Note 5! Come to papa!!!

  • Harem King

    Well note 5 isn’t a bad phone! (Asia, Philippines)

    • YES

      Note 5 is an awesome phone, another top of the range Samsung phone.

  • friza riva

    Can give me a change to win

  • YES

    I would rather win Lotto but hey, its all good :)

    • Android Developer

      If I had these chances, I would have filled tons of tickets…

  • Nor Izzuddin Ismail

    Is there any chance for asia countries to win this competition? Cuz i want this phone so badly…

  • Dexter Cruz

    Good luck everyone!

  • Marlon Taccad

    Im hoping ill be the first winner of this from the Philippines

  • Slaughter

    Ho yeah! A note 5 for a poor European customer :D

  • Zulema Pontes Vidal


  • Kalen G

    Still no Canadian win… Time to change that! I will be that Canadian winner.

  • Nicoline Lopez

    There was even a winner from my country The Netherlands……. I have seen several winners from all over the wold.

  • pseudo

    Please let this next win be Scottish one. I’ll make my photo elaborate XD

    • Seamus Heaney

      Fellow Scot :)

      • legendlord4751

        Another Scot here :)

        • Scot

          My name is Scot. Can I join you guys?

          • Seamus Heaney

            lmfao why not

          • legendlord4751

            Well played, but if you don’t live in Scotland you’re not a true member. You can be an honorary member, or head of the club’s [insert your country here] division

  • Just entered!
    Thanks or the opportunity!

  • kg

    this time pick me!

  • Patricia Demedice

    participo! lo quiero!

  • Laura Saiáns Vázquez

    Done, thank you

  • bikrame

    I just had a dream i won this Giveaway and was comparing with my v10 . lol

  • Scribler

    Time for an android authority winner in Canada.

  • Jura

    Thanks so much! The Note series looks like a strong suite of phones, would love to try one out.

    Stay awesome, AA!

  • Dominick_7

    It needs a removable battery besides SD card snd water resistance, same with the Note 6 which is the phone I hope to upgrade to from a Note if they do that.

  • carlos


  • Sahil Khiwani

    I wish this time I become the winner it’s been 2 years in a row trying my luck here with AA but don’t know when I would be the one out of many

  • Keithlovindatgyrl Cason

    I feel the same way. Dont see too many from US.

  • Cliff Fenelus

    I want to win one time that’s all

  • sky1309

    Note5? What a great giveaway!! Thanks guys!!

  • Cliff Fenelus

    Everybody stressed yet? If I don’t win, I’ll still have my nexus 6p Gold. No I didn’t win it. I work and bought it.

    • Mohamed Aman

      hope 3rd time is lucky charm :P, hope to bring a give away to the sunny side of life Maldives

  • Russel Mendoza

    I really really hope that I will be the winner… I’ve never had a high end phone before…

  • Corps Diplomatique.

    Didn’t win S3.
    Didn’t win S4.
    Didn’t win S5.
    Didn’t win S6.
    Didn’t win S6 edge.
    Didn’t win S7 edge.
    Didn’t win S7.
    And update from last week’s give away; (if you were following)
    Didn’t win S7 edge – again.

    Sigh. i have better odds of sleeping with scarlett johanson than winning this.

  • Prabhath

    Still trying to be a winner.hope this time too….

  • Vaclav Chochola

    Good luck everyone :)

  • Елена Маевская

    Good luck everyone!

  • Javier Beltran Carceller

    buen sorteo, gracias¡¡

  • Sonia Beltran Paris

    Genial, me encanta¡¡

  • Randy Garcia Santos

    When was the last time you picked someone from the Philippines? XD Im still hoping.. :)

    • YES

      Its a draw, not a pick.

  • ayoub agoumi

    Can i win ?,

  • Mohamed Aman

    hope 3rd time is lucky charm :P, hope to bring a give away to the sunny side of life Maldives

  • Last two giveaway winners were from USA and UK so its time for India now.

  • Ryan Dede

    good luck eveybody..

  • Hrishikesh

    I will win this. My dream will come true. Or else I will have my Nexus 5x

  • Zahoor Ahmed

    can it be shipped to Pakistan???

  • Aris

    Xcellent! Good luck!

  • Venomous

    Good luck everyone!

  • Edmond Leung

    Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)

  • Annette Hargan (Nettle’s Notio

    I’ve never seen a winner who didn’t have a prostate….

    • Žydrūnas

      Hahah, I saw one girl in the winners’ album! On the other hand, it wouldn’t be hard to tell that most of the people following technology blogs are men whilst in comparison most of the people that would follow some kind of make-up guru would be women. It’s just how it naturally occurs but of course there are exceptions everywhere.

      • Annette Hargan (Nettle’s Notio

        Here husband won the phone. He gave to her as her’s broke or something to that effect. :/

  • Will this happened in Android Authority giveaway history that a person who commented in this section has won??? At lest i have not seen anyone winning.

  • Elke Schluter

    and i always see male winners

  • Elke Schluter

    would be nice to see a female winner, we woman using mobile phone and gadgets too you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • YES

      But not many enter this competition. Thats why not many win.

  • Kianna Walker

    i have been joining these giveaways for years also and i keep loosing faith in myself never won and why does it seem like a female never won

  • J-Sharp

    i’m from canada and i’ve been trying..hard

  • Clendy Clermond

    I hope to win it is my dream phone and Good luck everybody : ) !!!!!!

  • Ely Vill

    Almost 3 years have passed since the day I keep on joining this giveaway. I still remember that I compete with 30,000+ entries to win phones like Galaxy s4, Nexus 5, xperia z1, HTC one, etc. Then the entries exploded 1800% from 30k to 540k. Until now the luck is still on the run that I keep on chasing. What wrong in me why I never win? Why, why, why?

    • Cliff Fenelus

      Wow, how did you get that much entries?

      • He means he’s competing with everyone else. The combined total votes of all participants has increased like crazy over the last few years making his chances of winning even more remote. I’ve only managed 29 entries this week and I think it’s time to forget about this competition altogether.

        • Cliff Fenelus

          Okay understood.

  • Souleiman

    I hope the winner now will be from Denmark ! :-)

  • Adrian Adr

    Wait…. what do you mean by saying “The prize will ship when it is available to purchase”, because I am really confused right now.

    • YES

      Sometimes the phone is not yet in the shops so it gets shipped when it is, in this case it is in the shops and i imageine will be shipped straight away.

      • Adrian Adr

        Well…. somehow I could understand. Not so well….. but I understand. Thanks man. Thank you a lot.

  • Rajesh Manna

    How to increase the entries??

  • Ashutosh Tiwari

    Im not sure how is it possible to get 300000 entries and more. For any normal person with 500 fb friends, even this number is not possible. And not every friend from ur friend list will actually click on into it. Must be a hack magic!!! And AA is so dumb to not notice this…

  • Nishant Singh

    Note 5 is cruntly my dream phone, and I will be ready to act as a “VIRTUAL SERVANT” of android authority(by sharing, liking, commenting etc. on EACH AND EVERY videos, status etc.). Please Please Android Authority please give this phone to me this time (FINGERS CROSSED) :|

  • Ofra

    My date stole my phone I really want to win this and I promise you CrAzy photos with the phone if I’ll win!

  • Poiop

    I don’t have a phone or anything, the rest of my family does but I don’t get one cause my mom doesn’t think i’m responsible. I really want this to prove her wrong, also because I don’t have a phone

    • Cliff Fenelus

      I don’t think AA read these comments for personal stuff like that shouldn’t be mentioned

  • Walter Wisnu Purnama

    man, it’s time to Indonesia to win it one

  • Nana Qwame Artiamo Aidiward

    i think its a random pick something

  • Мано Майк

    don’t put giveaway like this formet..bcz i don’t have much more friends…i can share but no one do for choose in youtube randam picker’s my requiest …thanks

  • Gilbert James Guzman

    The Next winner is from Philippines now its Asia’s Time! More power Android Authority!

  • hitesh91

    Never seen a winner from Kuwait either :/

  • Fathoroni

    maybe wont get it again this week, but hey this is a free chance, i can try it again and again, positive thinking…

  • Viswanath_M


  • arnald

    i would to know if your’ll would ever make someone from the Caribbean win. There’s first time for everything.

    • YES

      The only way they can make you win is if they cheat.

  • Barbara

    This educator is going to keep trying to win a device from Android Authority, for tech integration. Fingers crossed ☺

  • Samir Maric

    i never win a giveaway before :(

  • HamidHelal


  • Mohamed Rafat

    I hope someone from the middle east wins.

  • June

    Why cant a woman win? All guy winners pictured…

  • Andre Laurin

    My brother has the Note 5 I have Galaxy S6 Edge. I like the S6 Edge but it does have it’s issues touchwiz is a bit buggy but fortunately in most day to day routines most of the bugs go unnoticed. The Edge is definitely gimmicky but I still like it. And the bloatware, I rooted my S6 Edge removed the bloat and get roughly 2 days of battery life with regular use. And of course that also means I don’t get the monthly updates or any updates for that matter even Samsung’s own apps are update rarely. I assume the same could be said for the Note 5 and the S7 Edge. I have played with the Note 5 and I just really enjoy the s pen. So if I could go back in time I would of bought the Note 5 instead of the S6 Edge :) Even though it is an improvement I’m not interested in the S7 my next phone will have to be a Google phone as I don’t want the bloatware and could not care less about the disable junk and I do want the monthly updates not only does it let me know and even feel that I haven’t been forgotten but it’s nice to know that not only do I get to enjoy new features, improves but sometimes even security fixes, updates etc. which in today’s word with all the information on my phone that’s a must.
    And all the comments about the winners etc. hello it’s a lottery.
    And as you can tell I’m not a writer but I think my comment is clear enough :)

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    Keeping my fingers crossed…..

  • Sergio Crespo Millán

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    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway
    and chance! All fingers are crossed.
    Woo Hoo!! :)

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  • ninjapro68


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