Samsung Galaxy Note 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update supposedly rolling out officially

by: David GonzalesJanuary 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note

It’s been quite a while since news of an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet – model number GT-N7000 – last came up online. If you recall, back in late November 2012, build N7000XXLSA of the Galaxy Note’s Android Jelly Bean software got leaked online. It subsequently got downloaded and installed by many, even though it isn’t the official version of the software. Now, according to the most recent news report on the subject, it seems that Samsung has finally decided to roll out the software officially. But has it, really?

According to a recent story on Android Geeks that’s based on a news tip from a reader named Novak in Poland, Samsung has already started rolling out the Jelly Bean software update to users of the Galaxy Note through Samsung Kies. However, several Galaxy Note owners have since reported from Poland to let the world know that the highly-awaited software update is actually still not available. It’s not available anywhere else yet either.

There’s no doubt that a lot of people are currently waiting for Samsung to release the official Jelly Bean software update for the Galaxy Note. But since it still isn’t here yet, device owners have no choice but to simply keep waiting some more.

  • note user

    If that guy was really from Poland, his name would be Nowak, not Novak. It’s a fake. I’m from Poland and I’ve been checking the status for days on regular basis, believe me, no update yet!

  • Firdose Hussain

    No update yet in India too :(

    • Aishwary Mehta

      waiting… :(

  • Jelle

    And no update in the Netherlands :(

    • duh

      Not even 4.0.4

      • lolo

        My international GNote has had 4.0.4 since June! You still don’t have it? And I thought that this story sounded a little off when it mentioned Poland getting the update….it’s been my understanding that Germany is the first to get updates. My GNote is from Germany and so far that has held true. My GNote was the first to get the ics update when others who’s gnote was from Spain, Asia, etc, waiting months after me to get it.

  • Aziz Farhi

    No update in Algeria, i believe the JB update for our beloved Note is going to roll out in the beginning of November along with GS2’s update. And for those with Phones related to carriers it may take longer because they will need to add their crappy apps than roll it out.

    • Arch Thor

      I belive you got it wrong… The original update date for the S2 was November 2012,but Samsung issued a new report saying it should be released February 2013. I guess you read an old post these days…

      • Aziz Farhi

        Lol you’re right, i meant to say February. Samsung Singapore announced that their GS2 JB update will start rolling starting from this date.

      • I don’t think the JB will be released until AFTER the origianal note is still on the market at the stores. Why would one buy a Note 2 if the Note has JB too?The Note 2 wouldn’t be worth $150 more would it? So, with that in mind,I don’t expect the JB until the original note goes off the market.

        I got this news in my inbox last night:

        So in the USA, I bet it is still months away.

  • NO update in Malaysia either…

  • Topcat488

    HOW is it, that the SII gets its JB update before the OG Note… Anyway, i’ll stay mature and wait patiently for 4.1.2, but really waiting for Note III to show up.

  • buck86

    No update in the u.s. Yet…Im so ready for this

  • Roberto Patiño

    No update in México yet.

  • Damule

    Theyre not going to release it until the sales of the Note ll, slows. Or no one would buy the ll.

  • AnDy2552

    damn… how long more to wait……….

  • andnote

    so why you people advertise the shit samsung free of cost….better you dont advertise their product and we will not buy their officially declare note will get jellybean in second quarter..i.e we have to wait upto august….hey sammy iphone 5s will be releaesd in june..and ofcourse all note owner will go for that…..

  • sulmen

    Well…. The news from samsung for jelly bean update seems fake.only roms with bugs are available on sites.i am going to sale my gt-n7000 abd get a s3.!!!!

  • am2000

    Imma sell my note…and wont buy any samsung products…they made me disappointed…:|

  • Firdose Hussain

    I am losing my patience.. If i dont get jb within jan i will never purchase samsung products :(

  • D

    last Samsung phone for me, I’m fed up with the long long waiting time for updates. I put up with it for my Vibrant, then again for my Note. My next phone will be a Nexus.

  • Maledu UK

    selling my note now, fed up with the slow updates…. :-(

  • Skeptical Samsung user

    No update in the whole wide world until August, so do not bother to enumerate countries one by one!

  • Anuar

    Samsung has a reputation very slow upgrading the phone. Go for others brand such as Sony or HTC if you kind of impatient person like me ;-). Seriously I m not using all the premium suite apps they supplier together with the upgrade. The main reason I like Galaxy Note because the size.

  • chris

    this is the last samsung phone ill be buying, why always such a long wait for an update,

  • Nicky Elphinstone

    Just put the leaked update on, I’ve had it for a few weeks and it’s like a new phone.

  • Mark j keenan

    Its a joke waiting for the jelly bean update for galaxy note what a let down

    • Frank Hauptle

      I don’t mean to be rude, but If you want vanilla Jellybean, the leaked version will do nicely.

      If you want them to put most of the stuff from the Note II in, then you have to wait.. Simple as that.. Samsung is trying to make software designed for Quad core G3 and Note2 work well on a dual core system. If you didn’t want all the extra stuff.. why did you buy a note in the first place? The samsung apps have their own custom samsung framework that allows all the pen based stuff so it’s not like they just have to install a bunch of APK’s.

      I’d rather they got it right the first rather than hand us something buggy and fix it later.



      • Cameron Kenworthy

        Thank you someone with some common sense.

  • the giant peach

    Uk Gt-n7000 user manual on Samsung website now in Jelly Bean version dated 25 Jan

  • me

    There is now a Jelly Bean user manual for Gt-n7000 on samsung uk site

  • David

    In puertorico no up date. Yet we have to be patient

  • note freak

    cummon Samsung give us the update … tired of waiting !! cant wait til i update my note with the latest Jelly bean….

  • Hans0304

    Tired of waiting. Next phone will be a Nexus!

  • James Bond

    Stop yapping and get Sweet Rom Android 4.1.2 while you wait. Its the real deal while waiting.

  • angry man

    What the fuck with the promises? If you said its jan 13, so do it in jan. If you said its was in feb, then do it in jan.. We the consumer not feeding your tummy just for something nothing ass hole.. So when the actual release for the jelly bean update in malaysia?!!!!bean in malysia? Or i shuold been

  • it’s been very long. i thouht it is already rolling out -.-

  • works great on my phone…. thanks a lot from Peru!

  • Ahlam Shak

    HATE MAIL= i hope ur happy samsung u make me wait for you update fpr so long i sell my note

  • Kawai

    how long more to wait, you needs to keep your customers posted?

  • The oficial update fu ked my phone if not on charger it is usles. Switches off after 5 min. of the main. HELP