Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date and pricing

by: Chris SmithSeptember 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

After months of anticipation, the Galaxy Note 3 is finally here. So when can you get your hands on one? Samsung isn’t spilling all the availability details, but here are some launch details to whet your appetite.

The phone will be available in two versions when it comes to capacity – 32GB and 64GB model – and three color options including Jet Black, Classic White, with some (unmentioned) markets getting the Blush Pink version.

In addition to these options, back plates in a variety of colors may be available later this year.

As expected, considering’s Samsung U.S. launch history for flagship devices, the smartphone will hit the four major U.S. carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile) along with U.S. Cellular, later this year.

September 25 is the official launch date – although it’s not clear what markets the phone will arrive in first. The company did say that the handset will be available worldwide (149 countries in total) this October.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Samsung Galaxy Gear

Interestingly, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch that was also unveiled at the event will work only with the Galaxy Note 3 at launch, with some markets expected to get the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear as a bundle.

We’ll be back with more Galaxy Note 3 details from IFA 2013 in the coming hours, as Android Authority reports live from Berlin, Germany.


  • Eric

    For me, this has definitely been worth the wait because I skip every other generation of smart phone I use. I am still using my Note 1, and have been anxiously awaiting the Note 3. The Gear will likely not make my list of “must haves”, but it is exciting to see the the technology in a wearable device and the integration into a “main” mobile platform of either the smart phone or tablet. I am certainly looking forward to the October release in the US and will be watching for pre-order through my carrier!

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Hello n.n
      As a former Galaxy Note user and being one that’s been waiting for the Note 3… can you please name or list, which ones are the Note’s features you use the most, daily, for work, entertainment, etc., the features you find you can’t replace because of their usefulness and that are not available in other high end smartphones like Xperia Z Ultra and Z1, and how you use them.

      I’d very much appreciate that because I’m in a little dilemma between the Xperia Z Ultra and Note 3. I like the Note 3 cause I find its unique features (multi-window, smart stay, etc, etc) the most outstanding and useful…but some users can’t find a use for these cool useful features :/ I mean, are they actually useful? O.o
      Please give me a hand n.n

      Btw, I’ve never used a Samsung smartphone. My first one was a super nice Xperia Pro, and now I use a Motorola Razr i. I was and I am pleased with both of them. And, I don’t want to replace my Razr i at all, what I want is to find it the best complement, as it is compact (4.3″) now I wanted a big screen one: Z Ultra, but then the Note 3 is quite appealing too…
      I hope you can help me in this n.n
      Thank you in advance!
      – L

  • A.g

    No pricing yet? any one

  • TechGuy

    The Samsung shop at Westfield has listed the sim-free 32Gb Note3 at £648 including vat. The cheapest pre-order price I’ve seen is at at aroud £610 inclding vat and next day delivery (September 26th)