Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Feature Focus – Multitasking

by: Joshua VergaraOctober 4, 2014

Multitasking is an important feature of our Android smartphones and tablets that we’ve all come to appreciate. While multitasking generally involves the ability to easily switch between the various apps that you may be using, Samsung as always, manages to pack a lot more than the norm into their devices, with their current flagships coming with multitasking features such as multi-window, floating apps, and a revamped Recent Apps screen. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the various ways to easily multitask on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4!

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Multi-window is a familiar feature for anyone who has used a Galaxy Note smartphone before, and is also one of the most useful. Pressing and holding the capacitive back button opens up the list of applications that are compatible with the Multi-window feature, and it’s great to see that the list has been growing from iteration to iteration. Hold and drag the applications you want to use, placing them at the top and bottom depending on your convenience, and that’s how easy it is.

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Now, an easier way to access the Multi-window feature is through the Recent Apps screen, that can be opened by pressing the capacitive Recent Apps button on the left of the physical home button. The Recent Apps screen itself has received a makeover, taking on a card motif, making it easier to scroll through, and swipe away apps you aren’t using. This makes one of the main ways to use multi-tasking a lot smoother as well. Each card now also comes with a multi-window shortcut icon. Tapping the icon opens up a list of apps that were most recently used with this feature, and swiping to the right gives you the full list of apps that are compatible with multi-window.

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When using multi-window, a menu in the middle gives you the option to switch windows to move content from one to the other, to collapse the window, expand it to be the only one on the screen, and to close the application. Choosing to collapse the window makes it a floating head that you can move around. Tapping the floating head opens up a floating window, which is another great option to multitask with the apps that can be used with multi-window. You can also drag the floating window and put it back into a dual window setup.

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Creating floating windows or also very easy. Open the list of apps by pressing and holding the back button, and instead of holding and dragging, just tapping on an application will open it in a floating window. This gives you the option to open multiple apps at the same time, and from there, you can create floating heads for each of the apps that you want, making it very easy access apps that you use often.

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The final way to multitask is when you have a single app open, you can drag from the top right corner to make it a floating window. This is another way to create floating windows, instead of accessing the multi-window menu, or from the list of apps. From here, you can of course, go back to all the other modes of multitasking easily and seamlessly.

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If you weren’t a fan of the multitasking options on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, then features like the floating head and windows isn’t something you may use. But what is great about multitasking on the Galaxy Note 4 is how much easier it is, with various options to open, close, and switch between the various compatible apps. The list of apps is also always growing, with the ones users most often use already available.

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So there you have it – a closer look at multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4! Stay tuned as we continue to bring you more coverage of the Galaxy Note 4, including the upcoming comprehensive review!

  • Daniel Stone

    Black or White Hmmm~~ damn is so hard to choose the color i want for this phone ~~

    • Xavier_NYC

      White looks nice but draws too much attention, especially on a big device. Black would look more sleek

      • abazigal

        The upcoming Android L update seems to feature a lot of white. Anyone thinks a white Note will suit the look of the OS more?

        • Xavier_NYC

          That’s a good point, I don’t think that will be the final product though, it’s in Beta so a lot of that might change and it can end up looking completely different. I would say just get the color you like

      • Jim

        Totally agree with you.

        Bur black doesnt look stylish :-(

    • Abby Shue Adams


    • I’m going with white, black phones are too plain for my liking. Plus with white you can see all the details like sensor and front cam holes.

      • Amuro Ray

        The white faux leather feels really plastic than the other colours…. I really regret pick white galaxy s5…

        • Jim

          But doesnt black back look like a piece of rubber?

      • Jim

        What about black phone and white cover…? Would it look good?

    • Anonymousfella

      On a big screen device like this, black has an executive/business type of look.
      White seems more regular.

    • namesib

      Black + AMOLED removes this decision for me. It makes the screen and casing look seamless in dark environments.

    • Jim

      Haha.. i changed my mind black vs white already dozen. Really on a fence.

      Any arguments to choose one over the another?

  • Captain Obvious

    “Creating floating windows or also very easy”
    *is also very easy.

  • Jose Romero

    Tried the Galaxy Note Edge yesterday. Wow, I was very impressed. Everything was so smooth and the screen was amazing. It is easily the best display I have ever seen. It’s definitely a phone to show off to friends. I guarantee you they would want one. I would pick it over the regular Note 4.

    • Chris

      Where did you try it?

      • Jose Romero

        Best Buy

    • Anonymousfella

      The hardware is awesome but you might want to think about its practical use…using/finding a case would be a tough job. (Not talking about the flip case)

      • Jose Romero

        Oh you’re talking about the edge screen? I was talking about the whole phone in general. It’s just impressive. About the edge screen, I would get it over the regular Note 4 just cause it has the edge screen. It’s just cool, and it won’t waste much battery as other people where saying because when you are not using it, it goes to a dark mode, and the screen is AMOLED so you know the rest. I am concerned about dropping it though, but whatever material they used for the edge, it looked thick since the edge screen looked like it was relatively deep inside the edge glass. I’m sure Samsung thought about this.

        • Anonymousfella

          Yeah my main concern was the screen. Even I like the Edge because it’s the bleeding edge of tech, but for a daily device I would choose something slightly more mundane.

          • Jose Romero

            I recommend you go try them. I think you will be impressed by the Edge. I looked over at the regular Note 4 and thought ‘meh’. I just wanted to play with the Edge. (insert that’s what she said joke). If you want to impress your friends and everybody, get the Edge.

          • Beci

            hey broo how much cost the Galaxy Note Edge ?
            I cannot find any information in Europe now..

          • Jose Romero

            I’m not sure, but as of now, it’s only confirmed for the UK, US, China, Japan, Korea, and Canada.

        • Tyrus Lyle

          The Screen on the edge is made out of plastic, so I am guessing much more durable for drops, but less so for scratches. I would think a screen protector would do the trick though.

          • Jose Romero

            The display itself is plastic or the material on top of it?

    • clarkson

      I would like to buy the note edge too but availability seems to be an issue

  • Chris

    I love these videos. Keep them coming!

  • Man I cannot wait to buy this device.

  • Tyrone_83

    I plan on getting the white it tends to hide the smudges from your fingers a lot better.

    • Jim

      Screen is still black and fingerprints wont magically go away…

      • Tyrone_83

        There screen protectors for that.

  • namesib

    I’ll wait for the SIM-free price to drop then get one alongside a contracted SIM. The plan I want costs £41 over 2 years + £99 upfront, which is £1083. Way too much for a phone…

  • Adam Bowman


    Thanks so much. This will be my first Note (my first Samsung, even), and I really appreciate these tutorials.

  • Giovanni L

    I want to see a camera shoot out between the iPhone 6 and the note 4.

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    features packed smartphone yet or still out stands without any competitor, its great to have it if i have